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Best Pillow for Front Sleepers Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Adam Home Anti-Allergy Quilted
Best Hypoallergenic: Panda Luxury Memory Foam
Best with Bamboo Cover: ZenPur Memory Foam

When’s the last time you thought about the impact your pillow could be having on your sleep? If the answer is “never,” then you’re in for a shock. Although your mattress and general sleep hygiene routine both have a huge role to play in how well you sleep, your pillow can be an essential component, too. If you’re used to sleeping on your stomach, then the best pillow for stomach sleepers could change your life.

For stomach sleepers, the standard pillow won’t provide enough support to ensure that you have the right balance between your head, neck, and spine. That means that you’ll need to choose your pillow as carefully as possible to boost your chances of a good sleeping posture. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the best pillow for stomach sleepers UK market has to offer.

How We Compared Front Sleeper Pillows

front sleeper pillows collage

To find the right front sleeper pillows we considered multiple factors including:

  • Low loft
  • Comfort
  • Plenty of support
  • Adjustable stuffing
  • Flat contours for head

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Pillow for Front Sleepers Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Adam Home Anti-Allergy Quilted (Editor’s Choice)

Adam Home Anti-Allergy QuiltedIf you want a comfortable and stylish pillow for front-facing sleep, the Adam Home Pillows are a great choice. These deep pillows have durable stitching, are filled with premium padding, and should give you a comfortable night’s sleep.

These pillows are quilted and have a neatly stitched pillow case that is durable and breathable. With an overall size of 74 x 48cm, these deep pillows should provide support where you need it and allow you to comfortably sleep on your front.

The material is antibacterial, and also resistant to dust mites. Inside, the pillows are packed with premium hollow fibre. This is versatile and provides excellent padding for a comfortable sleep. You should also easily be able to fluff the pillows to retain their shape.

The hollow fibre also promotes air ventilation, which helps reduce sweat and humidity. It should also help prevent the build-up of any unpleasant smells. These pillows are available in pack sizes of 1, 2, or 4.
Whilst this is a great pillow for front sleepers, it could still have some issues. Firstly, some people could find that these pillows are incredibly deep. Also, as a result, be sure to check your pillowcase sizes carefully. They may not fit inside some standard pillowcase sizes.


  • Soft and plush quilted case
  • Has 3D hollow fibre plus filling which offers great comfort
  • Resistant to bacteria with hypoallergenic materials
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Simple but stylish design suitable for any bedroom


  • Some people may find that these pillows are too deep
  • You may find that the pillow goes flat over time and two are needed
  • May be too large for standard pillowcase sizes

2. Panda Luxury Memory Foam (Best Hypoallergenic)

Panda LuxurySometimes, the best product for you is something that’s both incredibly comfortable and suitable to your unique budget.

For instance, the Panda Luxury Memory Foam pillow is a state-of-the-art product made out of luxurious bamboo materials. The triple-layer moulded memory foam ensures you get a higher level of comfort and support than most pillows. There’s even a hypoallergenic pillowcase included.

One particularly compelling feature of Panda Luxury is how good it is at regulating temperature. If you have a hard time keeping cool during the summer, you’ll love the way that this pillow adjusts to your temperature to keep you feeling fresh. What’s more, it offers a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind.

On the downside, it’s worth noting that the memory foam smell that comes with this pillow is really significant at first. Hence, you’re going to need to give it plenty of time to air out. Additionally, this cushion is a lot firmer than most solutions on the market.


  • Environment-friendly bamboo design
  • Triple-layer foam for better comfort
  • Temperature regulating technology
  • Hypoallergenic cover included
  • 10-year guarantee


  • Terrible off-gassing smell
  • Very firm design

3. ZenPur Memory Foam (Best with Organic Case)

ZenPur Memory FoamIf you prefer a memory foam pillow, the ZenPur is a great option for front sleepers. The foam gives you neck and head support where needed, and the antimicrobial material means that the pillows are resistant to harmful bacteria.

These pillows have an ideal size that should fit the contours of your body and provide great support. This is enhanced by the inner foam structure. It is made from 100% high-density memory foam that is firm but breathable. The fabric is also machine washable, and antimicrobial.

We also like that the pillows come with a stylish bamboo cover that is hypoallergenic. For front sleepers, the memory foam should provide the support you need, whilst keeping your head, neck, and shoulders regulated in terms of temperature.

Lastly, these pillows are made without any environmentally harmful materials and are certified by Oeko-Tek.
Although this is a great pillow, it could have some small issues. Firstly, you may notice a strange smell initially that takes some time to disappear. Also, you could find that the outer pillow casing rips over time after repeated use.


  • Comfortable memory foam that will provide effective support where needed
  • Naturally antimicrobial and resistant to mould, and dust mites
  • Produced without any environmentally harmful substances
  • Comes with a bio bamboo cover that soothes your skin
  • The thermo-elastic memory foam is incredibly comfortable


  • You may notice a strange smell initially
  • May not be as dense as you would expect
  • You could find that the outer casing eventually rips

4. NOFFA Orthopedic (Best Low Profile)

NOFFA OrthopedicOften, sleeping on your stomach or back need a relatively low-profile fill on their cushion to ensure that they don’t end up with back or neck pain during the night.

This NOFFA Orthopedic pillow serves that need perfectly with a soft yet supportive cushion made from a special foam.

Complete with a removable and machine washable cover, the NOFFA pillow is meant to be thin with a unique design to appeal to teenagers and people who sleep on their stomachs. Unlike memory foam, this upgraded version will not harden during cold months. It will remain soft, bouncy, and breathable.

However, just note that it may arrive with a fresh foam odour so you’ll have to air it out for 5 days after unboxing. Also, the pillow is delivered rolled in a box and may take around 48 hours to revert to its original form. Take note, too, that the pillow core is non-washable.


  • Designed for stomach sleeping
  • Made from a more breathable special foam
  • Does not harden in a cold climate
  • Soft and bouncy


  • Needs to be ventilated for a few days
  • Pillow core may not be washable

5. Supportiback Comfort Therapy (Best Value)

Supportiback®-Comfort-TherapyExcellent for those who don’t have a lot of extra money to spend, the Supportiback comfort therapy cushions come with crunchable and adjustable comfort support.

The shredded memory foam interior means that you get plenty of spine alignment benefits, but you’re also not stuck with an immovable or stiff pillow.

The unique design of this cushion means that you should be able to sleep sweat-free. While most memory foam pillows absorb heat, the shredded interior allows for a much better level of ventilation and airflow than usual. There’s no need to flip the pillow to keep it cool. Additionally, the Supportiback team provide a free eBook and a 100-day happiness money-back guarantee. That means if you don’t love your pillow, you can simply send it back. Just keep in mind that it’s not ideal for those who sleep on their side, and it smells a little when you first get it.


  • Mouldable shredded viscoelastic material
  • Stay cool and comfy with better airflow
  • Custom support throughout
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Free eBook


  • Too firm for some
  • Unpleasant off-gassing smell

6. Time2Sleep Ergonomic Gel (Best Cooling Feature)

Time2Sleep ErgonomicIs there anything better than flipping your cushion on a hot night so you can get the “cold side” pressed against your face? With the Time2Sleep ergonomic pillow, you can enjoy sleeping on your stomach all throughout, without flipping at all.

This impressive cushion comes with a pioneering gel infusion technology that helps to stop your memory foam from getting warm during the night. The gel technology keeps you comfortable by regulating your temperature and reducing the risk of overheating.

Aside from the gel infusion technology, the Time2Sleep stomach sleeper pillow also comes with curved ergonomic edges that reduce rotation in the head and neck for better breathing quality. There’s also a removable cover made out of a combination of bamboo and other materials, which helps to wick away sweat and keep your bed fresh. The only real issue you’ll have with this pillow is that it’s very flat. You might need double cushions if you’re used to higher pillows.


  • Memory foam spinal support
  • Evenly cradles your neck and head while you sleep
  • Great for stomach sleeping
  • Removable cover included
  • Gel infusion to keep you cool during sleep


  • Very flat cushion so you may need more than one
  • Has a slight memory foam smell at first

7. PureComfort (Best with Adjustable Loft)

PureComfortThe PureComfort pillow is advertised as the internet’s most comfortable cushion – which is quite a big claim.

The curved design is intended specifically to provide better alignment between your neck and spine, so you can achieve a deeper level of sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested. Additionally, the pillow comes with an adjustable loft. This, too, has a proprietary mix of shredded memory foam that you can add and remove to suit your needs.

Designed to be both cool and soft, this fantastic stomach sleeper pillow comes with excellent built-in air ventilation to keep you cool throughout your sleep. The materials are also dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic to keep even the most sensitive of stomach sleepers happy. What’s more, there’s a five-year guarantee. The only issue – it needs re-fluffing quite regularly.


  • Unique and impressive curved design
  • Excellent fully adjustable loft
  • Cool and soft with Tencel cover construction
  • Excellent ventilation with hypoallergenic materials
  • 5-year guarantee


  • Requires regular re-fluffing
  • May not fit well in a standard case

8. UUQ Contour Orthopedic (Best with Center Cavity)

UUQ Contour OrthopedicThe UUQ Contour Orthopaedic is another fantastic option for stomach sleepers on our list. This cervical pillow is specifically designed for people who suffer from back and neck pain but we think it works really well for front sleepers, too.

This pillow consists of a solid piece of memory foam cut into an ergonomic shape to cradle your head, neck, and shoulders. It has varying firmness levels across the surface with a denser foam core to provide you with responsive support in all sleeping positions. The shape of the pillow was designed to relieve pressure and promote proper spinal alignment. And we think you’ll agree, it does the job nicely.

The UUQ Contour Orthopaedic pillow has a double pillowcase design in order to help keep it fresh, and clean for as long as possible. Both of the pillowcases are removable and machine washable as well.

While we really like this option, it may be too firm for some sleepers and it is not ideal if you prefer a more malleable pillow. In addition, it may need to air out for a few days to completely dissipate the new foam smell.


  • Varying firmness levels across the pillow surface
  • Ergonomic cervical pillow design
  • Two machine-washable pillowcases
  • Good for all sleeping positions
  • Promotes proper spinal alignment


  • Could be too firm for some sleepers
  • Might not be ideal if you prefer a more malleable pillow
  • May need to air out for a few days upon arrival

9. DOSLEEPS 2 Pocket Spring (Best Firm)

DOSLEEPSWhen most people hear the words “pocket springs,” they’ll think of a mattress. However, the DoSleeps 2 pocket spring pillows are a unique way to improve the level of comfort and support you get around your neck and spine if you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.

These cushions come with a unique Tencel cover to absorb moisture and get rid of excess heat while you slumber. Additionally, the spring pillow ensures that it continues to bounce back no matter how long you use it for.

Great for back, neck pain, and other sources of discomfort, the DOSLEEPS pillows are allergy-free and come with absolutely no toxic ingredients used throughout them at all. The cushions are also standard size, which means they fit into any pillowcase.


  • Spring pillow design
  • Tencel cover to absorb sweat
  • Excellent bounce-back performance
  • Allergy-free with no toxic materials
  • Fits any pillowcase


  • Too firm for some
  • Not as fluffy as in the picture
  • Needs airing thoroughly before use

10. Mallow Shredded Memory Foam (Best Orthopaedic)

Luxury Shredded Memory FoamIf you’re looking for the best pillow for stomach sleepers, but you also need something that’s going to give you all the benefits of an orthopaedic accessory, then you can’t go wrong with this luxury shredded viscoelastic cushion.

Designed by the people at Mallow Sleep, these cushions are fully hypoallergenic and odourless. They also come with the benefit of having a 100% natural bamboo covering that exudes a unique cooling effect.

With a memory foam pillow like this, you can make sure that you wake up feeling energized and healthy every day, with no aches and pains to bother you in your neck or back. Additionally, there’s a 100-night warranty included with these cushions, so you can test them out and make sure you’re fully happy before you commit.

What’s more, Mallows also comes with a zero-pressure blackout eye mask to help you enjoy a great night’s sleep. According to some reviews, you may need to remove some of the fillings to make it soft enough. However, other reviews felt it was too soft already.


  • Relieve the pressure on back and neck
  • Odourless and hypoallergenic
  • Great at preventing dust mites
  • Excellent 100% organic cover
  • 100-day guarantee


  • May need to remove some stuffing
  • May be too soft for some

Picking the Right Cushion for Tummy Snoozers

a young woman sleeps soundlyExcellent sleeping positions are crucial to sleeping soundly at night. To achieve the right sleeping position, you need to ensure that your neck and spine are correctly aligned when you’re snoozing. The more twisted your spine is, the more uncomfortable you’re likely to be. That’s where the perfect pillow for stomach sleepers comes in.

While some people claim that it’s unhealthy to sleep on your stomach, it can’t always be helped if that’s the way that you best drift off to sleep. The best thing you can do to protect yourself from any aches or neck pain is to make sure that you have a pillow that matches your stomach sleeping habit.

As a stomach sleeper, you’ll need either a very soft pillow that allows you to keep your head low to the bed. High-loft pillows will raise your neck too far and make you uncomfortable. You may also find that a pillow under your pelvis or stomach will help to prevent additional pain while you sleep.

Look for something with:

  • Low loft
  • Plenty of support
  • Adjustable stuffing
  • Flat contours for your head

And remember, it may take some time and experimentation before you find the perfect cushion.

Choosing Your Ideal Pillow

While there’s no one-size-fits-all front sleeper pillow solution for finding the best pillow for stomach sleepers, reading the reviews of other customers can make it much easier for you to track down the cushion that will give you the best rest.

Any one of the 10 pillows listed above would make good options for front sleepers. However, our top pick is the Adam Home Anti-Allergy Quilted Pillows. These pillows look great and are stylish – they could easily fit with any bedroom décor. Also, the premium hollow-fibre filling means that the pillows are comfortable – regardless of how you sleep. The breathable fabric and durable stitching also make these pillows long-lasting.

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