why does my strimmer line keep breaking

Why Does My Strimmer Line Keep Breaking? Things to Avoid When Weed Whacking

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

A strimmer line is a superb tool that helps you cut grass on different surfaces and areas, giving you a beautiful lawn. It also makes your work much easier.

While a strimmer line may wear out after a certain period, some strimmer lines can break after a short time if they come into contact with a hard thing.

This might leave you wondering, ‘why does my strimmer line keep breaking?.

Well, in this post, we are going to give you some answers to that. We will also show you how you can maintain your trimmer line as you are doing your job.

Possible Causes Why a Trimmer Line Breaks

Here are the common reasons why your trimmer line doesn’t last long.

Coming Into Contact With Hard Surfaces or Object

whacking grass near a pavementA trimmer line can break as you are cutting grass on a hard surface. For instance, if you are getting rid of weed plants from a patio, the strimmer line might break. Also, if you are cutting grass on a lawn perimeter that borders on a wall, the string trimmer head might break.

Apart from that, a trimming line head might get damaged if it comes into contact with a hard object, a paving edge, a wall, and a garden stone.

Using the Wrong Parts

Faulty parts can make your trimming line break after a couple of runs. Not to mention, if you have fitted the wrong components on your strimmer, the trimming line can break after a short period.

To prevent this from happening, you have to use original parts recommended by the strimmer’s manufacturer. If your strimmer has some faulty components, replace them with new original ones.

Wear and Tear

Since trimmer heads come into contact with various surfaces, a grass trimmer wears and tears over time. A trimmer line, particularly nylon, cannot withstand heavy wear and tear.

How to Keep Grass Trimmers From Breaking

Now that you have learned what makes a trimmer line break, let’s look at some maintenance tips to keep it from breaking.

1. Clean the grass trimmer line after using it.

While cleaning a strimmer might seem like a tedious task, it improves the performance of your device. If you don’t clean a trimmer line after cutting grass on a lawn, dirt particles and debris may build up on the trimmer line.

2. Use original replacement parts.

petrol trimmer part replacementSince strimmers have different designs, you should only use the parts that are recommended by the manufacturer. Some components may not be compatible with your trimmer and can damage it. Most manufacturers have an official website that allows you to purchase original parts. They often offer various things such as trimmer guard, spool, case, strimmer cord, line feed mechanism parts, auto-feed mechanism parts.

Additionally, If you plan to replace your trimming line with a new one, you should only purchase the string that the manufacturer recommends. A part that is not compatible with your strimmer can cause a problem in your tool.

3. Don’t let the trimming line get too rigid.

A long trimming line has higher chances of breaking than a normal-sized one. Not to mention, if a trimming line gets too rigid while cutting grass, it might break. Most trimmers have a special part that cuts the extra string part, reducing the strimmer’s length.

The Feed System

Since trimming lines always wear out with regular use, strimmers come with a mechanism that feeds the string into its head. Instead of using your finger to remove the string from the trimmer’s spool, it auto-feeds the string from the trimmer head.

Take Care of Your Strimmer

Next time you ask yourself, ‘why does my strimmer line keep breaking?’, you’ll know the answer. While a trimmer line might break from time to time due to wear and tear, it can also break due to other reasons. For instance, if the end of the trimming line comes into contact with a hard surface, it might break.

So remember to be cautious while you are using your trimmer, and try to avoid surfaces that may cause some damage to your tool. Apart from that, you should only use original parts on your strimmer.

A grass trimmer’s lifespan, like any other devices, is sometimes in the hands of the user.

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  1. Soak it in water…no, seriously! Strimmer line polymers absorb water and it keeps it ( a bit ) more flexible. Once it clouts concrete no amount of flex will save it however!

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