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Best Halogen Ovens of 2023

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Top 10 Best Halogen Ovens

  1. Andrew James Premium 1400W (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Cooks Professional 1300W Air Fryer (Luxury Choice)
  3. Emperial Premium 17L (Best Value)
  4. Tower T14001 (Best with Extender Ring)
  5. Daewoo SDA1032 Deluxe (Best Self-Cleaning)
  6. SQ Professional Blitz (Best with Accessories)
  7. Schallen 17L 2-in-1 Deluxe
  8. FiNeWaY Electric 17L Air Fryer
  9. Quest 43890
  10. LIVIVO 1400W

Versatile and energy efficient are terms that best describe halogen ovens. From roasting to steaming and baking, the best halogen oven is equipped to quickly cook different meals compared to traditional ovens.

However, shopping for a decent halogen oven can be quite challenging since there is a wide variety of halogen ovens available on the market. But, if you’re looking to replace your old halogen oven or it’s your first time purchasing one, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will be reviewing the top ten halogen ovens the UK stores have to offer!

How We Compared Halogen Ovens

To find the best halogen ovens, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Controls
  • Cord Length
  • Extension rings
  • Number of trays
  • Functions
  • Power

Our editorial team examined and analysed hundreds of appliances to select the best options suitable for all kinds of needs. After planning comparison points and evaluating customer reviews, we compiled the following list.

Have a look here to find out more about our process.

Halogen Oven Reviews

Andrew James Premium 1400W (Editor’s Choice)

Are you looking for a quick way of preparing perfectly cooked food without compromising its taste and flavour? If yes, the Andrew James Premium halogen oven should be your go-to option. With an elegant black and glass finish, this halogen cooker will complement any kitchen it sits in.

With an overall cooking capacity of 12L, this premium halogen oven comes with an extender ring that can increase its capacity to 17 litres. Moreover, it comes with variable temperature control to heat it to 250 degrees. Its adjustable 60-minute timer function also notifies you once the cooking process has elapsed.

Did we mention that it’s equipped with 1400W of power that ensures less cooking time in an energy-efficient manner? It comes with a two-year warranty, too.

That said, it’s worth noting that this halogen cooking pot also includes additional accessories that make cooking a breeze. The set comes with a replacement halogen bulb, high grill rack, low grill rack, baking tray, steamer tray, tongs and four metal skewers.

Despite being one of the best halogen ovens, the Andrew James Premium may fall short when it comes to durability. Plus, the non-stick coating on the accessories may flake off with regular use.


  • It comes with two spare halogen bulbs
  • Cooks 40% faster compared to a traditional oven
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Equipped with a lid holder
  • It can be used to steam vegetables


  • The dials may be hard to read
  • It may get faulty after some time
  • The non-stick coating on the accessories may flake off

Cooks Professional 1300W Air Fryer (Luxury Choice)

The Cooks Professional Air Fryer takes a top spot on the list of the best digital halogen ovens on the market.

Built with functionality in mind, this digital halogen oven comes in an innovative design paired with six presets that allow you to bake, stir fry, roast, bbq and grill.

So if you’re looking for a healthy way of preparing food with little or no oil, then the Cooks Professional Air Fryer is an excellent choice.

With an overall capacity of 10L, this small halogen oven boasts an easy-to-use digital control panel. It hosts the timer, adjustable temperature control function, and the six presets.

Moreover, the Cooks Professional Air Fryer digital halogen oven is equipped with a double cell construction that ensures it’s cool to touch even while still holding hot food. This halogen cooker also packs a set of accessories that are not limited to tongs, grilling rack, fryer basket and rotisserie forks/skewer.

On the flip side, novice users may not sit well with this halogen oven since the instruction booklet tends to be quite vague. And some may also find its overall capacity to be relatively small.


  • The digital control panel is easy to use
  • It comes with six cooking modes
  • Variable temperature control
  • Equipped with a 60-minute timer
  • Compact, with a 10L capacity


  • It may be too small for large households
  • The non-stick cooking bowl may be prone to stuck-on messes
  • The customer service level could be improved

Emperial Premium 17L (Best Value)

Next on our halogen oven reviews is the Emperial Premium black halogen oven with an air fryer. This unit from the Emperial family is one of our favourite halogen ovens for batch cooking.

With a medium 12-litre capacity, this halogen oven runs on 1400 watts of power, making it three times more powerful than a traditional oven. To help you maximise the internal space of the cooking bowl, this model comes with an extender ring, giving it an overall capacity of 17 litres. Additionally, upper and lower racks are included for multi-level cooking.

Moreover, this halogen oven cooking unit has a top stand that elevates the glass bowl. It prevents burns on your kitchen countertops and tabletops – considering its cooking temperatures range from 125 – 250 degrees Celcius.

The Emperial Premium 17L halogen oven is also equipped with easy to use analogue control dials with variable temperature and timer options.

It also has a thaw function plus a self-clean feature that makes cleaning a breeze. Note that a pair of tongs, an extender ring, and a mesh frying tray are also included in the purchase.

On the other hand, this halogen oven may not withstand the test of time, and some users may not sit well with the unhinged lid.


  • Variable temperature control from 125°C to 250°C
  • It has a self-cleaning turbo wash function
  • The glass cooking bowl has a 12-litre capacity
  • It’s energy-efficient
  • It comes with an extender ring, mesh tray and tongs


  • The lid may not be hinged
  • Some may find it to be less durable
  • Novice users may find the instruction booklet to be vague

Tower T14001 (Best with Extender Ring)

Making healthy food and reducing your environmental impact shouldn’t mean giving up on flavour! But sadly, even when you try to cook healthy, low-calorie foods that taste great, it often lacks one or the other.

Either you don’t get the satisfying flavour you crave, or the food lacks nutrients, this can be incredibly discouraging for those committed to a healthy lifestyle but who still want to enjoy hearty meals from time to time.

But there’s no need to sacrifice flavour thanks to the Tower T14001 halogen oven. This halogen oven cooker combines the power of halogen, convection and infrared technology for triple cooking power! Plus, it can cook food up to three times faster than a normal conventional oven. 

Add more variety to your mealtimes by using the functions of fry, roast, grill, and bake functions. This versatile appliance also comes with accessories that include high and low racks, two mesh trays, lid rest, tongs and an oil spray bottle.

On the other hand, the Tower T14001 may not sit well with some users since its heating element may be prone to rust, and the glass bowl might be inclined to breakage.


  • It comes with multiple cooking functions
  • This halogen cooker is energy efficient
  • 12-litre capacity, plus a 5-litre extender ring
  • The removable cooking bowl is easy to clean
  • A recipe booklet is included in the purchase


  • The heating element may be prone to rust
  • Some users may find the glass bowl to be quite fragile
  • The halogen bulb may be too bright for some users

Daewoo SDA1032 Deluxe (Best Self-Cleaning)

Looking for the best halogen oven with a self-cleaning function? If yes, then the Daewoo SDA1032 Deluxe is an outstanding option. With a generous capacity of 17L, this halogen oven is ideal for creating meals that serve approximately six people.

This halogen oven from the Daewoo brand boasts 1300 watts of power that can be used to cook food fast and efficiently with little to no oil. And its clever air circulating technology distributes heat evenly, allowing you to serve a plate of perfectly cooked food.

Did you know that it also has a variable temperature range between 125-250 degrees, giving you the flexibility to cook different meals?

Moreover, the Daewoo SDA1032 Deluxe is ideal for busy households, thanks to its built-in 60-minute timer. And if you’re a novice user, this cooking unit comes with a handy recipe book with different cooking times and guidelines.

In addition, this halogen oven includes a plethora of accessories such as an extender ring, two mesh trays, tongs, a lid stand, and an oil bottle as standard. Cleaning the unit is child’s play once you’re done with your meal, thanks to its self-cleaning function.

Despite being equipped with awesome features, this halogen oven falls short when it comes to longevity. Plus, some users may find the lid holder to be quite fiddly.


  • Energy efficient
  • Equipped with a variable timer
  • Has an adjustable temperature control function
  • Easy to clean thanks to the self-cleaning function
  • It comes with a lid stand


  • Some users may find the lid stand to be quite flimsy
  • It might not be suitable for slow cooking
  • Some users may find it to be less durable

SQ Professional Blitz (Best with Accessories)

Looking for a great alternative way of cooking that doesn’t include the microwave oven? If yes, then the SQ Professional Blitz is an amazing choice. Built with practicality in mind, this halogen oven boasts energy-efficient ways of cooking various recipes.

This halogen oven comes with a 12-litre capacity that can be extended up to 17L thanks to its extender ring. With 1400 watts of power, this unit eliminates preheating the cooking appliance before use. Also, it allows you to cook frozen food.

Control-wise, this halogen air fryer oven comes with simple control dials that allow one to adjust the temperature and timer while cooking. Moreover, it has a protective basket that helps prevent accidental burns, a two-way food rack, a steamer plate and tongs.

On the flip side, the SQ Professional Blitz halogen air fryer oven falls short when it comes to the longevity of the halogen lamp. And some users may find its thermostat to be somehow inaccurate.


  • It comes with a protective basket and steamer
  • Has a rapid cooking process
  • An extender ring is included in the purchase
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 40% faster compared to a conventional oven


  • The thermostat on this halogen oven may be inaccurate
  • The halogen bulb may not withstand the test of time
  •  It might be pretty bulky for some users

Schallen 17L 2-in-1 Deluxe

The Schallen 2 in 1 Deluxe takes 7th place in our halogen cooker reviews. With an overall capacity of 17 litres, this halogen oven is ideal for batch cooking and large households.

The Schallen Deluxe halogen oven comes with many accessories that make cooking with this unit a breeze. It also features a variable temperature dial, a 60-minute timer and an extender ring that gives you extra room when preparing bulkier recipes.

Safety-wise, this halogen oven benefits from an auto-shutoff function that turns off the appliance when the lid handle is lifted. Moreover, this unit comes with a high minimum temperature of 125 degrees.

On the flip side, some users may find the minimum temperature of this halogen oven to be relatively high. And it may not sit well with compact kitchen spaces thanks to its spacious footprint and bulky nature.


  • Comes with mesh tray, high and low racks
  • It has a carbon heating bulb
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Equipped with a safety shut off function


  • It may not be ideal for kitchens with limited space
  • The temperature settings may not be ideal for some recipes
  • Some users may find this large halogen oven to be quite bulky

FiNeWaY Electric 17L Air Fryer

Unlike traditional ovens, air fryer halogen ovens can provide crispy outsides and moist insides with minimum oil and calories. Best of all, it works on various foods – whether you want to cook chips or bake apples.

The beauty of the halogen air fryer is that it provides a delicious oven-baked taste with the convenience of microwave cooking. Plus, because there’s less oil and butter used when cooking, it eliminates flare-ups that can burn food.

The FiNeWaY Electric halogen air fryer delivers a powerful 1400W output for fast and efficient cooking, while the air circulating technology allows for little or no oil to be used. Just put in your favourite food, adjust the temperature between 125° – 250°then turn on the power and sit back as the device does all the work.

Cleaning it is also a hassle-free task thanks to its self-clean function. Add about two inches of water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid, then activate the function. Your halogen oven will be as good as new in about 10-15 minutes.

With that in mind, note that this halogen oven may be less durable than other options. And some users may prefer a digital user interface instead of dial controls.


  • It comes with an adjustable temperature dial
  • It can be used to air fry, stir fry and keep food warm
  • Boasts of a fast and efficient cooking process
  • An extender ring, air fryer stand, tongs, low and high racks are included
  • It comes with a 60-minute timer


  • It might become faulty after some time of use
  • The cooking bowl may shatter under intense heat
  • The dial controls may not sit with some users

Quest 43890

Most halogen ovens provide a fantastic way of cooking healthier dishes that are not limited to satisfying one’s taste buds. And the Quest 43890 is no exception. Compact enough to fit in large and small kitchen spaces, this halogen oven boasts functionality and versatility.

Powered by 1400 watts of power, this halogen oven combines halogen, convection and infrared light to cook food in the shortest time possible. And its triple heating technology allows one to conserve power since it doesn’t require preheating like most conventional ovens.

The Quest 43890 halogen oven features a glass bowl with a 12-litre capacity, lid handle with safety on and off function, 60-minute timer, self-cleaning mode and non-slip feet. Accessories wise, this halogen cooker comes with a set of tongs and low and high racks.

With that in mind, note that this halogen oven may not be great for beginners since the instruction booklet is a bit vague. You may also be required to purchase an extender ring separately.


  • It comes with variable temperature control
  • It can be used for infrared, convection and halogen cooking
  • High and low racks are included
  • 12L capacity
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Beginners may find the instruction manual to be quite vague
  • An extender ring may not be included in the purchase
  • The glass bowl may not withstand intense heating


The last option of our halogen oven reviews is this model by LIVIVO. Large halogen ovens sit well with large families and batch cooking, and the LIVIVO Halogen Oven Cooker makes an excellent pick.

With an overall 17-litre capacity, this halogen cooker boasts high cooking power thanks to its halogen bulb. This works in tandem with the hot air circulating during the cooking process.

Built with functionality in mind, this halogen oven boasts a digital timer and temperature dial that allow one to make fine adjustments for precise cooking.

That said, it’s worth mentioning that the LIVIVO Halogen cooker comes with a wide range of cooking functions that include thawing, roasting, baking and broiling.

On the other hand, cleaning it is a walk in the park, thanks to its self-clean function, which gets the job done with minimal effort.

Accessories-wise, this halogen oven comes with a high and low rack, tongs, an air fryer stand, and an extender ring. So if you’re looking for the best halogen oven that doesn’t compromise on functionality and practicality, then the LIVIVO Halogen Oven Cooker is a fantastic option.


  • Ideal for preparing large batches of food
  • It has an overall capacity of 17L and an extender ring
  • It comes with a 60-minute timer
  • Easy to use analogue control
  • It comes with both high and low racks


  • This halogen oven may not withstand the test of time
  • Some users tend to find it quite noisy
  • The lid might not be hinged

What’s a Halogen Oven?

A halogen oven is an alternative type of stove or oven that uses less energy and gas than regular cooking. Unlike traditional ovens or microwaves, halogen ovens use a halogen lamp combined with other heat sources for heating.

This process allows for faster cooking times and makes using a halogen oven more efficient than using a conventional one. The best part is that you can do just about anything with your halogen oven that you would otherwise be able to do on your regular stove! 

What to Consider When Buying a Halogen Oven

Here are some of the essential factors you should consider when selecting your preferred halogen oven.


pork bbq

When choosing the best halogen oven that suits your cooking preference and needs, it’s always essential to consider the number of functions it comes with.

These functions tend to determine the versatility of different units. Most halogen ovens come with roasting, grilling, frying, warming, and steaming. 

Moreover, it’s always wise to consider if your preferred unit features variable temperature control and a timer function, whether you prefer a halogen oven with an analogue or digital control panel. Also, note that most halogen ovens come with a temperature range up to 250 degrees and a 60-minute timer.

Safety Features

It should come as no surprise that safety features are imperative when purchasing kitchen appliances. When it comes to halogen ovens, they’re generally easier on the eye with smoother cooking surfaces and higher power levels – which spells more extraordinary safety measures.

For example, a good auto shut off system is essential so there won’t be any accidents when you decide to step away for just a few minutes.

Other things worth considering include overheating protection systems and an auto-off timer which kicks in once the cooking time has been completed.


Power is another essential factor you should always consider when selecting a halogen oven. It’s worth mentioning that the halogen’s power determines typically how fast the appliance can cook.

With that in mind, note that halogen ovens tend to have a power wattage of around 1200-1400 watts. On the flip side, if you’re looking for an energy-efficient appliance, you should settle on one that has less power output.


An extension ring is an accessory that helps expand the overall capacity of the glass bowl of a halogen oven. Bear in mind that several halogen ovens have an expandable ability while others don’t.

However, when shopping for a halogen oven, it’s always important to consider if you want a unit with a fixed capacity or an expandable one.

If you’re to settle for one that the capacity can be expanded, always ensure to go for a unit that comes with the extension ring.

Moreover, note that most extension rings only add 5 litres to the overall capacity of the halogen oven. For example, if your unit comes with a 12-litre capacity, the extension ring typically comes with a 5-litre capacity, giving you 17L of cooking space.

Number of Trays

When purchasing your ideal halogen oven, it’s always wise to consider the number of cooking trays it comes with. Trays on a halogen oven help cook food at multiple levels ensuring that no foods are over or undercooked. Moreover, its worth mentioning that halogen ovens come with a minimum of two baking or steaming trays.

Cord Length

Another important feature to consider when selecting your preferred halogen oven is the cord length. Keep in mind that some halogen ovens come with a short cord while others have an extra-long one.

However, note that you should always choose a unit with a lengthy cord depending on how you use your halogen oven. Always ensure that you go for a unit with approximately two metres or more cord length to avoid limitations when using the halogen oven.


Halogen ovens are known for being multifunctional, making it possible to do more than just cook food — they can also grill pizza and other types of baked goods.

And while many features set a halogen oven apart from its regular kitchen counterpart, one of the most significant things to consider when buying one is the type of accessories included. Some of the most basic ones include racks that help maximise usage inside the oven and let you cook in larger quantities at once.

Size and Capacity

slices of meat

A halogen oven cooker’s overall size and capacity is another essential feature that you should factor in when selecting the unit that will sit well with your cooking needs. Keep in mind that large halogen cookers are ideal for large families and batch cooking.

That said, note that the capacity of halogen ovens ranges from 12 litres to 17 litres. And other ovens tend to have an adjustable capacity thanks to an extender ring.

Hinged Lid

Although power and capacity are great features to look for when purchasing a halogen oven, make sure the cover is hinged. This makes it easier for those who have trouble holding heavy items with ease or those who find it challenging to use their hands after prolonged use.

The lid getting hot isn’t much of an issue if the cover is mounted on hinges since this will provide protection against burnt hands due to its cool to the touch surface.

Ease of Cleaning

How easy it is to clean an appliance can impact your decision to use it or not — after all, who wants appliances that are difficult to maintain? Our selection offers halogen ovens for those who care about keeping their kitchen sparkling and free from dirt.

All models on our list come with removable cooking bowls and hinged lids, which will leave you frustrated with difficulty when trying to clean the unit, but don’t worry! One of the great features of most halogen cookers is that they come equipped with a self-cleaning function which will make all the difference in maintaining its sleek exterior.

What’s the Difference Between a Halogen Oven and an Air Fryer?

The key difference between a halogen oven and an air fryer is their heating method. A halogen oven uses infrared heat, which cooks your food with light. On the other hand, an air fryer uses hot air circulated by a fan rather than light. 

The main purpose of both appliances is to cook with little to no oil, giving your food that delicious fried taste without the extra calories and fat. Finally, unlike most traditional ovens that come in only one size, small and large options are available for both types of appliances. 

For a Healthy Diet

There you have it, our top choices for the best halogen oven in the UK. If we have to pick an overall winner from our halogen cooker reviews above, we will settle for our Editor’s choice, the Andrew James Premium halogen oven.

With an overall cooking capacity of 12L, this halogen oven comes with an extender ring that increases its capacity to 17L. Its equipped with variable temperature control up to 250 degrees. An adjustable 60-minute timer function notifies you once the cooking process has elapsed.

That said, it’s worth mentioning that this halogen cooking pot also comes with additional accessories that make cooking a breeze. These accessories include a replacement halogen bulb, high grill rack, low grill rack, baking tray, steamer tray, tongs and four metal skewers.

What’s more, this Andrew James halogen oven offers a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

What do you think about our Editor’s choice? Share your thought below!

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