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Best Foot Spa Reviews UK 2023 – Which Will Step Up to Be Number One?

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editors Choice: HoMedics Bubblemate
Best for Salts & Oils: Beurer FB50
Best for Rough Feet: Hangsun FM660

Let’s face it, modern life can be pretty crazy. These days, it feels like we’re always rushing around from task to task. Either you’re dealing with a headache at work, or you’re chasing after the kids. It’s no wonder we find ourselves looking for the best foot spa the UK has to offer.

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to come home to our private spa each night. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case for most of us. However, just because you can’t bring a masseuse home with you, doesn’t mean you can’t get all the benefits of foot treatment in your own home. Foot baths deliver all the benefits of massage and reflexology in a single unit.

Great foot spas can help with everything from controlling your blood pressure, to boosting energy levels and improving sleep. Some people even swear by the healing power of the foot spa. The question is, how do you find the right machine for you?

We’ve combed through endless foot spa reviews to bring you a list of the top foot spas for consumers in the UK.

How We Compared Foot Spas

foot spas collage

To find the right foot spas we considered multiple factors including:

  • Heating function
  • Timer
  • Pedicure attachment
  • Massage functions
  • Additional considerations

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Foot Spa Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. HoMedics Bubblemate (Editor’s Choice)

HoMedics Bubblemate

Finally, indulge in a bubbly relaxation experience with the HoMedics Bubblemate foot spa. This fantastic therapeutic vibration massage bath is explicitly designed for tired and over-worked feet.

The wide selection of features, including a function that keeps water warm and removable pumice stone, will help to revitalise even the most painful feet. What’s more, the invigorating bubble strips on either side of the basin are great for unique pressure point support.

Once you’ve used the removable pumice stone to smooth and soften calluses and rough skin, you can take full advantage of the massage nodes at the bottom of the bath without having to deal with loud whirring motor noises. Though the bottom of the basin is quite hard for some people, it’s great if you have particularly rough skin after years of standing and walking for too long.



  • Turbo bubble strips to soothe your pressure points
  • Pumice stone included for callouses and rough skin
  • Quiet operation compared to most foot spas
  • Easy pour water spout


  • The plastic is harder than some customers like
  • Bubbles vibration could be stronger
  • Max fill line is difficult to see

2. Beurer FB50 (Best for Salts and Oils)

Beurer FB50

If you’re looking for a heated foot spa that can invigorate your senses and deliver incredible comfort, then look no further. The FB50 is among the most highly-commended foot spas on the market, thanks to its innovative massage effects.

Not only can you build your perfect spa relaxation with its infrared heat, 6 integrated magnets, and massage presets, but you can also give yourself a pedicure. You can easily use the 3 interchangeable attachments it comes with.

Designed to improve blood circulation and soothe aching muscles, the FB50 vibration massage will bring life back to your poor battered feet after a long day – using vibration, magnetic field or infrared. There are also removable massage rollers included so you can target the most painful points in your feet. Unfortunately, it’s pretty tricky to get water into the machine without slopping it everywhere. Additionally, some reviewers found it to be a bit too loud for their preferences.



  • Fantastic performance and lots of different functions
  • With pedicure attachments
  • Heated water stays warm for a long time
  • Comfortable for tired and aching feet
  • Can be used with salts and oils


  • Very noisy compared to some foot spas
  • No easy pour spout, meaning that it’s hard to fill
  • The attachments are only good if you know how to use them.

3. Hangsun FM660 (Best for Rough Feet)

Hangsun FM660

If you’re looking for a high-value foot bath to soothe your aching feet, then the Hangsun FM660 foot spa is a treat for any user.

This foot massager comes with many of the advanced features that you would expect from far more expensive machines. Not only do you get infrared heat control, but there are also magnetic massage rollers included for in-depth foot care.

Aside from the massage rollers, you can enjoy the relaxing bubbles while they gently exfoliate your skin. The massage nodules at the bottom of the basin are also great for getting into every sore spot on your feet. Additionally, this massager has an integrated medicine box where you can place herbs to enhance your foot bath experience. Just remember that you can only maintain and heat the water, you can’t increase the heat of your spa.



  • Compact, but big enough for any user
  • Convenient design with a medicine box
  • Anti-splash feature to protect you from spills
  • Heat maintenance


  • Can’t increase or change the heat
  • Guidance lines are difficult to see because they’re white on white
  • Rollers don’t move automatically

4. Revlon PediPrep (Best All-in-One)

Revlon Pediprep new img

Why buy separate tools for your spa and pedicure needs when you can get them all in one package? The Revlon PediPrep foot spa comes with nine different accessories to help you get the most out of your foot-pampering experience.

The accessories include toe separators, cuticle pushers, brushes, and more. There’s also a removable pumice stone and rolling massage ball to revive your aching feet.

While the Revlon PediPrep doesn’t come with the magnetic systems and mechanical attachments of some more expensive foot spas, it still gets the job done. The water bubbles gently around your ankles while the vibration of the textured plastic beneath your feet massages your woes away. Additionally, according to some foot spa reviews, the system is very easy to set up and use.



  • Very comfortable basin – particularly for people with sensitive feet
  • Splash guard to protect your carpet and electronics
  • Waterproof controls
  • Plenty of attachments for a better experience


  • Massage isn’t as deep as with other foot baths
  • Limited heating features – so you can only maintain temperature instead of changing it.
  • Quite fragile plastic – don’t try standing up in it.

5. Renpho Massager (Best Heating System)

Renpho Massager

The Renpho foot spa massager is another excellent choice on our list for anyone seeking an upgraded machine. It has all of the extra bells and whistles you could want to help enhance and improve your overall relaxation experience.

Renpho’s foot spa massager comes equipped with three massage speeds which include bubbles, vibration, and six wide motorised massage rollers – three for each foot. The rollers are “corn” style which means they cover a lot of surface area at one time.

Each Renpho foot spa features a fast PTC heater with adjustable temperature control that heats the water up quickly and then keeps it warm for as long as you desire. A handy 10 to 60-minute timer compliments the heater and allows you to completely relax while the machine does its thing.

Infrared light therapy beneath the heels of your feet in this foot spa helps to promote better circulation. The Renpho is easy to clean with its rolling wheels, large handle, and drain pipe located on the exterior. A small storage compartment is also built into the design and a lid is included to keep it dust-free while not in use.

Full disclosure, the Renpho may have weaker bubbles, a noisier operation, and the deep bowl may not be good for use with a shorter sofa.



  • 6 wide and motorised massage rollers and bubbles
  • Infrared light therapy
  • Large handle and rolling wheels
  • 3 massage speeds
  • Adjustable temperature control


  • The base may be too deep for use with a shorter sof
  • Noisier operation may not be relaxing
  • Weaker bubbles may not have the same effect

6. Hangsun FM180 (Best Basic Option)

Hangsun FM180

One of the most reliable home foot spa options on our list, the Hangsun FM180 foot spa comes with a range of fantastic features for uncomfortable or aching feet.

The machine is designed for people who spend a lot of time running around all day and need a little extra care to soothe their muscles and improve blood circulation. With 4-in-1 functionality, you get to enjoy both vibration and bubble massages, infrared heat treatment, and an automatic thermostat to keep the water at your preferred temperature.

Combined with magnetic therapy, the two removable massage rollers will work wonders on the soles of your feet, relieving tension as well as improving blood circulation. Also, it is user-friendly, with only a simple dial to figure out. Just keep in mind, the rolling massagers may feel a bit too strong for some. However, it may come in handy if your feet are in need of a hard massage.



  • High-quality design suitable for regular use
  • Magnetic therapy with vibration and bubble massage
  • Automatic thermostat
  • Two massage rollers and pedicure attachment
  • Easy to use with a simple dial


  • Massage rollers may be too hard
  • May be too basic

7. Misiki 4-in-1 Massager (Best Value)

Misiki 4-in-1 Massager

The Misiki foot spa massager is an excellent choice if you are seeking a simple design that still has a couple of upgraded features.

For enhanced massage capability, the Misiki foot spa features bubble holes and four rollers that can be removed if you prefer a simple soak instead of a manual massage. The bowl of the Misiki also contains a detachable pumice stone so you can smooth your feet and remove dead skin cells while they are soaking.

Misiki foot spas come in either blue or pink and are able to heat water at a relatively fast speed – thanks to their adjustable temperature control settings. They can also keep the water warm for as long as you like but they do have a 60-minute automatic shut-off function to ensure safety. The bowl of this foot spa features two infrared lights, too – one under the sole of each foot.

Unfortunately, Misiki foot spa baths do not have a vibration mode or a drainage valve or tube so you will have to dump dirty water out of the top. Also, the foot rollers are not automatic so you will have to exert a bit of energy to get the full massage effect.



  • Removable pumice stone
  • Infrared light therapy
  • 4 removable foot rollers
  • Bubble massage
  • Automatic shutoff function


  • Foot rollers are not automatic so may require a bit of extra energy
  • Lack of a drainage hole may be an inconvenience
  • May not have a vibration feature

8. Turejo Home Bath (Best Large)

Turejo Home Bath

If you are looking for a large-sized foot bath that accommodates bath salts and other spa materials, the Turejo Home spa makes a fantastic choice. It is able to fit feet up to a men’s size 15 and has a specialised compartment to hold any spa soaks or oils that you might want to add.

This aqua blue foot spa bath comes equipped with an infrared heater, an adjustable temperature control, and a bubble function. The heater works really well and allows you to pick a precise temperature and then set it to maintain when the water becomes hot enough for you.

The base of this foot spa contains 14 ergonomic shiatsu foot massage rollers. They are spaced across the base and work wonders on sore and aching feet. They can also be removed if you prefer to simply soak instead. The base also contains a pumice stone in the centre to remove dead skin on your heels.

As far as home foot spas are concerned, this one has quite a few of the upgraded features that make products like this so relaxing. However, it does lack a drain, the rollers are not motorised, and the bubbles might not be as strong as some people had hoped.



  • Heater with adjustable temperature control
  • 14 removable foot rollers
  • Medicine box for salts or oils
  • Built-in pumice stone
  • Fits men’s feet up to size 15


  • Rollers may only have manual functionality
  • May have to pour out the water to drain
  • Bubble function may be weak

9. Sensio Pedicure Bath (Best Kit)

Sensio Pedicure Bath

The Sensio Pedicure Bath set is another great option on our best foot spa list. In addition to the foot spa itself, it comes with a complete pedicure kit to help you get the full spa experience at home any time you like.

To help relieve sore muscles and aching feet, the Sensio foot spa features a bubble function, a vibration setting, an infrared heat lamp, and a removable silicone massage head located on the top of the splash guard. Combined, these features allow you to cater your foot spa experience to best suit your specific needs and preferences.

In addition, this foot spa contains removable foot rollers at the bottom of the tub so you can target pressure points in your feet while they are soaking. To help give you peace of mind, a 60-day guarantee and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty is provided by Sensio.

Be aware the infrared heat light is more of a spa bonus for heating the rollers in the base, it is not designed to heat the water. Also, it recommends against adding anything to the water like salts or oils, and it’s possibly louder than some people had expected.



  • Silicone massage head
  • Removable foot rollers
  • Vibration and bubble functions
  • Infrared heat lamp
  • Pedicure nail kit included


  • The heat light may not heat the water
  • May not be ideal for adding salt or oils
  • Could be louder than expected

10. Beurer FB35 (Best with Magnets)

Beurer FB35

The Beurer FB35 brings you a great foot spa with versatile therapy options and enhanced relaxation for your tired feet. It also has a removable splash guard that makes using, cleaning, and draining the device much easier.

This foot spa comes with a variety of features to complement your foot bath. It has bubble and vibration functions, infrared light therapy, and magnetic therapy – thanks to the 16 magnets embedded in the tub. There are also knobs on the bottom for gentle stimulation and removable foot rollers designed to target reflexology pressure points.

To further personalise your home spa experience, the FB35 has a filter canister situated in front so you can add Epsom salts and fragrance oils without clogging the motor. This foot spa comes with three pedicure attachments that include a pumice stone, brush, and massage attachment. To help make handling easier, the design features a carry handle and a cord winder. It also comes with a three-year guarantee.

This foot spa might not be the best choice for you if you prefer an option that contains a heating element or you want a super quiet design, even on the strongest setting. It is also possible the attachments are not the best quality but we still like it overall.



  • Magnetic and infrared light therapy
  • Three pedicure attachments
  • Bubble and vibration functions
  • Removable foot rollers
  • Aromatherapy filter


  • May lack a heating element
  • Might be a bit loud on the highest setting
  • Lower quality attachments are possible

What to Look for in Your Home Foot Spa

A child relaxes while getting a massage.

When people have body aches, most will use their electric showers on high heat for quick relief, while those who own inflatable hot tubs are lucky as they can soak their pain away.

But what about foot pain? It is mostly ignored until it becomes excruciating. Fortunately, a remedy can be achieved at home. Finding a foot spa massager need not be tough. Additionally, it’s not always a good idea to rush out and buy the cheapest model nor the most expensive one. Instead, you’ll need to think carefully about which benefits and features you need most.

Over the years, foot bath options have become fairly advanced machines. The solution that’s right for you will depend on what kind of foot pain you have. For instance, if you just get a little bit of arch pain from time to time, then the best foot spa massager for you won’t need the same features a marathon runner would prefer. To find the option that’s right for you, let’s start by looking at some important features.

1. Heating Function

Most people will prefer a foot bath that can keep their toes warm for an extended period. An efficient water heating feature will mean that you can continue to enjoy a warm toasty relaxing soak for as long as you like without having to add hot water. While some foot spas only maintain heat, others can increase the water temperature as desired.

2. Timer

Similar to a massage chair, some foot spas come with a timer included, which allow users to select how long their vibration massage treatment should be. For instance, you can choose to squeeze in a quick 5-minute vibration foot massage today or schedule a 40-minute bubble foot soak the next.

3. Pedicure Attachments

a woman having a foot bath and pedicure

Many modern foot baths also come with attachments that you can use to exfoliate your feet and get rid of dry skin or callouses. This is great for people who don’t just want relaxation but also want silky smooth feet.

4. Massage Functions

Speaking of foot massage, there are various ways that your foot bath can pamper your legs. Some machines include bubbles vibration while others deliver massaging jets of water. There are even some vibrating rollers that target reflex points. More advanced machines can also include infrared therapy and magnetic therapy. You don’t necessarily need all the functions. Find out which ones feel good for you and go from there.

5. Additional Considerations

Aside from the basic features outlined above, you may also want to consider other things, like whether your foot spa is noisy, which might make it difficult for you to relax. Also, a lot of people today are also beginning to use their baths with Epsom salts and essential oils so you might want to check that your model can handle those additional treatments.

Finishing Thoughts on the Ultimate Foot Spa

Finding the best foot spa the UK has to offer is a great way to make sure that you always have a way to relax and pamper yourself after a long day. With a combination of massaging water jets, heated water, and more, your foot bath can revive and revitalise your senses.

Our favourite massager among the foot spa reviews above is the HoMedics Bubblemate. It’s a tremendous all-around spa relaxation, complete with massage bubbles, exfoliation pumice stone, and a keep warm feature. Plus, it can accommodate feet up to size 12.

What’s your take on the ideal foot spa? Let us know in the comments below and enjoy your home spa experience!

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