How to Hang Eyelet Curtains

How to Hang Eyelet Curtains on a Pole: Top Tips!

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

If you are looking to decorate your living space, dining room, bedroom, or any room, in fact, with windows, then eyelet curtains will be a beautiful addition. Hanging eyelet curtains is the best method for framing your windows. They will add a cosy atmosphere to your home. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Choosing the Eyelet Curtains

Count the Eyelets

Two metal eyelets on gray-blue velvet curtains

Before you buy your chosen eyelet curtains, you should check that there is an even number of eyelets. If the number of eyelets is odd, the hanging curtains will reveal the outer edge. The curtains will not lay flat against the wall if the edge is on show.

Even if your curtains are not against a wall, the rear side of the curtain will be on show. Therefore, the evenness of the eyelets will affect how they hang on the rod.

No eyelets? No problem! If you’re wondering how to put eyelets in curtains by yourself, this can also be an option and will do a brilliant DIY project.

Colour Check

Colour is key! The best way to have a seamless finish is to check that the colour of the eyelets and the colour of your curtain pole match.

How to Measure Eyelet Curtains

Decide the Length

First of all, how long do you want your eyelet curtains to be? You might want them to hang on the floor, or if you have low ceilings, you might want the curtains to hang just below the window. You should decide on this before you buy.

Also, the size of your window may affect your choice; calculating your window dimensions is the next step.

The Window

Measuring your window is an important step. If you buy a random set of eyelet curtains, they may not drape correctly. Measure your windows with a tape measure or a ruler. Write the numbers down so that they are on hand for you to compare when shopping. You want to buy curtains that are bigger than the window; otherwise, when you close them, they will not cover the entire window.

Extra Tip

Some people choose to double up on the fabric because they want their curtains to look fuller. You could buy two sets (four individual curtain panels) and sew two of each curtain panel together. Sew on the outside edge so that the curtain panels are double the width. Thread the curtain panel the same as the previous one – starting with the outermost eyelet.

Alternative Method

Another option for making the curtains have a fuller width is to buy made-to-measure curtains. This way, you can choose how full the width of your curtains is. Made-to-measure curtains can be expensive, but they will hang the best because of their custom fit.

Deciding on the Fabric

There are many types of curtains you can choose from, and it comes down to personal preference. Most eyelet curtains are available in the following: netting, blackout, velvet, velour, cotton, and suede.

Extra Tip

It is very important to have fire retardant curtains for safety; this will be indicated on the care label. You will find this on top curtains.

How to Hang Eyelet Curtains on a Pole


The first step for how to hang curtains on a pole is to iron them from the top edge to the bottom, but only if necessary. Check that you can iron the fabric as well. Now, they will look much better than creased fabric when you hang them.

Thread Correctly

Hanging curtains on a pole can be simple if both sides of the curtains are threaded in the same way. Begin by ensuring that you thread the curtain fabric, to begin with the middle section of the curtain. This is the part of the curtain you want to be in the middle of your window. Thread this outermost eyelet onto the curtain pole, ensuring that the lining is facing the window.

As you insert each eyelet onto the rod, you should see a weaving pattern appearing. This adds a nice billowing effect to your curtains as the gathering creates a soft fold. Thread from one end to the other completely, and pull the curtains to the end bracket.

Secure the Curtains

Some people choose to secure the outer fold of the curtain to the end bracket by purchasing finials. These are components that will stop your curtains from sliding off the pole.


To ensure that the folds are even, you could implement spacers. These are plastic clips – or some people even use toilet rolls! – to even out the folds. You weave them between the eyelet rings, but to ensure they are not visible, you need to place them on every other curtain panel.

Choosing the Curtain Rod

Think About Weight

Your curtain weight has an impact on the curtain rod you should buy. If your curtains are heavy – this could be due to lots of weighty fabrics or long fabrics reaching to the floor – then your curtain pole needs to be strong enough to take the weight. If your curtain rod is not strong enough, the rod could bow.

Brackets or Wall Anchors

If you do not have them already, you should attach brackets on either end of the window, and in some cases, it is best to also have a bracket in the middle of the window. The middle bracket is very useful for weight-bearing, so you should consider installing one. You are less likely to have a bowing pole if you install one.

Middle brackets are also handy for stopping the curtains from sliding past the halfway point of your window. These brackets will help to keep the curtains looking equal.

Check the Curtain Pole Diameter and Length

You can either buy a curtain rod first or the eyelet curtains, but you should check them against each other to ensure they will fit. You need to be sure that your curtain pole will fit through the eyelets or pole rings. To do this, measure the diameter of the eyelet. You can calculate this yourself, or sometimes it will say on the information label that comes with the curtains.

brass curtain rod

Also, remember to calculate the length of your windows before you buy a rod. Curtain rods are available in set lengths or find extendable ones. It is important to find the right size because this will affect the curtain you need to cover the window.

Pleated Curtains?

You may choose to buy other types of curtains, such as pencil pleats. Pencil pleat curtains are usually attached to a rail affixed above the window.

However, we believe that eyelet curtains are more efficient and easier to install than pleated curtains. Eyelet curtains are a simple slide-on process, whereas pencil pleat curtains need curtain hooks to be attached every few centimetres and can be fiddly to attach.

The End: How to Hang Curtains With Eyelet Rings

We hope that this article has helped you to better understand how to hang eyelet curtains on curtain rods. Your home will have a homey look with the perfect curtains. There are ways to personalise how the curtains are hung, too, such as using tie cords and hooks to tie them back.

Cords or loose cords add a traditional look, whereas free-falling panels are more contemporary. Some people choose to install blinds for extra privacy because blinds can be closed, and this does not block out as much light as curtains.

Do you have any extra tips for hanging eyelet curtains? Let us know in the comments.

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