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Best Circular Saw Reviews UK 2023 – Top 9 Picks Compared

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Makita HS7601J
Bare Unit Choice: Makita DHS680Z
Compact Choice: Worx WX423 Compact

Visit any successful handyman and ask them what’s in their toolkit. Surely you’ll find at least one circular saw. For engineering, manufacturing, and even joinery, circular saws are one of the most essential power tools needed in any project. The question is, which is the best circular saw for your needs?

If you’ve already started browsing online, but you have no idea where you should be spending your money, you’re in luck. We’ve done the hard work for you by sorting through thousands of circular saw reviews and finding the ones with a good reputation on the market. Here are some of the top circular saw choices any DIY enthusiast or contractor should consider.

How We Compared Circular Saws

circular saws collage

To find the right circular saws we considered multiple factors including:

  • With or without cord
  • Design and cutting quality
  • Power & blades
  • Cutting style & ergonomics

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Circular Saw Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. Makita HS7601J (Editor’s Choice)


Created to offer the perfect blend of convenience and performance, this HS7601J/2 circular saw is handy, lightweight and easy to use.

Packaged with a robust MakPac carry case, this is a tool that you can take with you on the road to virtually any job. The carry case even offers double insulation to protect your equipment from knocks and bumps.

On the saw itself, you’ll find a range of useful details, including a rear dust exhaust port with compatible guide railings. It also has an impressive 5200 RPM to help you speed through and cut even the toughest of tasks. Weighing in at only 4kg, you don’t need huge muscles to make the most of this power tool either. Just plug the circular saw in and get to work. With a single-action lever, you can rapidly change your circular saw’s blade depth in a matter of seconds.

The biggest downside is that the blade guard can occasionally stick into the material you’re cutting. Moreover, there has been some customer feedback on the aluminium blade burning at times. Aside from that, it’s an excellent piece of equipment with a high-quality carry case built-in for free.



  • Handy and lightweight design at only 4kg
  • High performance 5200 RPM motor to cut virtually anything with ease
  • Comfortable handle grip and single-action blade level depth adjustment
  • Rear angular guide to adjust the bevel angle
  • Carrying case included for protecting your investment from the elements


  • Blade guard can stick into materials
  • Aluminium base occasionally throws up burrs
  • Not ideal for left-handed users

2. Makita DHS680Z (Best Bare Unit)


Accuracy and confidence are crucial when using a circular blade. The DHS680Z circular saw has no cord as it is powered by an 18V Li-ion battery that performs its job well.

The DHS680Z circular saw delivers up to 5,000 RPM, which is incredible for something without a corded connection. However, what makes the machine even more impressive, is the fact that it comes with a large base to provide a more stable and accurate cut. On top of that, there are various attributes included within the circular saw that has earned it hundreds of positive circular saw feedback. For instance, Automatic speed control is built-in to change the motor speed according to the conditions of your project. There’s also an electric brake included in this circular saw as well as an electronic current limiter to protect the user against issues with overload currents. On top of that, with two LED lights, you can ensure that you’ll have excellent visibility on any task. Lastly, the 3 indicator battery fuel gauge will keep you up to date when you’re running out of energy.

Unfortunately, you’re going to need to take a peek at the battery life more than you might like. The heavy-duty power and performance offered by this circular saw mean that it eats up energy quickly. On top of that, the battery doesn’t come included, so you’ll have to buy that separately.



  • Has an exceptional motor performance of 5,000 RPM from a saw with no cord
  • Electric brake and electronic current limiter included
  • Blower function clears wood dust and keeps lines accurate
  • The large base ensures stable operation, along with due LED lights
  • Break included for safety
  • With guide rule


  • Doesn’t come with a battery included
  • Eats up energy faster than you might expect – you may need a second battery
  • Not as heavy-duty or durable as some saws from the same brand

3. Worx WX423 Compact (Best Compact)


The Worx WX423 is one of the most impressive small circular saws around. With an ergonomic design and a sturdy blade, it’s excellent for wood, plastic, tiles, and metal.

Sometimes, when you’re rushing from one job to another, you don’t want to be lugging a massive piece of machinery around with you. In these cases, the best circular saw is the WX423 because it is compact, lightweight, and easy to store. This 400w saw might not be quite as powerful as some of the other bigger saws out there, but it should give you everything you need for basic jobs and DIY. You can adjust the blade depth to suit your needs, and this circular saw comes with a parallel guide to keep you on track too. There’s also a spindle lock to help with changing your blade.

Importantly, this circular saw isn’t quite as diverse as a full-sized saw. It’s only available to use for straight cuts, so you won’t be able to do any bevel effects. It’s also not as excellent when it needs to cut through thicker pieces of material, as this saw only has 400 watts motor power to work with. Stick to a bigger saw for your heavy-duty projects.



  • The blade can cut well through a range of thinner materials
  • Lightweight and compact at only 1.9 kg
  • Easy to use and handy for a variety of jobs
  • Comes with a parallel guide for accuracy


  • Not intended for heavy-duty work
  • Often stalls on thicker wood
  • Can wander sometimes
  • Not for bevelled work

4. Worx WX427 XL Compact (All Around Option)


Although the Worx WX427 is corded, it is incredibly versatile. It may be the ideal circular saw to have around if you’re looking for something lightweight and convenient to help you tackle almost any DIY job. Some contractors and construction experts might even be able to get away with using this saw instead of their regular power tools at work in certain cases.

The Worx mini circular saw is a compact, lightweight, and highly reliable tool. It is corded which means that you won’t run out of power. This is excellent if you want to keep working on a project for hours at a time. What’s more, with the Worx WX427 saw, your projects can be as complicated as you like. Unlike many other saws we have seen, this tool can cut through masonry and tile, as well as a range of other materials.

You can also make one-handed cuts with ease, and there are 3 blades included to get you started. What’s more, the diamond-tipped blade edge is suitable for ceramics and bricks. Additionally, there’s a specialist blade for just your woodworking projects so that you can have a much more accurate result. With bevelling capacity available, there’s not a lot that you can’t do with this lightweight saw. However, the motor of this circular saw is fairly noisy, and won’t cut through thicker materials as well as a full-sized saw.



  • Versatile performance – can cut through a range of materials
  • Three blades included to start you off on any projects
  • Bevel and straight cuts available, with an excellent blade depth
  • One-handed cutting thanks to lightweight construction
  • The guide is in perfect placement for accuracy


  • The motor is very noisy compared to some of the other options on the market
  • Not ideal for the biggest of projects
  • Struggles with thicker materials.

5. Makita DSS611Z LXT Body Only (Lightweight Option)


If you’re the kind of person who feels that they can only have true freedom on the worksite or at home with a circular saw with no cord, then this DSS611Z circular saw might be the right saw for you.

With a lightweight design and high-performance motor, it is an excellent piece of equipment. This circular saw runs on 18V Li-ion battery so it’s sure to give you plenty of strength while you cut materials. On the other hand, as only the body is sold, it’s a bit of a pain that you’ll have to buy the battery pack separately.

One particularly impressive feature of the DSS611Z is that it’s been designed for better safety while you work. Even with a rotational speed of about 3,700 RPM, you can be assured that you are always safe. There’s a double safety trigger built-in, high comfort handle grips to give you more confidence, and a removable dust nozzle. The rigid aluminium base provides stability and support while you’re cutting, and the cuts feel very smooth all around.

Designed as a sister model to the DSS610, the DSS611Z circular saw does lack a few details that customers loved, including the LED job light, the blower function, and the electric brake. However, you do get the same lightweight design and the excellent performance you’d expect from the brand.



  • Lightweight and durable design excellent for most jobs
  • No cord so you have the freedom to move
  • Rotational cuts, 3,700 RPM motor and up to 45-degree bevel
  • Excellent safety precautions
  • With guide rule


  • Battery pack charger not included
  • Difficult to change the battery at times
  • Missing a few details that customers liked in the sister model

6. DeWalt 18V XR 165mm (Best Cordless)


Depending on what you’re doing with your circular saw, a cord can be in the way. The DeWalt 18V circular saw is an excellent example of a battery-powered machine ideal for almost any construction or a DIY job.

As one of the best cordless circular saws in the UK, this DeWalt comes with a next-generation XR Lithium-Ion battery to keep you working smoothly for longer. The design of the saw is excellent, with ergonomics built-in. This Dewalt circular saw has a handle that includes a rubber mould so you can grip without discomfort. Moreover, it has a cast magnesium base to help deliver more accurate focused cuts. The spindle lock also provides a quick and easy way to change blades between projects.

Unfortunately, this Dewalt saw is not great for cutting through heavy amounts of thick wood. You may end up stalling if you push the saw too far.



  • Excellent quality saw with a durable design and magnesium base
  • Comfortable design for ergonomic working
  • Lithium-Ion battery delivers good performance
  • With cutting guide and lock switch for safety


  • Not ideal to cut thicker pieces of wood or difficult jobs
  • No blade release tool included
  • No manual included, so you might need to look the instructions up online

7. Bosch PKS 18W Cordless (Best for Decking)


The PKS 18 circular saw from Bosch has no cord and is an excellent piece of DIY and construction equipment, specifically well-suited to precise woodworking cuts.

If you’re looking to build the ultimate deck at home or install your own wooden flooring, this could be the power tool that you’ve been searching for. This circular saw can intelligently manage the interaction between the battery and motor to give you the ideal power output for each project.

Designed to save battery life as often as possible, the Bosch PKS circular saw provides amazing performance, with no self-discharge, and a lock-off button. The Lithium-Ion technology will keep you cutting for longer, and there’s a flip-down guide built into the system to help with your accuracy.

The PKS saw comes with a maximum blade depth of around 48mm at 90 degrees, and you can change your conditions rapidly with a helpful spindle lock. There’s also a dust extractor adapter to keep your workplace clean and clear. Unfortunately, there’s no battery or charger included when you buy, which means more expense before you’re ready to work.



  • A high-performance power tool with excellent accuracy even if it has no cord
  • Lithium-Ion technology to keep you powered up for longer
  • With spindle lock for safety and easy blade changes
  • Ideal for decking and floorboards
  • With guide built-in for accuracy


  • No battery or charger included – meaning extra expense
  • Can eat up energy very quickly
  • No case to store or transport it
  • Limited to thin materials

8. Bosch GKS 190 240V (Best Heavy-duty)


Bosch is a well-known and respected brand in the construction and DIY sector and the Bosch GKS 190 is no exception. Designed to deliver exceptional performance, this circular saw with a handy design has one of the highest power motors in its class. This means that you’ll have fantastic cuts with both soft and hardwood.

Intended for people who need a powerful and versatile tool to suit a range of projects, the GKS 190 comes with a 16 tooth TCT blade that angles up to 56 degrees, and a fan-cooled motor. In action, the saw feels very smooth and easy to use, it can cut through materials like butter. What’s more, the dust extraction adapter feature means that you can eliminate unwanted mess around your workspace. There’s also a handy parallel guide as well as wood chip deflector to stop you from being hit or injured by flying debris.

You can adjust the blade depth and bevel of your cuts with relative ease, but it’s worth noting that this saw is more suitable for heavy-duty work than precise jobs. If you’re looking for ultra-accurate cutting, then you’re going to need something else from our circular saw list. Lastly, the base is a little bit flimsy – which isn’t what you would usually expect from Bosch.



  • High-power 1400w motor and 16 tooth TCT blade
  • Excellent saw to cut through soft and hardwood
  • Convenient dust extraction and wood chip deflector
  • With an easy-to-adjust cutting guide for flexible performance


  • Doesn’t give the most precise cuts
  • The base is a little flimsy at times
  • Need a finer blade for smaller cuts

9. Makita HS6601 165 mm 240V (High Power Option)


This is another major brand in the construction and DIY space that’s well-known for its quality. The HS6601 circular saw is by far one of the most popular and well-respected power tools on the market, with a host of positive circular saw reviews behind it. It’s difficult to find a single complaint about the saw anywhere on the internet.

The HS6601 circular saw comes with a very respectable 1050W motor that is capable of providing around 5,200 RPM. Whether you’re on the job site or at home, you’re sure to enjoy the versatile performance of this cutting tool. Bevel cuts can be adjusted between 0 and 45 degrees, and there’s a handy guide available to ensure that your lines are as straight and accurate as possible.

A range of characteristics makes the HS6601 a delight to use, including a shaft and lock that is conveniently-located for easily replacing your blade. This saw also has a single action lever for blade depth adjustments. The only real gripe that customers have had is that there is a cord on this tool, which means it’s not as flexible as it could be.



  • Excellent performance with 1,050-watt motor and 5,200 RPM
  • Convenient, handy and lightweight design
  • Single action lever for blade depth adjustment
  • Rear dust exhaust port and rear angular guide


  • A 2-metre cord means you’re not completely free to move at will
  • No carry case included

What Is a Circular Saw?

A close-up of hands holding a cutting tool

Circular saws are cutting equipment designed to help you cut through large chunks of wood. They’re crucial to the creation of decks, doors, and other valuable components within a home. If you’re in the construction business, or you like working on DIY projects in your spare time, a reliable circular saw can ensure you get more done, in a shorter amount of time.

Of course, like many products on the market today, it’s worth noting that there are many different kinds of circular saws to choose from. Some come without cords so that you can move freely around a work site or home. Others include special functions to give you a more precise finish when you’re looking for a cut with aesthetic appeal.

Which Circular Saw Should You Buy?

Deciding which saw you need to handle your professional or DIY tasks isn’t easy. Not only do you need to decide if you want to opt for the top budget circular saw on the market, or the machine that can give you great results regardless of price, but there are many characteristics to consider too.

Just like scroll saws, multi-tools, hammer drills and cordless drills, a circular saw is a vital part of many toolkits. It isn’t something you can afford to take risks with, particularly when some of these machines can be a hefty investment. With a little luck, the list above will have helped to give you an initial idea of what you’re looking for. However, if you’re still not sure which model you should try, there is a little bit more advice we can give you.

Here are some of the significant feature points that you’ll need to consider with caution when you’re browsing through your options. Make sure that you know exactly what you need before you make your purchase.

1. Do You Need to A Cord or Not?


While there are many factors that can influence your decision on the right circular saw, few things are more important than deciding whether your machine should have a cord or it shouldn’t. This is one of those choices where you can’t have it both ways. While circular saws with no cord might seem like the obvious choice at first, the truth is that both options have their benefits.

The difference between performance in machines with a cord and those without is so significant that some professionals decide to buy one of each so that they can switch based on the nature of the task at hand.

a. When to Go Cordless

These are generally the top option for people who are going to be working in places where they’re not always sure that they’ll have access to an outlet. If you use your circular saw for work, and you find yourself in a range of environments throughout a week, it’s a good idea to have a fully-charged cordless saw on hand. It’s also somewhat useful to have a saw with no cord if you typically move around a lot while you’re working, and you don’t want to have to trip over wires.

b. When to Choose Corded

Corded circular saws, on the other hand, are the chosen option for people who can’t afford to compromise on power, durability, and long-term performance. If you’re concerned that you simply can’t run out of power midway through a job, then corded saws will give you peace of mind you can’t get elsewhere. However, you won’t have the freedom and versatility you would have had if there wasn’t any cord.

2. Design and Cutting Quality

Once you’ve decided whether your saw needs to have a cord or not, you can begin to think about the other aspects of its design.

Some Questions Worth Asking Are

  • Are there dust collection chutes built-in that will help to keep your workspace clear so that you can ensure a more accurate cut?
  • Is there an electric brake available for your machine, or a rip fence to provide better performance?
  • If you do decide that you need a corded saw then how long is the cord and will it ensure that you can move back and forth on a project with ease?
  • Is there a guard to protect you from debris flying up as you cut?
  • It’s worth looking at whether you can just do straight cuts with your blade, or whether you’ll be able to bevel too?
  • Does it have an added carrying case can make your saw handy and more valuable in the long-term?

When you’re looking for the right model, remember to think about the cutting quality carefully. Don’t just consider how many RPM you’re going to get form your saw. You’ll also need to consider whether it’s easy to switch between blades when you need to, and what it takes to adjust the blade depth and angle of your cuts. You will also need to see how wide the bevel capacity is. Positive bevel stops may also be a consideration too.

Convenience and ease of use are more important than how much power you can get out of a circular saw if you’re going to be using it every day. Consider the kind of jobs you do, and what you’ll need from your saw to support your work.

3. Power & Blades


Although power isn’t the only thing that you’ll need to think about when shopping for a circular saw – it is an important consideration. Some saws are capable of anywhere up to 6,200 RPMs. The amount of power that you will need will depend on the kind of work that you do with your saw.

Revolutions Per Minute

For those who are new to the idea of power tools, an RPM simply refers to how quickly the blade will turn. If you want a smoother cut, and a better chance to cut through tougher materials, then you also need a higher RPM. However, if you’re just looking for a standard tool to make a shelf for your home, or do some basic household jobs, then you shouldn’t need a great deal of extra power.

Keep in mind that the kind of results you can get with your machine will also depend on the quality of the blades that you’re using. Most new saws will come with an all-purpose wood-cutting blade, which should be enough for common jobs. However, if you’re a professional who needs their saw for special tasks, then you might need to invest in some additional blades. Cutting through thicker materials will mean looking for thicker and stronger blades. Lastly, you will also need to know how easy it is to remove and replace the blades on your circular saw for ease of use.

4. Cutting Style & Ergonomics

Circular saws are usually available with two distinct cutting styles, the worm drive and sidewinders. Worm drive saws are long and short, with the handle next to the blade. Sidewinders, on the other hand, are the circular blade that’s most common for most people. These machines are heavier than their counterparts, but they also have more torque. If you need a more compact machine that’s easy to carry around on the go, you might need to compromise on power.

When choosing which circular saw to buy, you’ll also need to think about how comfortable it feels to use the machine when you cut for extended periods. Sidewinder saws require a lot more effort, but its blade also can handle tougher jobs. Many even come with ergonomic handles and rubber handle grips to make managing your projects easier.

Which Saw Is Right for You?

Only you will be able to decide which is the best circular saw for you based on what you know about your preferences, and your requirements as a DIY handyman, or a professional. There are countless options to choose from today, whether you’re looking for something handy that has no cord, or something large and powerful.

The Makita HS7601J is our number one choice for both performance and convenience. It comes with a MakPac carry case that makes it easy to take your machine with you wherever you go. What’s more, the impressive 5,200 RPM delivers a precise cut that’s sure to appeal to any DIY enthusiast or professional.

What’s your favourite option out of the circular saw reviews that we’ve covered? Is there a machine we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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