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Best Table Saw in the UK for 2023 – Which One is a Cut Above the Rest?

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Evolution RAGE 5-S
Lightweight Choice:
Proxxon Micromot FET
Home Workshop Choice:
ParkerBrand PTS-250

If you work with wood and other materials as part of your profession or simply as a satisfying hobby, it is fair to say that you will be aware how important using the best table saw is to your end results. An unreliable or inaccurate table saw can make the difference between a beautiful piece of work and one which is a complete waste of your materials and time. And for craftsmen, there is nothing worse than seeing many hours of hard work totally ruined, simply because the table saw wasn’t up to the job.

With so many tools on the market, settling upon the best for your individual needs and budget can feel rather overwhelming. After all, a table saw isn’t a throwaway, disposable item. These tools are an investment which should last you for many years. Luckily for you, we are here to help guide you through some of the top ones on the market today.

How We Compared Table Saws

table saws collage

To find the right table saws we considered multiple factors including:

  • Blade
  • Fence
  • Mitre gauge
  • Safety features

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Top 7 Table Saw Reviews

Below, we examine 7 of the best table saw options in the UK which are suitable for everyone from DIYers to experienced professionals.

1. Evolution RAGE 5-S (Editor’s Choice)


The Evolution RAGE5-S is our top pick for a home workshop. This impressive multifunctional table saw offers a formidable high torque motor, adjustable blade height and the ability to create super-accurate mitre and bevel cuts with the angled head.

Supplied with this is a multipurpose 255 mm bore, 28-tooth blade. Thanks to unique RAGE® technology, it is able to cut through aluminium, steel, wood and plastic without breaking a sweat.

Moreover, in contrast to other units, slicing through steel is effortless. No heat is created during cutting and the end result has a ready to use finish, completely cool to the touch and free from burr edges.

If your hobby or profession often requires angular cuts, this won’t let you down. It has a tilt capacity of 45 degrees, performing beautifully accurate bevel cuts every time.

Furthermore, the mitre gauge with sliding carriage features positive angle stops from between -60 and +60 degrees so you can be sure each of your pieces will fit together perfectly.

It is designed to accommodate materials in a wide variety of sizes. The right side of the table is fully extendable, allowing an additional 655mm rip cut capacity for those larger pieces. Dust is quickly and efficiently extracted during use via a 1.8 m collection hose.

Should you be looking for a table saw which is easy to transport, this is a good choice. The unit is easy to fold and has a wheeled frame for optimal portability. However, some users still found the unit quite heavy and noted that it doesn’t fit through a standard doorway without rotation.


  • 255 mm blade
  • 45-degree tilt capacity
  • Burr-free steel cuts
  • Extendable table
  • Mitre gauge angle stops between -60 and +60 degrees


  • Heavy
  • Too wide for a standard doorway
  • No soft start

2. Proxxon Micromot FET (Best Lightweight)


The Proxxon Micromot FET is a sturdy, lightweight yet powerful option for detailed woodworkers.

Having a 10 mm, 24-tooth tungsten-tipped blade, this table saw is one of the best we have seen when it comes to fine adjustments and precise work. A set-screw allows the user to adjust the longitudinal stop by as little as 1/10 mm, perfect for meticulous work such as toy manufacture or mould construction. Although, some people found the fine adjustment mechanisms a little stiff.

The cutting depth is between 1 – 22 mm and it can also be tilted by 45 degrees to allow accurate angled cuts. Furthermore, if used in combination with the angle stop provided, it is possible to create double mitre cuts with little effort.

It is able to efficiently slice through a wide range of materials without trouble. Plastic, non-ferrous metals, wood, foam, and glass fibre are easily dealt with. All cuts are delivered smoothly without any need for refinishing. Saw blades sized between 50-85 mm can also be used with this machine if required.

Constructed from die-cast aluminium, this table saw weighs only 6 kg, but it is extremely stable. In fact, we think it is one of the best portable table saws available. The motor offers a low-noise drive; so you can work away without fear of disturbing the neighbours.

A dust extractor connection is included and works quite well. But, as the inner diameter is narrower than an average vacuum hose, it could be more efficient in design.


  • Perfect for detailed work
  • Adjustable by as little as 1/10 mm
  • Lightweight
  • 10 mm, 24-tooth tungsten tipped
  • Can be angled to 45 degrees


  • Fine adjustment can be quite stiff
  • Modification needed if you want to make shallow cuts
  • Dust extractor connection could be more efficient

3. ParkerBrand PTS-250 (Best For Home Workshop)


Utilizing a 2000W motor with a 5000 rpm cutting speed, the ParkerBrand PTS-250 is a powerful choice capable of benefiting all users.

This table saw uses a 24-tooth, carbide-tipped 250 mm blade, which makes clean cuts easily and quickly. The impressive 5000 RPM cutting speed is one of the fastest we have seen. Each cut is smooth and requires little-to-no refinishing.

Whilst the blade doesn’t tilt to allow bevel cuts like others we have reviewed, this does have a mitre gauge which allows for easy angled cuts. Once the gauge is secured in the correct position, it can create cuts across an angle range of -60 to +60 degrees. The height of the blade is easy to control using the hand wheel beneath the table.

With regard to the size, it can be extended to a total size of 64.2 mm x 938 mm which should be more than large enough for the majority of users’ needs. The aluminium rip fence is also adjustable and reaches around ¾ of the total table length. On the other hand, the stand is non-folding so this table saw isn’t as easy to store away as other models.

In terms of safety, it has a number of features to help avoid injury. A sturdy blade guard is included, as is an easy-to-reach on/off switch. Also, a riving knife is installed to prevent potentially dangerous kickbacks.


  • Powerful 2000W motor
  • 5000 RPM cutting speed
  • 24-tooth carbide tipped
  • Riving knife safety feature
  • Adjustable mitre gauge for angled cuts


  • Some found the instructions confusing
  • Blade doesn’t tilt
  • Stand doesn’t fold

4. Evolution FURY 5-S (Best Multipurpose)


The Evolution FURY5-S is another great machine from Evolution; suitable for both professionals and home craft hobbyists alike.

It offers a 1500 W hi-torque motor, as well as an impressive multi-purpose 255 mm carbide-tipped blade for ultimate strength and durability. It is able to effectively cut through steel, plastic, aluminium and wood. Steel that’s up to 3 mm thick can be tackled without creating heat or sparks. The resulting steel cuts are free from burrs and therefore have an immediately workable finish.

It can do more than simply cut through a range of materials. This machine also gives users generous cutting versatility, enabling easy-to-achieve cross, mitre, straight and bevel cuts for a range of requirements.

It has a maximum cut depth of 85 mm in wood and can be tilted up to 45 degrees to the left to achieve bevel cuts.

Just like the previous Evolution RAGE 5-S saw, this also has a mitre gauge with a sliding carriage which offers angle adjustments of between -60 and +60 degrees. The attached clamp has anti-vibration properties, but some users felt the carriage and clamp felt a little loose.

On the other hand, the rip fence is able to be firmly secured in any position. Thus, providing peace of mind that every cut will be accurate and your hands will be safe. However, it is recommended you use the included push stick as an additional safety measure to avoid injury. Also, its rip capacity is expandable by 410 mm to the right.

As is expected, this also includes a dust extraction port, which can be easily connected to a vacuum cleaner to reduce mess. Although, it should be noted that some people found the dust collection wasn’t all that effective.


  • 1500 W hi-torque motor
  • 255 mm carbide tipped
  • Cuts through steel, aluminium, wood, and plastic.
  • 45-degree tilt
  • Rip capacity expands by 410 mm


  • Dust collection isn’t very effective
  • Sliding mitre is rather loose
  • Feels a bit cheap

5. Scheppach HS100S 240 V (Best Heavy Duty)


If you need an amazing table saw, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, then Scheppach could have you covered. The HS100S 240-volt table saw in blue comes with a fantastic high-quality design and a 2000 watt motor, but it won’t break your budget. Promising brilliant value and performance, this is a device that can help you through plenty of DIY projects.

This electric-powered table saw is a 240-volt masterpiece, ideal for sawing a wide range of materials. The left and right extension tables mean that you can spread the size of your work surface out to suit the needs of any project.

There’s also a leg stand included as standard to help with ergonomics and reduce your risk of injury. The dual bevel and height adjustment control knob ensure that you can get the accuracy that you deserve from your table saw, whether you’re working on a professional project, or just getting some crucial work done at home.

There are plenty of features that demonstrate the value of this saw, but you will find that a few things are missing too. For instance, the fence guide isn’t much good, and you’ll need to create your own clamp for extra stability.


  • Affordable product with excellent value
  • 2000 Watt motor for exceptional strength
  • Brilliant high-quality materials throughout
  • Great for ergonomics thanks to leg stand
  • Easy to use


  • Not the best fence guide
  • Clamp for stability is not included

6. Einhell TC-TS 2025/1 U (Best Adjustable)


The Einhell TC-TS 2025/1 U is a great budget choice for both DIYers and professionals. Showcasing an incredible 1800W motor and 5000 RPM cutting speed, this makes short work of wood and fiberboard, as well as other materials.

The carbide tipped 254mm blade makes longitudinal cuts effortlessly and can be adjusted to any angle between 0 and 45 degrees as required. Furthermore, the mitre gauge enables the user to easily make bevel crosscuts between -60 and +60 degrees, although customers said it sometimes felt a bit unstable. Both the angle and the height of the blade can be independently adjusted for ultimate cutting flexibility.

Should you need to work with particularly large pieces, it can be expanded on three sides to a maximum of 220 mm, thus allowing plenty of space to deal with panel boards or wide sheets as necessary.

Even at such an affordable cost, this cheap table saw has a base frame that offers a convenient working height, but it also feels sturdy and secure when presented with heavier materials.

A dust extraction port is included, as is a push stick with a dedicated holder, so it is always close by when needed.


  • 1800W motor
  • 5000 RPM cutting speed
  • 254 mm carbide-tipped
  • Three side expandability up to 220 mm
  • Independent height and angle adjustment


  • European plug
  • Mostly plastic
  • Mitre gauge can be wobbly

7. DeWalt DCS7485N-XJ XR Flex Volt (Best Portable)


A powerful and reliable machine from Dewalt, the DCS7485N-XJ XR Flex Volt is a fantastic piece of equipment for anyone with a passion for DIY. Despite a durable and versatile design, the Dewalt Flex Volt table saw is surprisingly lightweight. It comes in a set of eight pieces that are easy to assemble, and the whole kit is designed to be as portable as possible.

There’s a steel roll cage to protect the saw against potential drops and knocks, which is ideal if you’re going to be taking your equipment to a job site. Additionally, the rack and pinion fence system enables you to get an extremely accurate cut every time. If you’re looking for a saw that’s precise and easy to use, this could be the perfect tool for you.

Ideal for chopping large sheets, the fencing solution on this saw provides 610mm of ripping capacity in a handy portable design. There’s also an overload protection system built into the machine to ensure powerful performance anywhere. On the downside, you do need a portable battery to go with this tool which means extra expense.


  • 22kg weight with an optimal footprint
  • Steel cage to protect against drops and knocks
  • Rack and pinion fence system
  • Perfect for portability around job sites
  • Accurate and easy to use


  • Quite expensive
  • Needs a battery

Different Types of Table Saw

A woodworking equipment inside a shed

The name “table saw” actually encompasses a number of different types of table saws. Below, we look at some of the most common ones.

Benchtop Table Saw

Benchtop table saws are the most popular entry-level table saws on the market. As the name suggests, they are designed so that they can be used on any flat benchtop or table which is sturdy enough to support them. They can be used with a stand, but these have to be purchased separately. These are lightweight and very portable.

Cabinet Saw

Cabinet saws are the most powerful, largest and heaviest table saws. These tend to be used by trade professionals, but may be used by dedicated hobbyists and DIYers too.

These have a highly durable table top and are usually extendable from one, or both sides, to allow for larger materials. They are designed to be long-lasting and can withstand regular heavy use. As a result, these are not considered to be portable.

Contractor Saw

Contractor saws are heavier and more powerful than benchtop saws, but they are still a portable option. These saws have an attached stand which is often wheeled to enable easy movement from one site to another.

They also tend to be compatible with many different components, so users’ have more freedom to customise the machine with readily available parts.

Things To Look For When Buying A Table Saw

Now, we have seen the different types of table saw available. Whether you plan on making a DIY sofa bed or doing a home renovation, there are some things you should always look for when choosing a table saw.



It’s little surprise that the blade is perhaps the most important consideration to take into account when choosing a table saw. After all, this is the component which will be doing all the work.

Most table saws will come with carbide or tungsten tipped or coated blades. This increases the strength and durability of the blade and increases the quality of the cut.

Some blades are more suited for cutting wood rather than steel, while others are multi-functional and capable of cutting many different materials to a high standard. The best blade for you really depends on what you are planning to use your table saw for.

If you are only planning to use it for woodwork, a wood blade will suffice. On the other hand, if you are using it for trade and will be encountering many different materials, you should go for a blade which is able to effectively handle them all. It is usually possible to change the blade to suit the material being cut, but this can become quite a hassle if you have to do it often.

Furthermore, the versatility of the blade head is crucial if you wish to make angled cuts. Most table saws will have a blade head which can tilt in one direction to allow bevel cuts, but some more basic models may not.


The fence is a metal barrier which lies parallel to the edge of the saw table and blade. Its purpose is to behave as a fixed resistance point for straight cuts, against which you place the edge of the material to be cut.

The fence can usually be adjusted by sliding it along a measuring gauge on the edge of the table top so that you can set the width of the piece you need to cut. They can also often be removed completely if necessary.

Mitre Gauge

Just like the fence helps the user to create a straight cut, the mitre gauge allows the user to more easily and safely make angled or cross cuts into the material.

This component is settled into a track on the tabletop, within which it is able to slide up and down parallel to the blade. It consists of a measuring guide and a lockable, rotatable, half-moon shaped section which the material is rested against for cutting. A mitre gauge can usually pivot as far as 45 degrees to the left and right.

The available degree of rotation will be important if you are going to be using the saw for a variety of cross cuts.

Safety Features

Last, but by no means least, are the safety features. If you value your digits, which you should, then you will want to be keeping them attached to you. Table saws are dangerous tools and we should take precaution to prevent injuries.

Make sure that the table saw you purchase at least has an easy-to-reach off switch, a blade guard and a push stick. If possible, choose a model which also incorporates some protection against kickbacks too, such as a ‘riving knife’.

Choosing the Best Table Saw

Choosing the ultimate table saw for your needs means considering what to do with your new equipment. Are you searching for something that you can take with you to a job site or do you just want a tool that’s comfortable to use at home? Maybe you need something that will help you to cut through particularly tough pieces of equipment?

These table saw reviews have been carefully put together to cater to such needs and individual preferences. However, our favourite option from this list has to be the Evolution Rage 5-S table saw. We love that this model includes RAGE technology and can effortlessly cut through various materials. Additionally, the right side of the table is fully extendable, allowing for an additional 655mm rip cut capacity for those larger pieces – making this a versatile and useful tool. So, if you’re looking for an excellent investment, the Evolution Rage 5-S won’t disappoint.

2 thoughts on “Best Table Saw in the UK for 2023 – Which One is a Cut Above the Rest?”

  1. Table saws 3, 5 and 6 are basically the same saw branded in different ways and in different colours. I have one of these exact same saws and they are not the best. Here are my Pros and Cons for those saws:
    Good starting saw but limited
    Not very accurate – blade moves about.
    Can’t cut slots – riving knife is higher than the blade.
    Saw bed is plate steel and can deform easily. It probably needs to be levelled at first.
    No soft start
    No brake stop
    Can take a while to assemble.

    Not being able to cut a slot safely is a big disadvantage, one I got around by making a second riving knife that supports the guard but is lower than the top of the blade for cutting slots. Otherwise you can only cut completely through the wood.
    For under £150 it’s a bargain but be aware of the limitations.

  2. Patrick Limacher

    Beware of any table saw that doesn’t “anchor” the rip fence at BOTH ENDS!! The saws that only anchor the fence at the setting end can, and often do, start to wander when cutting heavy or large timber or sheets and you can finish with some very wavy cuts!

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