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Best Paint Sprayer Reviews UK 2023 – Top 9 Picks Compared

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editors Choice: NoCry 600W Spray Gun
Best Nozzle: Wagner W 590 FLEXiO
Best for Wood and Metal Paint: Wagner W 100 Electric

If you’re looking for the best paint sprayer in the UK, your search is over. We have the finest selection that might suit your preferences.

Redecorating can be an enjoyable experience. Painting your home, your living room, or even your garden fence can give some of your most valuable belongings a new lease on life. However, it’s fair to say that painting can also be an exhausting and time-consuming process. Fortunately, paint sprayers can help!

Whether you’re an interior design professional, or you want to transform your home without spending a fortune, a paint sprayer is an excellent investment. To help you choose the right one for your needs, we’ve done the hard work of sorting through hundreds of paint sprayer reviews to bring you the best of the best. Read on to find out more.

How We Compared Paint Sprayers

paint sprayers collage

To find the right paint sprayers we considered multiple factors including:

  • Adjustable pressure
  • Weight and portability
  • Ease of use

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Paint Sprayer Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. NoCry 600W Spray Gun (Editor’s Choice)

nocry-600wFinally, this fantastic handheld spray gun from the NoCry brand is an excellent option for people who want as much versatility as possible out of their paint sprayers.

The machine comes with the option to completely customise your finish, with adjustable airflow speed, and four nozzle tips to choose from. There are also three different spraying patterns available, too.

Its high-power motor makes it easy to achieve quick and even results with the NoCry sprayer, and there’s a 1000ml container included. Hence, you can cover more of your walls, furniture, and other components at once. This machine can handle a range of different materials, including lacquer, oil, stain, enamel, and various types of paint. Additionally, there’s an incredible four-year guarantee included to give you the peace of mind you need.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional, the NoCry paint sprayer is an excellent investment. The biggest issue with the device is that the power cord is much too short for most people. You may need to get an extra extension lead just in case. You may also need time to get used to switching between nozzles.


  • Excellent high-power motor
  • Multiple paint and airflow adjustment options
  • 4-year warranty included
  • 4 nozzles to choose from
  • Works with a range of materials
  • 3 spray patterns available


  • Takes time to get used to the different nozzles
  • Power cord is too short compared to other paint sprayers

2. Wagner W 590 FLEXiO (Best Nozzle)

Wagner W 590 FLEXiOIf you want a versatile paint sprayer that can be used for walls, ceilings, and different surface materials, look no further than the Wagner W 590 FLEXiO.

This paint sprayer from Wagner is multi-purpose and can be used for various projects. It is better suited for small to medium-sized jobs and it performs best with water or solvent-based paints. However, it can also be used with emulsion, silk, wood, matt, gloss, primer, enamel, and satin paints to name a few.

For capacity, it has a good size tank that can hold 1300ml of wall paint or 800ml of metal paint or varnishes. The motor power is 630 watt, and the atomisation power is 200 watt. This will provide an even paint delivery and ensure a quick dispersion onto the desired surface.

To improve the paint application, this sprayer also has several features. Firstly, it uses Flexion technology so only one coat is required. Next, it has an I-SPRAY nozzle that improves atomisation. Finally, it has an X-Boost high-powered turbine for fast application. The only minor downside is that it may take some trial and error to get the correct paint viscosity.


  • Great for small to medium-sized projects
  • Has a patented I-SPRAY nozzle to improve spray atomisation
  • High-powered turbine for quick application
  • Can take water/solvent-based paints for walls, ceilings, wood, and metal
  • Decent paint capacity of 1300ml


  • May take some practice to get paint thickness right
  • Some may find it too heavy when filled

3. Wagner W 100 Electric (Best for Wood and Metal) 

wagner-w-100Simple, effective, and easy to use on both metal and wood, the Wagner Spraytech W100 will help you streamline any decorating task in no time. Suitable for a range of applications, the Wagner can apply stain, undercoat, gloss, satin paints and varnish quickly and easily with no excess splatter.

There are three kinds of spray patterns to choose from to help you get the right results. Also, the machine comes equipped with HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) Technology to reduce overspray, too.

One of the things that makes this electric paint sprayer so useful is the fact that it comes with a click and paint handle. Thus, you can rapidly change your paint pot, refill your supplies, or clean out the system before you put it away. Additionally, the paint volume is fully adjustable for complete control. Whether you’re transforming your deck, upgrading your garden shed, or making your home look incredible, the Wagner has it all.

Although it takes some time to get used to this unit at first. However, once you’ve got the hang of the spraying motion, you should be able to get a great finish every time. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the length of the power cord is a little lacking, unlike some paint sprayers. Expect to use an extension lead if you want to cover a large area in one go.


  • Suitable for a range of surfaces
  • Three types of spray pattern to choose from
  • Fully adjustable functionality with 800ml tank capacity
  • Click and paint handle for refilling with speed
  • Excellent HVLP technology included reducing overspray


  • Refilling paint is messy
  • Difficult to use at first
  • The power cord is too short compared to other paint sprayers

4. Ginour 400W HVLP Spray Gun (Best for Outdoor)

Ginour 400W HVLP Spray GunThe Ginour fence paint sprayer is great for outdoor usage. It provides a simple and effective spraying system for outdoor items like fences and garden furniture.

This paint prayer from Ginour has three easy spray modes – vertical, horizontal, and circular. The variety provides greater control and allows you to easily adapt the sprayer to different surface shapes.

We also like that it has four different nozzles – 1.0mm, 1.8mm, 2.6mm, and 3.0mm. It allows you to work with different viscosity paints without reducing the paint flow. The paint container is also easy to remove to refill and has a decent capacity of 1300ml. In terms of maintenance, the different parts of the sprayer are also removable so you can clean them easily.

As for the spraying technology, this product has double pulveriser flows that allow for a quick and precise paint application. The technology used also helps reduce paint consumption as none is lost through air pollution during long spraying periods. In the basic package, you get the sprayer, the four nozzles, a cleaning brush, measuring cup, and filter paper.


  • Three spray modes and four nozzle sizes
  • Removable paint container with 1300ml capacity
  • Simple control knob to control flow
  • Comes with a cleaning kit and filter paper
  • The spray covers a decent distance and has a good flow rate


  • Some may find the two-metre power cable short
  • Lack of a lock button may make it tiresome to use

5. Wagner Control Pro 250 (Luxury Choice)

wagner-controlpro-250There are many different kinds of paint sprayers on the market, depending on the results you want to achieve and the type of jobs you need to get done. For the best airless paint sprayer, it’s hard to go wrong with this exceptional paint spray solution from Wagner.

The ControlPro 250 M comes with everything you need to refresh your walls, ceilings, metal, and more. This paint sprayer was designed for solvent-based and water-based materials – ranging from enamels and vinyl to glass, varnishes, stains, and undercoats.

While it looks a little daunting at first glance, the ControlPro paint sprayer is quite easy to use. The machine comes with airless technology and reduced spraying pressure, so you have more control over your painting results. Additionally, the design was specifically chosen to reduce overspray by 55% and deliver a longer service life, too.

Lightweight and efficient, all you need to do is press the two-finger trigger to start painting. What’s more, there’s a practical carrying handle so you’ll have no problem travelling around your house. This airless sprayer gun can get clogged on occasion. Hence, make sure that you don’t use unthinned paints. Additionally, bear in mind that it takes time to get used to this airless paint sprayer, there’s quite a steep learning curve.


  • Excellent even coat for numerous paint types
  • Great airless paint spraying design
  • Two-finger lever for tireless operation
  • 55% less overspray compared to conventional spray paint guns
  • Convenient carrying handle included


  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • Can get blocked occasionally
No products found.

6. MYLEK MYPS700 Pro-Spray (Best with Shoulder Strap)

mylek-myps700If you’re looking for the best paint sprayer for an all-around painting task, check out this exceptional model from Mylek. Designed for both home and commercial use, the MYLEK MYPS700 is perfect for people who want to make light work of complicated painting tasks.

This paint sprayer is packed full of ways to make your life a little easier. It even offers a shoulder strap so you can carry your device with you wherever you go, without getting a back or wrist ache. The robust and durable design is intended to stand the test of time. Furthermore, this paint sprayer kit includes two spray cups, so you can have one backup available when you need to switch to finish your job.

If you’ve had enough of headaches that come with messy brush painting, this MYLEK device has some of the most impressive paint sprayer reviews that we found online. It’s great for achieving a perfect finish on virtually any surface including furniture, sheds, fencing, masonry, and more. You can also alternate freely between the three available spraying patterns depending on the kind of flow you need to cover a particular DIY project.

With high-quality manufacturing throughout, this professional-grade 700W paint sprayer is sure to change the way you think about painting forever. One issue is that it can take a while to get the consistency right if you’re not used to a paint sprayer. Additionally, cleaning the machine isn’t as easy as it could be.


  • Professional quality design
  • Two spray cups included to make your painting easier
  • Exceptional results with high power spray
  • Shoulder strap included for portability
  • Three spray patterns to choose from


  • The hose could use some improvement in design
  • Difficult to get the consistency of the paint right
  • Cleaning the paint sprayer isn’t very simple

7. Bosch PFS 3000-2 (Best Professional Choice)

Bosch PFS 3000-2Designed to offer the perfect blend of simplicity and performance, the Bosch PFS 3000-2 sprayer is an excellent investment for those who want to make their tough jobs a lot quicker. This fantastic product comes with a constant feed paint tank to ensure that you can get through your painting tasks in no time. The system works with wood and wall paint so that you can accomplish anything.

The Bosch PFS 3000-2 is an excellent paint spraying system that makes it quick and easy to get the most out of your paint. The three-stage paint nozzle ensures that you can get the right level of coverage, and there’s an easy cleaning system included too. For extra comfort, while you’re working, Bosch even includes a convenient shoulder strap that’s perfect for those long projects.

The 650W motor on this spray system means that you can manage a lot of paint pretty quickly, with a range of around 2 square metres per minute in coverage. The Bosch PFS 3000-2 is ideal for spraying garden furniture and sheds, but it also works well indoors. Just make sure your walls and other furniture are properly prepped.

One possible issue with this spray system is that you do need to keep the system plugged into the mains, which can make it harder to reach everything you need to paint. Additionally, the paint barrel runs out quite quickly.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Shoulder strap for extra comfort
  • 3 stage paint nozzle
  • High-performance motor for quick painting
  • Excellent for all kinds of project


  • Not cordless
  • Runs out of paint fast

8. Black+Decker HVLP200-GB (Versatile Option)

blackdecker-hvlp200-gbIf you’re looking for something that can tackle both your indoor and outdoor jobs with ease, then search no further. This fantastic tool from Black & Decker will help you to complete a wide range of projects without any unnecessary stress or hassle.

You can quickly and easily adjust the spray pattern to suit your needs, with a paint flow indicator that displays the ideal flow settings to ensure a repeatable and straightforward performance every time.

One great thing about this paint sprayer is that it comes with a side-filling canister capable of holding up to 1200ml of paint. Such container capacity will come in handy, particularly in painting walls, since you wouldn’t have to climb up and down a ladder frequently to refill. The machine is easy to fill and empty. Thus, you don’t have to spend as much time setting up your painting project. Black and Decker also offers a 2-year guarantee with their paint sprayers, to make sure that you get as much value out of your new investment as possible.

There’s a mixing bucket included in the kit that you can use to thin your paint. However, some reviewers said that finding the right viscosity of paint is quite tricky. Another issue is that the paint container can hold a reasonable amount, but not enough for an entire room. You may need to refill your canister frequently as you go.


  • Ideal for quick and straightforward performance indoors or outdoors
  • Side-filling canister for easy emptying and filling
  • Adjustable control spray to suit your needs
  • Paint flow indicator displays your settings for a repeatable performance
  • 2-year guarantee included


  • Doesn’t carry a lot of paint at once
  • Difficult to get the viscosity right
  • Paint can run at times

9. Terratek HVLP DIY Spray Gun (Best for Ease of Use)

terratek-650w-diyIf all you need from your paint sprayer is a machine that will make it quicker and easier for you to refresh your walls, furniture, and fences, then you don’t need something too complicated. This Terratek HVLP model is designed for beginners who don’t want learning how to use a spray gun to be a hassle that fills up their entire day.

Like most of the top paint sprayers available today, this powerful HVLP paint gun comes with three spraying patterns to choose from. Likewise, there’s a viscosity cup that allows you to measure the density of the material you’re using, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

With a professional finish to offer for virtually any surface, the Terratek HVLP sprayer makes sure that you can get great results, without having to invest too much time and effort into your painting projects.

As with most Terratek products, this unit comes with a 2-year guarantee. Hence, you can rest assured that your professional-quality HVLP paint sprayer will pay for itself over time. Despite being easy to use, there are a few issues with this painting machine. One of these includes the fact that it doesn’t work as well when it’s low on liquid. Additionally, attaching the spray to the gun is a bit of a messy process.


  • Excellent quality finish on a range of surfaces
  • Three spray patterns to choose from
  • Adjustable pressure to suit your viscosity
  • Great for saving time on your paint jobs
  • Easy to use
  • 2-year guarantee included


  • Doesn’t work as well when low on paint
  • Disconnecting the hose is a bit awkward
  • Putting the paint sprayer together can be quite messy

Are Paint Sprayers Any Good?

A woman painting a chairStill not sure whether you should invest in a paint sprayer?

Although it takes some time to learn how to use these products, they can be a great way to speed up tough painting jobs. Spraying guns can cover large areas quickly and easily, and often, they have a much easier time when it comes to covering uneven surfaces, too. There’s no need to worry about brush or roller marks with a paint sprayer. Moreover, you can ensure that you get into every corner quickly, with a professional-looking finish.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you buy the right paint sprayer if you want to get the best results. Make sure that you look for features like:

1. Adjustable Pressure

This isn’t available on an airless paint sprayer. Although on other models, it can ensure that you get the best quality of coverage for different tasks. Make sure that you have the option to adjust the speed of the spray, and the pattern, too (horizontal, vertical, and circular motions).

2. Weight and Portability

If you’re going to use your paint sprayer for big jobs, then you’ll need to make sure that it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. A heavy machine could end up causing wrist and back pain over time.

3. Ease of Use

Although any new device will take some time for you to learn how to use it, some machines will be easier than others. Check the reviews to make sure that you pick a paint sprayer model that is best suited for you.

Choosing the Best Paint Sprayer

When you want high-quality, professional-looking results, you need to spend a lot of time and elbow grease to get that impressive streak-free finish. Fortunately, a good paint sprayer can help you to overcome that problem by giving you a perfectly even coat in minutes!

The best paint sprayer for you will depend on what you need from your new investment. Our favourite option is the NoCry 600W Spray Gun, which is brimming with fantastic features. With an easily adjustable spray pattern, paint volume control, and air volume adjustment – you can’t go wrong. Thanks to its 1000ml capacity, you can get more done. Additionally, both the container and spray attachments are easily removable. What’s more, it even comes with a 4-year warranty and the NoCry guarantee that entitles you to a free replacement or a quick refund if you’re not satisfied with the product.

Like anything, it takes time to get used to your new sprayer, but once you figure it out, the paint sprayer reviews for the NoCry 600W Spray Gun suggest that you’ll be able to rely on the best results every time.

Good luck with your paint sprayer journey!

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