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Best Hedge Trimmer Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Bosch 45-16 Electric
Petrol Choice: Mcculloch HT 5622
Choice for Precision Cuts: Einhell 4245

If you have a hedge in your garden, you will be familiar with how great a difference it can make to the overall appearance of your outdoor space. An overgrown, scraggly hedge can leave your garden looking a little like an uninviting wilderness, taken over by mother nature. Rather than paying hefty amounts to a professional that would come and trim an overgrown hedge, many people are choosing to take matters into their own hands by purchasing a hedge trimmer. But which one do you need to get? Do you need the best cordless hedge trimmer or the best hedge trimmer? In this review, we take a look at the top 10 hedge trimmer reviews to help you find the right one for you.

How We Compared Hedge Trimmers

To find the right hedge trimmers we considered multiple factors including:

  • Power Output
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Battery Life
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Blade Type and Material

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Top 10 Hedge Trimmer Reviews

The benefits of owning your own hedge trimmer are clear. No longer will you have to wait for professionals or friends to come and help you when your hedge gets overgrown, nor will you battle with hedge clippers. You can simply grab your own and do it yourself! Let’s get started with our list.

1. Bosch 45-16 Electric (Editor’s Choice)


The Bosch 45-16 Electric hedge trimmer is a great lightweight, corded option for smaller gardens. Having a punchy 420W motor, this trimmer is able to blast through lighter hedges in no time.

Offering a 45 cm blade with 16 mm spacing, its diamond ground teeth slice through branches as thick as one centimetre which is more than enough for most average gardens. However, as this is designed for smaller hedges, anything larger than this is highly likely to damage it.

This cordless hedge trimmer is created to be effortless to use for all domestic gardeners. It is very lightweight at 2.6 kg, so it should not cause fatigue in all but the least-able of individuals. The tool is well balanced and features a comfortable soft-grip handle for a pleasant feel.

If used as intended, the only downside to this model is the cable. Many people have mentioned it isn’t as long as they would’ve preferred and it is rather prone to wear.



  • 420W motor
  • 45 cm blade
  • Only weighs 2.6 kg
  • Diamond ground teeth
  • Well-balanced


  • Cable is prone to wear
  • Power cord is quite short

2. Mcculloch HT 5622 (Best Petrol)


If you are looking for something that really packs a punch, the Mcculloch HT 5622 Trimmer is a fantastic choice. Offering a powerful 22cc petrol engine, this trimmer will make short work of thicker hedges, leaving them looking neat and tidy with little effort.

Green stems and dry branches up to 22 mm in thickness are cleanly cut thanks to a high-quality, dual-action 56 cm blade. Cutting precision remains consistent, accurate and effective throughout use, without any shredding of leaves.

Unlike some other petrol engines which can be laborious to get started, the Mcculloch HT 5622 offers a ‘soft starter’ option which provides a smoother, easier start-up by reducing the cord resistance by 40%.

As well as the obvious cordless advantage, this features ergonomic front and rear handles which allow for a solid, comfortable grip as you work. The rear handle is adjustable, so the user can choose the most agreeable position when working vertically.

Even though this cordless hedge trimmer may be a bit heavy for some at just over 5 kg, it does have a feature that reduces vibration and therefore lessens fatigue.



  • Powerful 22cc engine
  • 56 cm dual-action blade
  • Soft starter option
  • Ergonomic adjustable handles
  • Easily cuts branches up to 22 mm thick


  • Difficult to maintain
  • May be heavy for some

3. Einhell 4245 (Best for Precision Cuts)


If you are looking for a highly durable corded hedge trimmer, this model by Einhell not only lasts, it also looks great. Thanks to its highly durable metal gears, it outlasts most other models, while the cable strain relief clip helps to stop the power cord from fraying with regular use.

Despite its robust construction, this highly affordable hedge trimmer weighs just 2.5kg, making it one of the lightest models we’ve reviewed. Its counter-rotating blades are laser-cut and diamond-ground for high-precision cutting. However, they are not removable or replaceable.

With its 420W motor, this budget trimmer has plenty of power, making it a good choice for intensive hedge maintenance. Thanks to its ergonomic soft-grip handle and auxiliary handle for precision cutting at an angle, it is fairly easy to use. Additionally, the dead man’s safety switch can be deactivated for one-handed use. Unfortunately, it is not the most balanced of hedge trimmers.

All in all, this model is great value for money, with a highly durable construction, plenty of power, and strong blades, ideal for maintaining your garden hedges, bushes and shrubs. Just bear in mind that the power cord is just five meters long so you may need to buy an extension.



  • 420W power
  • Counter-rotating blades
  • Weighs only 2.5kg
  • Highly durable metal gears
  • With cable strain relief clip


  • Short power cord
  • Blade is not detachable
  • May have poor balance at times

4. DeWalt DCM563PB-GB 18V XR (User-Friendly Choice)

DeWalt DCM563PB-GB 18 V XR

The DeWalt XR Lithium-Ion hedge trimmer makes an excellent option if you have a lot of ground to cover and are seeking a cordless design to help you tackle your trimming jobs. It is also compact and lightweight, increasing ease of use.

DeWalt recommends using a rechargeable 5.0 Ah battery with this hedge trimmer to achieve up to 75 minutes of runtime per charge. You can also use a smaller battery if you want but it will produce a shorter runtime. Either way, the XR Lithium Ion features a comfortable wraparound handle that should create an easy grip in multiple directions.

This hedge trimmer’s 55 cm long dual action laser-cut blades run on 18 volts of power. The blades have a 19 mm cutting gap allowing you to trim a variety of hedges. The trimmer has durable housing and weighs 2 kg without a battery.

Be aware, the battery does not come included with your purchase and it may not be the best choice for heavier trimming, although it works wonders on lighter to medium trimming jobs. It also has an enhanced security trigger system that could possibly make it harder to operate for someone with arthritis.



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Cordless design style
  • Comfortable wraparound handle
  • Dual-action 55cm laser-cut blades
  • 18 volts of power


  • Battery not included with purchase
  • The trigger may be less accessible for some people
  • Might not be ideal for heavier trimming jobs

5. Makita DUH523Z (Best for Light Trimming)


If you have a lot of hedge trimming to get through, then treat yourself to the Makita DUH523Z hedge trimmer. Powered by a slide-type 18V Li-ion LXT battery, this cordless hedge trimmer is capable of delivering up to 1350 strokes per minute cutting power.

Thanks to its rubberised, soft grip and its anti-vibration structure, you’ll be able to get all your hedge trimming done in no time. Also, the Makita DUH523Z measures 93.8 x 19.5 x 19.4cm and features a simple and straightforward 18V cordless design. With a 15mm cutting diameter and 1350 strokes per minute, this model can quickly help you get your garden ship-shape.

The machine’s blade can be replaced without the hassle of dismantling the entire body and, with a weight of only 3.3kg, it’s an excellent choice for everyday garden work. Furthermore, it offers extra safety, thanks to its two-handed operation switch, as well as an electric brake and a warning system that alerts you when the battery is running low.

However, considering that it is sold as a bare tool, you will need to invest in a battery and charger. Also, this cordless hedge trimmer may struggle with thicker branches.



  • Stain-free shear blade surface
  • The blade can be changed without disassembling the housing
  • Cordless design
  • Anti-vibration feature
  • Comfortably soft rubberised handle


  • Bare tool only
  • May not be for those who want a battery included
  • May not be ideal for cutting thicker branches

6. Einhell GE-CH 1846 (Best Blade)

Einhell GE-CH 1846

If you are looking for durable blades and lengthy runtimes, the Einhell GE-CH 1846 hedge trimmer could be just the thing. It features both diamond cut and laser-cut steel blades and boasts facilitating longer operating times when compared to other top competitors.

This Einhell hedge trimmer has a cordless, battery-powered design allowing you to travel all over your lawn and property without having to worry about cords limiting your range. It runs on 18 volts of power and contains metal gear enabling powerful trimming performance, even on denser trimming jobs.

A 52 cm blade length and a 46 cm cutting length facilitate a decently long extended reach so you can access wider hedges. According to Einhell, you can expect about 30 minutes of runtime with a 1.5 Ah rechargeable battery, more with a larger battery. The blades and housing weigh 2 kg making this option fairly lightweight as well.

Similar to other cordless hedge trimmer options, Einhell does not include a battery or charger with your purchase. In addition, the handle may prove to be less durable in the end and it could be a bit noisy so you may benefit from using noise-cancelling headphones while trimming with this device.



  • Powerful trimming ability
  • 52cm blade length and a 46cm cutting length
  • Durable laser cut and diamond cut blades
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Lengthy runtimes with each charge


  • Battery and charger are not included with the purchase
  • The handle may be somewhat less durable
  • Could be a bit noisy

7. VonHaus Cordless Cutter (Battery-Powered Choice)


This cordless hedge clipper by VonHaus is a top choice if you’re in the market for a new battery-powered hedge trimmer. It comes complete with a 20V battery, charger, and blade cover. The battery is compatible with other VonHaus power tools from the same range.

This hedge trimmer benefits from 51cm laser-cut precision blades that can easily cut through twigs and branches up to 14mm in diameter. With its 50 minutes runtime and fast one-hour charge time, it is a highly efficient model that is very easy to use. However, some users may find it a little tricky to cut comfortably with the hand positioning required by the safety mechanisms.

Complete with a protective hand shield and two-stage safety trigger mechanism, this model has been designed to put safety first. It is lightweight at just 2.6kg and the anti-vibration system and soft-grip handle provide enhanced control and comfort. All in all, this cordless hedge trimmer is ideal for taking on your standard garden maintenance tasks. Unfortunately, there is no technical information leaflet provided with your purchase, so you may want to check out the specific details via the manufacturer’s website.



  • 51cm laser-cut precision blades
  • Lightweight at 2.6kg
  • Includes 20V battery, charger, and blade cover
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Two-stage safety trigger and hand shield


  • No replacement chargers available
  • Safety mechanisms make vertical cutting less ergonomic
  • No technical information included

8. VonHaus Cordless Pole (Multi-Angle Head Choice)


For high hedges, the VonHaus Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer makes a great choice, provided you are only looking to cut back regrowth and branches under 14mm in diameter. It comes complete with a 20V 1.5Ah battery which gives you up to 50 minutes runtime, making this model an excellent trimmer option.

The included battery charges up fully in just one hour and is also compatible with other VonHaus power tools from the same range. Thanks to its long telescopic pole, you get up to 2.44 metres of extended reach, making it possible for you to ditch your step ladder. The multi-angle adjustable head is easy to set to your chosen angle and allows for precision cutting, assisted by the 45cm dual-action steel blades.

Weighing just 3.8kg, this model is fairly lightweight. However, when used at full-height it may be tiring and can become hard to manoeuvre. This is not helped by a certain amount of give in the shoulder strap. Note that this trimmer tends to get stuck on thicker branches, so make sure you do not leave your hedge too long in between trims.

With its fast-charging battery and excellent reach, this cordless pole hedge trimmer by VonHaus is ideal for any garden with high or difficult to access hedges.



  • 50 minutes of runtime
  • Multi-angle head for precision cutting
  • Telescopic pole with 2.44m extended reach
  • Lightweight at 3.8kg
  • 45cm dual-action blades


  • Hard to manoeuvre at full height
  • Shoulder strap is a little flimsy
  • May get stuck on thick branches

9. Ryobi RPP750S Pole Pruner (Best Long Reach)


The Ryobi RPP750S Pole Pruner with Extension Pole can be extended up to 2.7 metres enabling this extending hedge trimmer to reach up to an astonishing height.

A mains 750W motor powers the 20 cm blade while the cutting chain at a speed of 10 m/s gives rapid and precise cuts. Chain lubrication is automatic, so there’s no need to keep stopping and checking to prevent possible damage. Both the chain and the guide bar are manufactured by a company called Oregon, that are well-known for the quality of their products.

If you are trying to reach and clip through vertical or awkwardly protruding branches, this long-handled hedge trimmer makes the task easy due to its angled head and soft grip rear handle. Users said they were able to clip through branches as thick as 6 inches or more using this trimmer. At only 3.8 kg some people found it to be top-heavy.



  • 750W motor
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Angled head
  • Only weighs 3.8 kg


  • Basic manual
  • Top-heavy
  • Consumes oil quickly

10. Bosch EasyHedgeCut 12-35 (Best Lightweight)


The Bosch EasyHedgeCut 12-35 cordless hedge trimmer is a great compact trimmer, which is ideal for use on smaller hedges. Weighing only 1.9 kg, it is certainly the lightest trimmer we have seen.

The blade is shorter than other models we have researched at 35 cm long, but it is strong and effective. Diamond ground and with a 15 mm gap between the teeth, this trimmer can easily slice through new growth or older branches up to 15 mm in thickness.

Supplied with a 12V Li-ion battery, usage life is around 50 minutes on a full charge, which should be more than enough for small domestic hedges. In fact, Bosch suggests that the EasyHedgeCut 12-35 cordless hedge trimmer can cover an area up to 110 square metres with a full battery.

This small hedge trimmer also features the Bosch ‘Anti-Blocking System’ to prevent interruptions when a stubborn branch is encountered. If this happens, the blades reverse their running direction automatically, instead of failing.

The Bosch EasyHedgeCut 12-35 also includes the Syneon Chip, which intelligently controls the power output to match the task at hand. Two-handed operation is required as a built-in safety feature, but some people found this a bit frustrating.



  • Lightweight
  • 50-minute battery life
  • Anti-blocking system
  • Syneon Chip
  • Diamond ground blades


  • Not terribly powerful for thick branches
  • Blade is quite short
  • Two-handed safety function can be awkward

How To Choose The Best Hedge Trimmer

Now that we have finished reading our hedge trimmer reviews, let’s examine some of the features you should consider when choosing the best trimmer for your needs.

Kind of Hedge Trimmer

There are different tools you will need to maintain your garden. We use pressure washers to remove grit and grime from concrete and walkways to name a few. We use cordless strimmers to cut overgrown grass. Just like there are many kinds of the above-mentioned equipment, there are also different kinds of hedge trimmers.

1. Electric Hedge Trimmers

a man cutting the bush with a powerful tool

One of the most common options, these are a great option for domestic use. These trimmers are generally economical for the average user, require little maintenance and are ready to go immediately without having to mess about with fuel or flat batteries.

Power Output

It varies depending on the model but usually ranges between 450W and 900W. No matter what the size or type of hedge, there is almost certainly one out there that will be able to handle it.


These tend to be reasonably lightweight and easy to handle when trimming all but the densest hedges. The main downside to this type of trimmer is being tethered to a power source and the ever-present risk of inadvertently cutting the power cord during use.

2. Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Petrol trimmers are the real muscle option when it comes hedge trimming. These models pack a powerful punch and are the most effective type for dealing with dense or thick growth.


Petrol powered trimmers usually have longer blades than electric trimmers, they can clip through larger branches and have a longer run time than battery-powered options. Due to the considerable strength of these tools, they are the heaviest and noisiest choice on the market. They also produce unpleasant fumes and require regular maintenance.

Overall, unless you have a very large garden or require a trimmer for professional use, a petrol one is usually too much for all but the toughest garden hedges.

3. Cordless Hedge Trimmers

For those who don’t have the time nor inclination to maintain a petrol cutter, and who also would rather have freedom of movement, a cordless hedge trimmer is the best option.

Battery Life

The power of a cordless hedge trimmer will depend upon the battery provided, but most models are more than capable of cutting through branches up to 25 mm or more.

The main consideration with such models is the life of the battery per full charge. The last thing you want is to get partway through your hedge, only for the trimmer to conk out and leave you waiting for it to charge up again. The larger the capacity of the battery, the longer the usage time per charge.

With the rechargeable hedge trimmers, the amount of time it will take for the battery to charge fully varies depending on the quality and capacity. The best battery hedge trimmers can be charged up in a couple of hours, whereas others will need to be left all day or overnight.


Cordless hedge cutters are usually more expensive than corded ones, but they offer such a greater amount of manoeuvrability that the additional cost is often worth it. It is important to be aware that not all models are supplied with a battery and charger, so you should check this before buying to avoid unexpected costs.

Ease of Use


Of course, when choosing a product, the very first thing you will need to consider is how comfortable it will be to use.

Simply put, the ergonomics and weight of your trimmer will determine whether you love, or loathe, using it. Heavy trimmers which feel cumbersome and unbalanced will make the whole experience unpleasant and tiring, leaving you feeling sore the next day.

If you have a very tall hedge, a telescopic one or pole trimmer will be the best choice. These usually have an adjustable or pivoting cutting head so that you can easily cut the top or tricky areas of your garden without having to work yourself into an awkward position or use a ladder.

Lastly, some petrol trimmers can be difficult to start up, so if this is an issue for you, you need to look for one which offers an easier ‘soft-start’ instead.

Blade Types

After power output, blade quality is the next most important consideration when choosing the right one for you.

Length and Spacing

Many are available in a range of different lengths and tooth spacing options. Longer blades are best for bigger hedges, as you can clip a larger area with every sweep. On the other hand, shorter blades are good for more detailed and precise shaping.


Ideally, look for blades that are diamond ground and laser cut. These blades are the sharpest and most durable. If you have a young hedge, trimmers which have a smaller gap between the teeth will be sufficient. However, thicker branches are better handled by hedge trimmers which have wider tooth spacing as they can more easily fit into the gaps between the teeth.

If you are not sure which to go for, take a look at your hedge and see how thick the branches are at the length you wish to maintain. This will give you an idea of how wide a gap between the teeth is best for your needs.


Every one of the best hedge trimmer options we listed would make a great choice for most domestic gardens. But the Bosch 45-16 Electric hedge cutter impressed us and therefore must be crowned our overall winner.

We love its smaller external dimensions that enhance manoeuvrability. Thanks to its lightweight design, you get a more comfortable trimming experience. It also comes with an additional power cable to give you wider coverage.

Have you already chosen the best cordless hedge trimmer for your garden?

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