How to build outdoor fire pits

How to Build Outdoor Fire Pits – 8 Awesome DIY Ideas

Last Updated on January 18, 2023

Would you like to know how to build outdoor fire pits? Perhaps you are wary of doing so due to the fear that building your own DIY fire pit will be difficult?

Well, in the next few minutes, we will not only provide you with several DIY fire pit ideas but also guide you through the key steps you should take to build your own fire pit at home effectively. Believe us when we say it should end up being easier than you think, resulting in you having your own individual nifty little fire pit.

Idea 1: The Concrete Block Fire Pit

The concept behind the concrete block fire pit is to make life as easy as possible. Concrete blocks are cheap to purchase, yet they are highly effective when building a DIY fire pit.


First, mark off the area where your fire pit will be located. You will also need to purchase a fire pit ring, which will be surrounded by your concrete blocks.

Large circle fireplace sorrounded by wooden chairs

Clear the ground of grass or anything flammable below where the ring will be situated. You then need to add the stone aggregate base to the floor of the pit after putting the ring in situ.

Your next step is to then create your wall around the fire pit using those concrete blocks. The actual fire will be held within the ring, but the blocks give an overall nice look to the fire pit area.

Idea 2: A Mini Tabletop Fire Pit

Having a ground fire pit is not for everyone, so if you want a small fire pit that is far more accessible, then having one on your table is a potential answer. For this, you do need a few items, but the finished look is stunning.


To begin, get a stone planter the size of the fire pit you wish to build. Also, have four pieces of glass that you will then put together with silicone to create a shield that should be the same size as the planter. Use silicone to secure the glass box onto the planter to hold it in place.

Using metal mesh, cut a piece to the size of the planter, and place it on top along with fire pit rocks. You will then put some gel fuel under the mesh and light it.

Idea 3: A Brick Fire Pit

A brick fire pit is one of those DIY fire pit ideas that anybody should be able to complete, even with limited DIY experience. If you prefer, you can use natural stone and make this a square or round fire pit. It is up to you.


The first step is to mark where the fire pit is going. Next, using cement, create the inner circle of the fire pit using some fire bricks. Build this wall several layers high, and make sure you add cement mortar in between the bricks or stones. You want it to be well mortared together before topping it with some natural stone or slates. This is more of an aesthetic thing to do, but the key is to make sure those bricks are solid together since that is where all of the action happens with the fire pit.

Idea 4: A Washing Machine Drum

Nearly every fire pit most people would consider building would be an in-ground fire pit, but that’s not your only option. Instead, you can build a fire pit using a washing machine drum!

Now, you may be wondering how to find a washing machine drum, so we recommend going to a place that sells second-hand goods. You should be able to extract the drum with ease, and the drum will then form the basis of your fire pit. Also, you may find them for sale on their own online, and they are certainly inexpensive.


The first thing to do is to check there are no plastic parts left in the drum. Remember, plastic is toxic, and you don’t want any of that included in your fire pit.

But here is the cool thing. One end of the drum, which is the part you see at the back when it’s still in your washing machine, is solid. That part is then going to form the base of your DIY fire pit.

All you need to do with this fire pit is to add your fireproof base inside, such as fire blocks, for example, and then start your fire. It’s a great way of using a part of an old washing machine, and it is also viewed as being one of the safest options out there. Also, you can add a metal grill on top of this old washing machine drum to then cook some food.

Idea 5: A Simple Circle

This idea is essential when dealing with DIY firepits, but it does require some simple skills to make sure the entire area is safe.


Mark out the area where you want to locate your fire pit. Keep an eye out for any overhanging trees or anything else that could catch fire should sparks shoot up from the fire.

View of home made fireplace from above

Next, you don’t always have to dig a pit for the base of the fire. Also, you don’t need to create a perfect circle unless that precision is important to you.

After marking out the base, lay down patio stones or paving stones for the base. If laying them for the first time, put down a layer of paver sand before laying the blocks or stones on top.

Once you have put down the base, add some more paver sand on top of the bricks on the ground. Make this relatively thick. You then need to start to use your brick or concrete blocks to build a circle around the base. Have these blocks several layers high. Then, add the material to your pit that you will use to create the fire, and you will be good to go.

The best part about this DIY fire pit is that it is still budget-friendly, even when creating a larger fire pit. Also, the fact you are not using a concrete mix speeds up the construction process.

Idea 6: A Concrete Fire Pit

As DIY fire pits go, this one is more involved, but it can still look spectacular. A concrete fire pit is ideal if you don’t want to use stone bricks or wall blocks for your fire pit. Also, by creating the concrete blocks yourself according to your required specifications, you can have a fire pit of any desired size.


The key here is to work out the desired size of your fire pit and create wooden forms that you will then use to pour the concrete mix into. You can easily buy all of the relevant materials from a DIY store, but keep in mind concrete does take some time to set completely.

Have a wooden form for each piece, and then piece them together in your backyard to create the fire pit. Aside from making the concrete blocks, this version is faster to build compared to the brick method, and you can then top it off with some cool patio slabs that make it look better than simply having some concrete.

Also, put some fire resistant blocks between the concrete and the fire, as it will make it safer to use.

Once you have built the fire pit, simply fill it with gravel or fire-resistant materials on the base, and you are ready to use your new DIY fire pit.

Idea 7: Building a Square Fire Pit

For some reason, people believe that a fire pit needs to come with a round hole in the ground. Well, that’s not true.

Instead, there is nothing to stop you from having a fire pit of any shape in your backyard. The only limitation is the space you have available. However, if you want to make things nice and easy, building a simple square fire pit is the best option since it does not involve cutting stones or blocks.


All you need for this is to have enough of the correct materials. Buy concrete blocks or whichever materials you want to use, and simply build a drywall. You can have this any size you want, and if you place tiles or bricks in the bottom, you won’t even have to dig a hole.

Once you have built the drywall for the sides of your fire pit, you simply need to top it off with something a bit more decorative, although that is even optional for your DIY fire pit.

Aside from this, the key is to protect the inside of the fire pit. All concrete fire pits need to have something fire resistant to separate the concrete from the fire and the heat. Use fire bricks to make life easier, and simply line the inside of the fire pit as required.

Idea 8: Crazy Paving

The final one of our DIY fire pits is the crazy paving approach. This is perfect if you have broken slabs or stones that are just not being used for anything else. So, you may as well make a fire to use on those cold nights.

You need to use the same technique as mentioned with other DIY fire pit ideas, and that means sorting the base by either removing grass or having a stone base for your fire pit.


Get your hand on some old bricks, and stand them up vertically. Use some concrete to effectively mortar the bricks together to create the base of your DIY fire pit. The bricks should be close together, as that will stop flames from seeping through your DIY fire pit, potentially causing a problem.

After that, you need to use your crazy paving to complete the top of the fire pit. You need to know that you can use almost anything to top fire pits, and crazy paving is just one example. The only limit you can encounter with your DIY fire pit is determining how you want it to look once it is finished.

Place the crazy paving, fill in the space with mortar to allow it to set, and you are good to go.

Build Your Own Outdoor Fire Pit

And that is how to build outdoor fire pits, which do tend to be more straightforward than people expect. Of course, how easy it is will depend on the version you decide to build, but if you are nervous, then don’t make life harder than it needs to be.

There are so many DIY fire pit ideas out there that the sky is the limit. Fire pits can be so much fun, and there is something extra special about creating your fire ring in your backyard.

Just make sure it is far enough away from your house and anything else in your yard that could catch fire, and then get involved in the project and enjoy every part of it.

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