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Best Heater for Conservatory Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: De’Longhi Dragon 4
Best Small: Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic
Luxury Choice: Mylek Lumi 1.5KW

If you wish that you could comfortably use your conservatory all year round, then you might be on the hunt for the best heater for conservatory rooms and extensions.

A conservatory can be a wonderful addition to a family home. These spaces not only give you more room to spread out in your house, but they also provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy the views of the great outdoors and soak up the sunlight in summer. However, it’s fair to say that conservatories aren’t always as comfortable in the winter as they are during the summer months. When the temperatures drop, it’s easy for a conservatory to lose its appeal – particularly if you don’t have a source of reliable heating available.

While conservatory heating takes care of itself in the summer months, thanks to the glass soaking up the heat of the sun, it’s not so easy to stay cosy in winter. The good news is that the right conservatory wall heaters and portable radiators could ensure that you can make the most out of this room in all seasons. To help you choose the perfect heating solution, we’ve scoured through countless conservatory heater reviews to bring you our top choices.

Let’s take a look.

How We Compared Heaters for Conservatory

To find the right heaters for conservatory we considered multiple factors including:

  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Size and Shape
  • Safety
  • Intelligent Features
  • Energy Efficiency

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Heater for Conservatory Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. De’Longhi Dragon 4 (Editor’s Choice)


If you’re looking for the best way to heat a conservatory in winter, you’ll be drawn to technologies that are similar to the ones you use to keep the rest of your home warm and toasty. In this case, then you’re sure to appreciate this oil-filled heater from De’Longhi.

Featuring 2 KW of heat output and three heating settings to choose from, it delivers a blast of hot air into any small space, including your conservatory.

There’s a thermostat included to reduce the amount of time you waste on over-heating your rooms, and an anti-frost device in case you want to leave the machine in your conservatory throughout the winter and the temperatures drop to below zero. This heater even looks the part, with a sleek white finish that should fit well into any room. There’s also a mechanical timer included for when you want to set your heater going according to your schedule.

According to De’Longhi, Dragon 4 is excellent at heating the air in any room of your home much faster than the most traditional oil-filled radiator. The unique design of this machine means that you can get the perfect combination of convection and radiant heat in one package. The only major issue that most reviewers had with this radiator was the fact that it has an annoying clicking sound when it’s heating up or cooling down. This might not be a big problem during the day, but the clicking can keep you awake at night.



  • Excellent design for accelerate heating
  • 3 heating settings to choose from
  • Pre-assembled with wheels and carry handle for portability
  • Thermostat and anti-frost device included
  • Powerful performance


  • Annoying clicking sound keeps you up at night
  • Slight plastic smell after use

2. Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic (Best Small)

Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic

If you’ve got a tight budget to work with, you may be looking for a less expensive way to heat a conservatory without compromising on performance or heating results. This exceptional miniature fan heater from Pro Breeze is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a highly robust piece of technology.

The advanced ceramic heating elements in the system provide heating that’s more efficient and faster than standard heaters.

There are two power settings to choose from depending on the level of heat that you need. What’s more, you can set your adjustable thermostat to ensure that the heater stops producing heat after it reaches your ideal temperature. The ability to adjust the thermostat to your ideal temperature will help to cut down your heating bills.

One of the great things about this Pro Breeze heater is the fact that it’s small and lightweight enough to carry around your entire home. There’s even a carry handle to help you out. Importantly, it is built with an overheat and tip-over protection switch that automatically turns off the heater during unsafe conditions. Just keep in mind that it’s better for small spaces than larger rooms. You won’t get the same heat output you’d get from a full radiator, but it’s definitely enough to chase the chill away. Additionally, some of the conservatory heater reviews we read complained of annoying ticking noise.



  • Ceramic technology for faster, more efficient heating
  • 2 power setting and fan only mode
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Safety features built-in
  • Adjustable thermostat included


  • Not the most powerful heater on the market
  • Annoying ticking noise when in use

3. MYLEK Lumi 1.5 KW (Luxury Choice)


When it comes to choosing the best electric heater for conservatory spaces, you need something that’s going to deliver quick results, without compromising on energy efficiency. This fantastic product from MYLEK could be just what you’re looking for.

Energy-efficient for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on their energy bills, this is one of the best panel heaters on the market, offering quick and easy heating for any room in your home. The sleek aluminium design means that this machine will fit well into your conservatory, blending into the background, whether it’s free-standing or wall-mounted. The aluminium construction allows the system to heat up rapidly, so you can achieve your preferred temperature in record time. Additionally, the X-shaped heating elements mean that the system heats up quickly but cools down slowly, for maximum benefit in your cold conservatory.

If you don’t want to get up to adjust your heating settings, the Lumi also comes with a remote control so you can do everything from a distance. There’s also a programmable LCD where you can set your preferred hourly temperatures too. For peace of mind, there’s a child lock function included, making this one of the best heaters for conservatory spaces that are usually occupied by a family.

One point to keep in mind is that the settings can be quite challenging to figure out at first. You may also find that other remotes in your house interact with the heater display too.



  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Premium aluminium for conductivity
  • Wall-mounted or freestanding
  • Remote control available
  • Excellent customer service
  • Energy-saving with programmable features


  • All remotes interact with the display
  • Settings are difficult to use

4. Devola 1.5KW Panel (Best with Connectivity)


When it comes to choosing conservatory electric radiators, it’s essential to find a model that gives you as much control over your heating as possible. This fantastic product from Devola is excellent for those in search of a sleek and efficient way of keeping the conservatory warm.

You can directly mount the system on your wall or set it up on the floor as a free-standing panel heater. The integrated precision thermostat included with this product makes it easier to minimise your heating bills by choosing the temperature that’s right for you. The heater turns on or off automatically to maintain your chosen temperature.

What’s more, this state-of-the-art appliance is WiFi-compatible. Just use the app to conveniently control your heater from your smartphone. It’s Alexa and Google Home enabled, too. There’s also a 24-hour digital timer that allows you to set different heat setting at any time and day of the week.

Within the settings, you’ll find three heating options including other features such as child lock, overheat and anti-frost protection, and open window recognition. Additionally, there’s a 2-year guarantee included for optimal peace of mind. The biggest issue that reviewers had with this machine is that the WiFi does not automatically reconnect when you switch on the heater. You’ll have to set up the WiFi again to get it working. Also, some of the controls on the panel can be fiddly. Plus, other users have reported about annoying ticking noise heard when it’s turned on.



  • WiFi connectivity
  • 24-hour programmable digital timer
  • Excellent for reducing energy costs
  • Dual installation
  • Impressive safety features
  • 2-year warranty


  • Setting the WiFi connection can be fiddly
  • Controls on the panel may take sometime to figure out
  • May create some noise

5. Warme Designer (Best with Memory Feature)


If you have a small conservatory space, then the last thing you want is to take up all of that extra room with a portable heater. Fortunately, wall mounted electric heaters for conservatories, like this Warme designer model, can help to save you some extra floor space.

This generation 3 model from Warme is 100% energy efficient and recommended by Architecture Art Design magazine. Sleek and stylish, the Warme designer electric heater combines efficient heating with a fantastic modern design. What’s more, with a 2kw output, the heater can heat a 22-square-metre space in no time.

Thanks to the digital thermostat built into the radiator, you’ll have no trouble setting your heater to give you the best possible results in your conservatory. You’ll also be able to opt between an instant heat mode or set the system up to turn on automatically at certain times in your schedule. The device comes with built-in sensors to protect against overheating too.

Despite its sophisticated design, the Warme designer radiator is very easy to set up and start using. You can mount it on the wall in a matter of minutes using the wall bracket included in the packaging, although you will need to make sure that there’s plenty of space around the heater for the air to move freely. Reviewers noted that there’s a bit of noise from this machine when it’s heating up and cooling down, which might be a problem for some. Additionally, the digital display can be tricky to figure out at first.



  • Beautiful, stylish design
  • 100% energy-efficient design with a programmable thermostat
  • Easy to mount and switch on
  • Fills a room with heat very quickly
  • Schedule your heating times automatically


  • Settings are challenging to understand at first
  • Annoying ticking sound when heating and cooling down

6. Mylek Electric Panel (Best for Silent Heating)


One of the biggest issues that people have with portable and panel heating solutions is that while they offer a fantastic way to heat your conservatory, they can also be very noisy. Clicking and whirring sounds can detract from the relaxing moments you spend in your conservatory. The good news is that the MYLEK electric panel helps to eliminate this issue with its smooth and silent operation.

This intelligent panel heater with an LED display is easy to install and use thanks to its specially-designed wall bracket. What’s more, the precision room temperature sensor thermostat means that you can easily choose and maintain the ideal temperature for your room. The MYLEK panel is also fitted with an advanced heating element so you can be sure that this heater is saving you a fortune on your heating bills.

Within the crystal-clear LED display, you’ll find three heating mode options to choose from, including frost protection settings, eco mode, or comfort mode. Additionally, this panel heater is LOT 20 ERP compliant too. This small and stylish heater is excellent for tight spaces like a little conservatory, but it’s not ideal for bigger rooms. The instructions for setting the timer and programming your heater aren’t exactly easy to follow, either.



  • Energy-saving performance
  • 3 settings (modes) to choose from
  • Safe for use in any room
  • LOT 20 ERP compliant
  • Quiet operation


  • Not great for larger rooms
  • Instructions aren’t easy to follow

7. Purus 1500W Panel (Best Slimline)

Purus 1500W Panel

When it comes to slimline conservatory heaters that look and feel amazing, it’s hard to go wrong with this Purus Panel heater from the Purus brand.

These IP24 rated electric radiators are safe to use in any environment, from your bathroom to your conservatory, thanks to their durable splash-proof construction. Unlike other portable heaters that could cost you a fortune in energy bills, this particular radiator helps to reduce your energy costs, thanks to its integrated precision thermostat.

The thermostat in the Purus panel automatically switches the temperature off when you reach your set temperature, so you don’t over-use your heating. What’s more, the design of the radiator is simple enough to suit any household. All you need to do is plug it in, and you’re ready to go. There are even extra smart features included, like an open window detection capability and a child lock function.

If you want to keep your conservatory warm during specific parts of the day, you can make the most of the 24/7 digital timer on this slimline radiator too. There’s even the option to set up a full schedule of heating options for your entire week. What’s more, the Purus panel comes with a 2-year guarantee for extra peace of mind. One point to remember with this conservatory heater is that it is essential to read the instructions carefully, or you could end up with a mess on your hands.

Additionally, it takes a while to figure out how to set up your heater properly if you want to make the most of the timing programs.



  • Reduces energy costs with effective thermostat
  • Safe for use in any room of the house
  • 2-year guarantee included
  • 24/7 timer functionality included
  • Plug-and-play installation


  • Difficult to use program options
  • Must read instructions carefully
No products found.

8. Netta 1500W (Best Stylish)

Netta 1500W

Sometimes, the best way to heat a conservatory is also the most stylish option too. This modern and attractive panel heater from NETTA is made of glass so that it can blend seamlessly into the background of your conservatory.

Once you’ve mounted the system using the tools provided, all you need to do is plug it in and turn it on to start heating your rooms in no time. What’s more, the NETTA heater is safe to use in virtually any room of the home so that you might end up with more than one in your house!

With an ultra-slim design, it’s excellent for those compact conservatories that don’t have a lot of space to waste on heating elements. What’s more, there’s overheating protection built into the machine, to protect you from any dangerous operation. This outstanding electric heater is stylish, lightweight, and it’s also one of the most efficient options on the market, with an exceptional eco-friendly mode.

Unlike many other electric heaters on the market, this NETTA option is also very quiet when it’s heating up and cooling down, too, with no annoying clicking noises. Unfortunately, it can feel a little flimsy when you’re installing it, which might be worrying for some. Additionally, you might struggle to see the controls depending on where you position the heater in your conservatory.



  • Stylish glass design
  • Overheating protection included
  • Adjustable thermostat for energy efficient
  • Silent operation
  • Wall bracket included


  • Feels a bit flimsy
  • Instructions are difficult to follow
  • Hard to see the control panel from some locations

9. Mylek Electric Over Door (Best Compact)


Finally, if you don’t have a great deal of space to work within your conservatory, then why not make the most of the room available over your door? This compact MYLEK electric heater is ideal for tight spaces where there’s not a lot of space on the walls or floors.

The sleek and stylish product is great for blending into the décor within your conservatory, so you can enjoy the heat without taking up too much space. This MYLEK heater comes packed with plenty of useful features, including a remote control for ease of use, a choice of 2 heat settings, and an intelligent thermostat. You can set your preferred temperatures for 24 hours or 7 days at a time, depending on your preferences. There’s also a basic timer function, and programmable timer included or a fan only setting if you want to cool your conservatory during the summer months too.

Among the clever features included with this heater are things like open window detection and long-range remote control so that you can manage your heat from anywhere. There’s also an overheat protection feature included too. Just plug it in and start enjoying a high-quality heating performance in no time. This is an impressive above-door heater, but it’s worth noting that it won’t be as great at heating larger rooms.



  • Compact space-saving design
  • Various intelligent features included
  • Fan only option for cooling in summer
  • Excellent stylish design
  • Programmable thermostat


  • Best for small rooms
  • Needs better instructions

10. Futura Electric Panel (Best Intelligent)

Futura Electric panel

These days, all parts of the modern home are becoming increasingly more intelligent – including your radiators and heating elements. This IP24-rated radiator from Futura is one of the latest tools available to add to your smart home collection.

The device is a sleek and stylish panel that you can quickly and easily attach to your conservatory wall in a matter of minutes. Just plug in the device, and you’re ready to start heating your room instantly.

There’s a 2-year guarantee included for peace of mind, as well as a fully programmable digital panel where you can set up your weekly heating schedule to suit your individual needs. To ensure that you’re always getting the most efficient heating experience, it comes with automatic open window detection, to help it figure out how to heat without over-using your energy. If the system detects a sudden drop in temperature, it will switch off automatically to save on power.

The special smart features, as well as the programmable thermostat, meaning you can keep your electricity bills to a minimum with this excellent accessory. The Futura panel also comes with a child lock function, so curious hands can’t start the system running accidentally. Unfortunately, some reviewers said that this machine isn’t 100% accurate when it comes to using the thermostat. Additionally, mounting the system on your wall isn’t as easy as it could be.



  • IP24 rated construction safe for use in any room
  • Child lock function and auto-open window detection
  • Plug and play performance
  • Excellent programmable thermostat
  • Reduces energy costs


  • Not 100% accurate
  • Not very easy to mount on your wall
No products found. (also on Ebay)

How to Choose the Best Conservatory Heater


If you’ve put the time, effort, and money into building the perfect conservatory for your family, then the chances are that you’re going to want to use it throughout all months of the year- not just during the summer when it can heat itself.

Fortunately, the right heating device can help to make your conservatory a more dynamic and diverse space where you can get together with your family during any season. All you need to do is figure out the best way to heat your conservatory, preferably without spending a fortune.

These days, there are plenty of heating options, from Dimplex conservatory heaters, to panel radiators, and over-door heating devices. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the perfect option, but some of the factors that you may want to consider when choosing the best heater for conservatory include:

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to choose the perfect temperature for your conservatory and keep your room properly heated for as long as you like. This feature will also help to keep your heater as efficient as possible, by making sure that you don’t use it more than necessary.

Size and Shape

Most conservatories are relatively compact in size and shape, which means that you may need a heater that’s small and easy to mount on a wall to save space. Panel heaters and above-door heaters can be perfect for tight spaces.


Keeping yourself and your family safe is crucial, make sure that you don’t just choose the option that’s the cheapest way to heat your conservatory, but something safe too. Automatic overheating shut off features can give you great peace of mind.

Intelligent Features

Many of today’s best conservatory heating options come with intelligent capabilities like automatic open window detection, and schedule settings so you can set your heater to run at the right time every day of the week.

people entering a greenhouse

Energy Efficiency

When choosing a conservatory heater, or one for your greenhouse, it’s worth picking something that’s not going to cost you a fortune in heating bills. Eco-friendly modes and other smart features can make your heater more cost-effective in the long term.

Picking Your New Heater

When it comes to finding the best heater for conservatory spaces and small rooms, it’s important to consider your options carefully. There are a lot of different heaters out there to choose from, and some will be more attractive to you and your family than others.

Of all the conservatory heater reviews that we did for this article, we found that the De’Longhi Dragon 4 TRD40820T to be our top choice. It comes with a 24-hour mechanical timer and is equipped with an anti-frost function. We like its sleek white finish and that it has a heat output of 2kW with three heat settings. Furthermore, thanks to its carry handle and castor wheels, it’s easy to move it from room to room or in and out of storage.

Good luck finding the heater that helps you to make the most out of your conservatory.

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