How Does an Electric Lawnmower Work

How Does an Electric Lawnmower Work: A Guidance to Keep Your Garden Neat

Last Updated on February 24, 2023

Have you ever wondered how does an electric lawnmower work?

These days, the electric lawnmower is a pretty common appliance in many homes. They’re excellent for keeping your lawns looking neat and tidy, and most of these devices are also less expensive than gas mowers. Of course, to fully invest in a great electric lawnmower for your garden, you want to understand exactly how it functions.

If you’ve been wondering about electric lawnmowers for some time now, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the history of electric mowers, how they work, and what you need to know before you use one to cut your grass.

A Brief History of Electric Lawnmowers

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An electric lawnmower might seem like a relatively new invention, but lawnmowers in various sizes, shapes, and designs have been around for quite some time. The first mower for your home grass first appeared in 1830, but it was a lot less efficient than the devices we use today.

The lawnmowers available in the 1800s were entirely manual and required a lot of pushing back and forth to cut grass. Even if you could handle a rotary lawnmower from the 1800s, you might not be too impressed by the appearance of your garden afterwards. The grass clippings would often go everywhere, and it would be difficult to get every stray piece of grass.

It wasn’t until nearly 100 years later that the first gas mowers appeared in 1919. Electric mowers came after that in 1930. Electric lawnmowers promise to be the more energy-efficient, easier-to-use, and efficient solutions for keeping your gardens in great condition.

The electric lawnmower has a motor inside of it that attaches to a blade or rotary mower. The horizontal blade spins fast enough to cut the grass as it comes into contact. This blade sits in a deck casing, which keeps the grass and other objects flying in all directions when you hit it (making mowing neater). The deck will sometimes ride on four wheels, but there are hover mowers available too.

Some lawnmowers help to clean up the lawn as you mow, with a bag attached to the system that collects the cut grass. There are even huge lawnmowers that you can sit on and ride around the garden if your lawn is big enough.

Electric lawnmowers last a long time and take a lot less effort to use in various seasons of the year than gas lawnmowers. Today, there are even electric lawnmowers that you can use with batteries that recharge, rather than relying on extension lawn to cover the yard.

How Do You Power an Electric Mower?

Electric lawnmowers are more effective and simpler to use than manual mowers because they have a power source. An electric mower replaces the gas of a gas lawnmower with an electric charge. Unlike gas mowers, there’s no air pollution to worry about with your electric mower. However, this does sometimes mean that you won’t get as much power.

There are two kinds of electric lawnmowers that you can access today:

Corded Lawnmower

The first is a corded lawnmower. A corded electric mower is one of the more affordable products on the market. These allow you to mow your lawns with a connection to a standard plug outlet around your home. Homeowners can even use outdoor plugs or indoor outlets with extension cords.

Corded mowers aren’t as convenient as their cordless counterparts, but they’re often more affordable for people with smaller lawns.

Cordless Electric Lawnmower

a cordless electric lawnmower with a big storage

Cordless electric lawnmowers are a little more modern than corded options. Similar to gas lawnmowers, these can access power without being plugged into anything. The power source is the batteries within the electric mower. You will need to recharge the batteries in your cordless electric mowers regularly to ensure you can use them when you need to.

Cordless electric lawnmowers can vary in the amount of power they can give before you need to recharge the batteries. The more you spend on a high-quality model, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to cover a larger space without having to plug into the outlet electricity. Some types of cordless electric mowers also come with the option to use a spare battery or plug the system in when you run out of energy.

Although it can be exhausting to remember that you need to power the batteries up with a regular electricity source, cordless lawnmowers ensure that you can usually cover a larger garden with more range. You don’t need to purchase a range of extension cords. There are also cordless electric lawnmowers that you can power in part with solar power and robotic motors that automatically transform your gardens.

How Do Electric Lawnmowers Start?

Electric lawnmowers are often similar in style to the various types of gas mowers you can get from market leaders today. The functionality of your electric motor will depend on the model of the mowing machine you invest in. One of the major advantages to these types of lawnmowers (aside from reducing air pollution) is the easier starting experience.

Figuring out how to make the most of your gas mower can be tricky at first. The start-up process is often quite difficult for a gas mower, as it takes some elbow grease to get the motor up and running. Many common mowing devices come with a cord that you need to pull right for the start-up to happen as it should.

Electric lawnmowers start very easily. The cordless models usually just have a button that you press when you need to start mowing your grass. The bigger your garden and lawnmower, the more time it might take for the ignition process to finish.

If your mower has a power cord and a switch you can flip, it should work just like any other corded device. You can plug it into the outlet in your home and turn it on to get started. Most mowers will still have a button or handle you need to press before the blade starts rotating. It can help to improve blade safety.


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How Do You Use an Electric Lawnmower?

The exact functionality and controls of an electric lawnmower depend on the model. The basic lawnmower comes with a handlebar attached to it and a button or lever that you can press to turn the blade using the motor. The motor may also help to propel the mower forward, although you will often do most of the pushing yourself.

Aside from the lever that turns the mower on and pushes it forward, there are also:

  • Control levers: So you can choose how high you want your grass to be
  • Rear rollers: Helping to flatten longer grass, so you can get a better, more even cut
  • Safety switches: These are switchers that cut out electrical access when a problem occurs
  • The electric cord or batteries: These provide power to your electric mower

If you have the most common kind of electric mower for an average garden size, you’ll simply switch the supply of electricity on or press a button to tell the mower to start drawing energy from the battery. From there, you push the lawnmower over the grass you want to cut, and the motor will spin the blade to cut your lawns according to the height you set it at.

Aside from standard push mowers and rotary mowers, you can also find more advanced lawnmowers. These electric lawnmowers work in a slightly different way from the original mower. For instance, there are cordless mowers that are powered by AI and algorithms. These robot cordless mowers move around the garden according to a map made with software, cutting the lawn as they go.

You can also get larger electric mowers that you can ride on. Once again, these are usually cordless mowers, although they have much larger batteries than your standard cordless mowers. You can also get ride gas mowers, though they can produce more carbon monoxide, harming the environment.

Ride-on cordless electric mowers allow you to direct your mower around your garden with a wheel. There are various safety features included to keep homeowners safe here.

Are Electric Mowers Better Than Gas?

If you’re wondering how an electric lawnmower works, you may also be wondering whether they’re better than using a gas mower. An electric lawnmower is often a very efficient device. However, there’s no one right answer when it comes to choosing a mower for your garden.

Compared to their gas-powered counterparts, electric lawnmowers do provide a number of benefits. For instance, they usually require less maintenance and care than a standard gas mower. Your electric lawnmower also:

  • Causes less pollution: Because an electric lawnmower relies on batteries and electric energy rather than gas, you cause less noise pollution and air pollution. However, you will still be consuming some energy from power plants in the form of electricity.
  • Offers ease of use: Whether you’re using cordless mowers with batteries or a lawnmower with an outlet connection, the device will usually be easy to start and use. If you have a problem with your mower, you can usually fix it by changing the spark plugs or checking your electricity connection.
  • Don’t cost as much: Most electric lawnmowers won’t cost as much as a gas alternative. It is even true if you go for a battery-powered product. However, the bigger the battery and the mower, the more you are likely to pay. An electric mower might be the best type for you if you don’t want to spend much initially.

However, electric mowers have downsides too. Unless you use a battery-powered mower without a cord, then you’re going to have limited range. If you use batteries with your cordless electric lawnmower, you’ll also need to remember to plug your device in when it needs to stock up on extra energy. Recharging the battery can take some time and use a lot of electricity.


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Maintaining an Electric Lawnmower

One of the biggest benefits of using an electric lawnmower for your grass cutting needs is that people don’t have to spend as much time on maintenance. Your electric lawnmower maintenance needs are likely to be limited to things like making sure you keep the product safe and dry when you’re not using it.

Use the Manual or Instructions Provided

Remember to use the manual or instructions provided for information on things, such as how to change air filters or adjust the size of your grass when you’re trying to get the perfect cut. You may also need to check the information provided by the company to determine whether the mower’s blades need to be regularly oiled and sharpened. Most companies will have links on their website that can give you information on how to make the most of your lawn.

Check Your Electric Lawnmower Periodically

Keep an eye out for any loose screws and bolts that could indicate an impending problem with your lawnmower, and contact the right professional if you need assistance. There are experts out there who can provide specialist help with lawnmowers if you do notice a problem.

Use the Original Battery

If the battery on your lawnmowers dies, speak to the company about whether you can get a new one. Most lawnmowers have specific battery requirements, so you shouldn’t just try to power your lawnmower yourself with something that seems to fit.

Store Your Electric Lawnmower Indoors

Keep your electric lawnmower away from wet lawns, particularly when you’re using an extension cord and other electrical equipment. Above all else, remember that an electric lawnmower can suffer a lot from exposure to bad weather. You should always keep your lawnmowers locked away somewhere safe when it’s not cutting the lawn. Some people even purchase dedicated storage spaces and small-sized sheds to keep their lawnmowers in great condition.

Start Mowing the Grass

When you know how an electric lawn mower works, you will be calm and confident to use it or buy it for your garden. Plus, your garden will be kept neat and tidy and your investment will be worth it.

Do you know how does an electric lawnmower work? Do you have any tips for us? Please share and let us know in the comments.

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