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Best Weather Station Reviews in the UK – Top Choices for 2023

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Youshiko YC9360 Digital
Internet Choice: Powcan Wireless
Outdoor Choice: Bresser Weather Centre 5-in-1

There’s nothing like an unexpected change in the weather to lay even the most thought out plans to waste. If you know that your schedule often depends on what’s going on with mother nature, then it makes sense to invest in the best weather station you can find. An outdoor or indoor one provides you with natural insight into the current weather, and what you can expect from nature in the hours ahead.

Using a variety of sensors and environmental information, it lets you know when you should expect a sudden downpour, and when you’re safe to go exploring in your shorts and a tank top. Essentially, it’s one of the greatest gadgets for planning your day.

Despite the variety of functions that it offers, it rarely takes up much space in your home. From a barometer for air pressure to thermometers, wind speed, wind chill, dew point and more, everything you might need is located within a small device with an LED screen, perhaps a little larger than your standard smartphone. While the size varies depending on the manufacturer you choose, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a design that fits with your existing décor.

Sometimes, your weather station clock will even be able to connect to the internet, so you can pick up additional pieces of information like the news or access your weather history from your phone. Since there are so many different types of stations out there, here’s your guide to choosing the right one.

How We Compared Weather Stations

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To find the right weather stations we considered multiple factors including:

  • Source of power
  • Range of features
  • Set-up and ease of use
  • Accuracy

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Top 10 Best Weather Station Reviews

1. Youshiko YC9360 Digital (Editor’s Choice)

youshiko-yc9360-digitalIf you’re looking for something simple but effective to replace your weatherman, then you can’t go wrong with the Youshiko YC9360 Digital. The simple tablet device can be used as a weather station clock, or a full thermometer, capable of measuring indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity accurately. You can even set your device up to show your temperature in centigrade or Fahrenheit depending on your preferences.

The Youshiko comes with 3 sensors that you can deploy in different locations around your home to allow for a more accurate result. There’s also a weatherproof casing option available if you want to keep yours outside. For those who like to plan their sunrises and sunsets, there’s a sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset display, complete with a graphical moon display to show you when you’re about to see a full moon.

The radio-controlled clock includes an automatic time changing function for spring and autumn when the clocks leap backwards and forwards, so you have one less thing to worry about when you’re updating your appliances.


  • Weather forecast with animations makes it easy to read
  • Automatic time changing for UK customers
  • 3 sensors to place in separate locations
  • Sun and Moon rise/set features available


  • Hygrometer function isn’t always accurate
  • Batteries don’t last very long in the sensor
  • Dies quicker than most customers expect

2. Powcan Wireless (Best Internet)

powcan-wirelessConnectivity to the internet is one of the most valuable features that a modern weather station can have. After all, if your device can link itself straight to your Wi-Fi connection, then it’s more likely to give you the latest and accurate reading.

The Powcan weather station solution comes with both an indoor and outdoor system, perfect for tracking temperature, humidity, and more. You can even use the device as an alarm clock, with various custom alerts built-in. This high-tech weather station comes with a handy LCD display, where you can follow information for every day of the week. There’s also the option to set specific alarms for frost and snow, in case you need to wake up early to deal with the car.

Ideal for positioning on a bedside table or hanging on your wall, this weather gadget will guarantee that you’re the first to know about what’s happening outside the window. However, it’s worth noting that a lot of people had trouble setting this device up. Additionally, the bright screen can be distracting when you’re trying to sleep.


  • Customisable weather notifications
  • Alarms for your daily schedule
  • Excellent internet connection
  • Indoor and outdoor sensors included
  • Informative LCD screen


  • Quite difficult to set up
  • Very bright and distracting screen

3. Bresser Weather Centre 5-in-1 (Best Outdoor)

For some consumers, bresser-weather-centre-5-in-1they need one that continues to work well outdoors, despite unpredictable weather conditions. The 5-in-1 weather station from Bresser is one of the greatest outdoor options around. The package comes with mounting accessories, and an LCD screen that displays a range of values including air pressure, humidity, and temperature.

With the Bresser, it’s easy to check out the current weather conditions for the day, or even look back over the weather changes since you started using the device. There’s also the option to set personalised alarms for minimum and maximum temperature values. If you’re concerned about frost and ice, there’s a specific warning setting you can set up to alert you of impending sub-zero temperatures.

You can either use it as a stand-alone outdoor device, or you can combine it with the indoor climate indicator to find out more about the air quality within your home. There’s also the option to check out the different phases of the moon if you’re interested.


  • Custom alarms and freezing temperature warning
  • Works well inside and outdoors
  • Air quality features for indoors
  • Multiple measurements to track


  • Can break quite easily
  • Rainfall gauge is sometimes inaccurate
  • The screen can be difficult to read in direct sunlight because of glare

4. Youshiko Wireless (Best Clock)

youshiko-wirelessNow we come to the best weather station clock on our list, the Youshiko Wireless with a radio-controlled clock and indoor/outdoor temperature thermometer. This is a little larger than some of the other options that we’ve looked at so far, but it also has a lot of information to offer. The weather forecast section shows trends in the temperatures you’ve seen over the last few days, and there’s an alarm for upcoming periods of ice or frost.

The radio-controlled clock comes with a handy automatic time-changing feature for the Autumn and Spring daylight savings time changes, and the whole system is very easy to set up, thanks to an automated process where you only need to press a few buttons to get started. You can set the day, time, and date. There’s even a permanent display available for when the device is saving energy.

As a bonus, if you’re using this device indoors, you’ll also be able to access the built-in alarm clock with a snooze function.


  • Easy to read
  • Very simple set up with most of the process automated
  • Multiple options to choose from
  • Included alarm and snooze functions


  • Not always accurate temperature-wise
  • Quite a large weather station
  • Batteries don’t last long

5. Youshiko Official UK Version (Indoor Choice)

youshiko-official-uk-versionUpdated and enhanced, this new version of the Youshiko weather station gives you everything you need to track and predict the weather in your area. Aside from providing accurate insight into the weather and temperature, you can also get the latest on moon phases, wind speed and direction, as well as rainfall volume.

This high-quality weather station comes with a radio control clock to help you manage your daily schedule. Additionally, it offers a selection of advanced features to ensure that you’re fully prepared for every kind of weather that you might encounter. You can even monitor weather trends over time and set custom high and low alerts for your temperature system.

The five-in-one weather sensor included with this kit is easy to use and provides information on everything from humidity to predicted rainfall. Unfortunately, there’s no coloured screen, which can make this product a little boring. Also, the wind speed system can struggle with accuracy at times. Many people complained that the device always shows wind as being “light”. However, there are still plenty of other metrics that you can track with this gadget.


  • Wide range of features
  • In-depth information on various weather data points
  • Sleek and streamlined design
  • Rainfall volume tracking
  • Custom alerts and alarms


  • No coloured screen
  • Not the most accurate at wind speed

6. Technoline WS-9130 Digital (Best Value)

technoline-ws-9130-digitalSometimes, what you need is the one that can deliver the broadest range of features for the lowest price. This impressive weather station from Technoline offers a radio-controlled clock, insights into indoor and outdoor temperatures, and a weather trending graph too. The WS-9130 digital comes with mounting accessories so that you can keep it on your wall and out of the way of passers-by.

There’s a manual time-setting feature for UK users, and the large, bright screen makes it easy to see exactly what kind of temperature you can expect when you walk outside. There’s a single outdoor sensor included, which delivers entirely accurate results when you consider the overall price and construction of the device. As a bonus, you can also set indoor and outdoor min/max temperature alarms, and track weather tendencies.

As a clock, the Technoline device also offers an alarm with snooze functions included. For people outside of the UK, there’s a multi-lingual instruction manual included. The instruction manual also makes it easier to set up your system, wherever you’re located.


  • Very clear screen without much clutter
  • Easy to use and set-up
  • A simple device without a lot of extra bells and whistles
  • Wall mounting option


  • Struggles with high-temperature greenhouse settings.
  • Slow delivery and customer service.
  • Transmission can be challenging to

7. Newentor with Outdoor Sensor (Best LCD Display)

Newentor with Outdoor SensorThe Newentor Weather Station has a great set of features and a simple design for ease of use. It is a relatively large station that features a great LCD screen. This has a colour display and allows you to see the different functions in large detail easily.

You can use the basic display to show various weather information, including remote temperature, remote humidity, time & date, indoor & outdoor readings, and a weather forecast. You are also able to use it as an alarm clock and radio clock. The time and date are automatically updated and should always be accurate regardless of the season.

For flexibility, you can also use the weather station either via a main power cable or batteries. If you want to run it wirelessly, it requires two AA batteries that are not included. When in battery mode, the display screen only stays on for 15 seconds to conserve power.

The Newentor Weather Station is excellent, but it may have a few problems. For example, you could find that the weather forecasts are sometimes inaccurate and not relevant to your location. Also, if viewed at the incorrect angle, you may struggle to see some of the numbers properly.


  • It has a large, high-quality LCD display
  • The display provides a clear overview of weather conditions
  • Can display both indoor and outdoor temperatures
  • Also can be powered by mains power or batteries
  • Remote sensors have a transmission range of up to 60m


  • The wireless weather display can sometimes be inaccurate
  • When tilted, viewing issues may be apparent

8. Youshiko YC9342 Wireless (Best with Frost Alarm)

Youshiko YC9342 WirelessThe Youshiko Wireless Weather Station offers a different design and is mounted in portrait orientation. Regardless, it still has a large LED screen size. On the screen, it can clearly display the current date and time, indoor & outdoor temperatures, weather forecast, and a graphic showing the current moon phase.

We also like that this weather station has a blue backlight for the LCD screen. In the basic package, you get the weather station unit and one external sensor. In total, it can connect to up to three external sensors in different locations.

The user-friendly interface is also a huge plus. This weather station is easy to set up, and weather information can be transmitted directly to the device from an external source. The weather sensor inside this device is also highly accurate.

This is an excellent wireless weather station, but it may have some minor issues. Firstly, it only includes one outdoor sensor, so you would have to purchase additional ones separately. Also, you could find the backlight feature of the LED screen switches off too quickly.


  • It has a radio-controlled clock with an automatic time-changing function
  • Can display indoor/outdoor temp, and humidity
  • Simple LED display with backlight
  • Can work with up to 3 sensors in 4 different outdoor locations
  • It has a durable weatherproof casing


  • May include one additional sensor only
  • Some may find that the backlit feature turns off too quickly

9. Qxmcov with 3 Sensors (Best Set)

Qxmcov with 3 SensorsThe Qxmcov Weather Station is another fantastic model that has a large LCD screen. We like that the LCD screen can display colours. As a result, it gives visual indicators to temperatures. For example, the text will display blue for freezing temperatures.

In terms of the display, this weather station can show multiple functions. This includes – indoor & outdoor temperature and humidity, min/max temperature alerts, external weather forecast, comfort level, time, calendar, and an alarm function. You can also easily change what is displayed and customise it to your needs.

For external temperature monitoring, this device can connect to up to three external sensors. These are included, so you have a complete weather monitoring kit immediately on purchase. The sensors connect easily and have a range of up to 60m.

This Qxmcow weather station is a good choice, but it may not be perfect. Firstly, the included remote sensors do not have any displays, which could make configuration a little tricky. Also, the unit has to be used with the main power connection.


  • It has a large colour LCD display that shows info in great detail
  • Can display multiple functions, including indoor/outdoor temp and humidity
  • It can also show the weather forecast and min-max temperatures
  • Also can be connected to up to 3 outdoor sensors in different locations
  • Has up to a 60m transmission range


  • The included remote sensors may not have any display
  • May only be used with mains power and has no battery option

10. EpicWeather with Outdoor Sensor (Best WiFi)

epicweather-with-sensorAnother fantastic choice for people who want easy access to tons of useful information about the outdoor atmosphere comes from EpicWeather.

Capable of wireless connectivity, the EpicWeather station has an outdoor sensor to keep you updated about the temperature, humidity, and more. There’s also a forecast indicator to help you to prepare for the days ahead.

The EpicWeather solution is also equipped with an indoor/outdoor thermometer that’s ideal for tracking humidity and heat accurately. Furthermore, not only does this device work well, but it looks great, too. The sleek and streamlined black design means that it’s easy to fit your gadget into any room in your home.

One downside is that you do need to keep your sensor in the perfect position for it to work. You can’t expose the system to direct sunlight or rain, or it could end up breaking. Moreover, the backlight in this product isn’t very bright, which makes the readings difficult to see in dim light.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Plenty of useful information about temperature and humidity
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Outdoor sensor included
  • Forecast indicator


  • Difficult to see the screen at times
  • Need to find the perfect position to protect from rain and bright light

How to Choose Your Home Weather Station

An excellent weather station can be a fantastic addition to any household in the UK. With the support of a device that records the temperature and humidity inside and outside of your home, you can have an easier time of planning your day.

Finding the best weather station isn’t just about reading all the latest reviews. You’ll also need to think carefully about what you want from one of these devices. For instance, what kind of information do you want to see? Do you need your device to work outdoors? Even your budget can affect what you choose.

Types of Weather Station

a device checking the cardinal directionsAs the demand for weather technology has grown, various types of these devices have begun to appear throughout the UK. Currently, there are many options available for practically every budget and need. Some of the most popular styles include:

Home Weather Station

A sleek device designed to blend in with the home environment. These solutions don’t always provide the most comprehensive array of information

Professional Weather Station

These are the high-budget solutions for people who want to be able to track things like temperature and humidity over long periods

Wireless Weather Station

UK customers love wireless devices because they know they’re not wasting their electricity. There are no wires to trip over, but you’ll have to remember to change the batteries.

Wi-Fi Weather Station

Internet devices and solutions that can connect to the web via Wi-Fi offer very accurate and detailed information because they’re regularly updated by your local connection.

Things to Consider When You Buy a Weather Station

From outdoor adventures using your inflatable kayak or birdwatching and wildlife monitoring with your binoculars and wildlife cameras to turning on your electric fire or cranking up your wireless thermostat, it all depends on the weather. This is where weather stations become handy. As mentioned above, there are many different factors to think about when you buy the right device for your needs. The more you browse the market and check out reviews like the ones above, the easier it will be for you to pinpoint the features you want to include. Some of the things worth looking at include:

Source of Power

When selecting, you’ll have to think about the kind of power source that you’ll be using to keep your device running. Some more recent iOS weather station devices come with solar power, but these won’t be very helpful in cloudier climates. Battery-powered stations have the benefit of being wireless, but you do have to spend more on batteries.

Range of Features

device-showing-hot-temperature-at-homeCountless different capabilities can come as part of your home weather station. For instance, some stations are better suited for in-depth research on temperature, wind speed, wind chill, humidity, dew point and more, whereas some are all about simplicity. Check out some of the functions on the leading models to decide what you need.

Set-up and Ease of Use

Weather stations need to be easy to set up and use if it’s going to be effective. If you have no idea what you’re reading on the screen, or you struggle to start collecting weather information, then you won’t get much out of your new device. Consider looking into the customer support that’s available if you have any trouble too.


Make sure that what you choose is as accurate as possible. A great way to gauge accuracy is to look at the weather station reviews left by other customers online. However, you can also track the efficiency of your devices yourself, by comparing them to other weather measurements online.

Support Whatever the Weather

Choosing the best weather station for your needs might not be easy, but with this guide, we hope that you’ll be able to keep your stress levels to a minimum. Whether you’re looking for a device, there’s something out there for almost every buyer.

We were particularly impressed by the simplicity and reliability of the Youshiko YC9360 Digital. An impressive tablet-style digital weather station, the Youshiko comes with 3 sensors to give you better temperature tracking abilities, as well as a host of additional readings to check out.

Do you have a preference that we haven’t mentioned in our list? Tell us about it in the comment section below, and good luck! We hope you will buy your perfect weather station!

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