how to make hanging wine bottle planters

How to Make Hanging Wine Bottle Planters – A DIY Guide

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Stunning and unique are terms that best describe DIY wine bottle planters. Thanks to their sleek finish and classic finesse, you can use them both indoors and outdoors. The versatility of wine bottles makes them ideal for both garden and tabletop DIY planters. So if you’re a wine lover with empty wine bottles, don’t toss them out. Store them up and use them to make beautiful DIY wine bottle planters.

How to Make a Recycled Wine Bottle Planter

Curious how to make hanging wine bottle planters? Here’s an easy wine bottle planter tutorial that can be made using old wine bottles.


  • Empty wine bottle
  • Spool twine
  • Bag of lichen moss
  • Bag of Spanish moss
  • 8-yard spool of 20 gauge copper or chicken wire
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Standard candle
  • Glass cutter tool
  • Small, lightweight house plant (ivy plants work great!)
  • Package of ice
  • Small bucket
  • Masking or duct tape
  • Sheet of sandpaper
  • Small bag of planting soil

Note: Before you begin making your preferred wine bottle planters, it’s always advisable to clear your working area and ensure no obstacles around it.

Moreover, ensure that you have the appropriate protective wear- dust mask, eyewear and gloves if need be. With that in mind, it’s worth mentioning that it’s always advisable to use flat surfaces when making planters using wine bottles.

Step 1: Tape End Of Wine Bottle

Using tape, make a straight line around the end of your wine bottle. This tape will come in handy during the glass cutting step since it willhelpensure that the line seams up.

Step 2: Score Wine Bottle

When scoring the bottle, use the tape as a guide when making the continuous line cut using the glass cutter. Carefully press the glass cutter firmly to score the wine bottle and ensure that you only create one scoreline at the edge of your preferred bottle.

Step 3: Burning the Score With a Candle

Once you’re done, move to your flat working area and light the candle. Hold the wine bottle above the candle’s fire and slowly turn it.

Ensure that the score you made is the area that you’re exposing to the candle flame. When turning your wine bottle, expect to hear a popping sound. Well, that’s an indication that the scored area of your wine bottle is detaching from the rest.

Step 4: Removing the End Of Wine Bottle

After the circle of flames phase is complete, submerge the bottle’s end into ice water. If the bottom of the bottle does not detach immediately, then you can lightly tap it on the side of the container to help loosen it. Once the base detaches, the edge might not be even, but let that not worry you.

Step 5: Sanding the Edge

When it comes to sanding, you will be required to wear a dust mask and some eyewear since you are going to be smoothening the rough edges of the hanging wine bottle planter.

Using your sandpaper, buff down the rough edges of the DIY wine bottle planter. Ensure that you buff both the exterior and interior edges of the bottle. Then dunk your wine bottle in cold water to help clean off any glass dust particles. And dry it using a paper towel.

Step 6: Cleaning the Plant

Once you have cleaned the wine bottle planter, it’s time to prepare your plants. Start by gently removing any excess soil allowing the roots to be exposed.

Use your hanging wine bottle planter to measure if the roots fit before planting since roots tend to take up much space. Moreover, it’s noteworthy to mention that small plants work well with hanging planters and wine bottle planters are no exception.

Step 7: Covering Roots With Moss

For this step, measure and cut the wire. However, ensure the length of the wire is twice that of the wine bottle. Then proceed to wrap the wire around the moss and lichen. Also, ensure that roots aren’t tightly wrapped. This helps in hiding the roots and prevents the plats from falling off the DIY wine bottle planter.

Now that everything is in place, twist the wire ends together, forming a long strand. The long strand from the wires will be used as your hanging hook.

Step 8: Adding Planting Soil

Now that everything is in order, we need to add the soil from the plant to the wine bottle planter. Plug up the wine bottle’s using a cork or a paper towel and add a generous amount of planting soil to the hanging wine bottle planter.

Step 9: Insert Plant Into Wine Bottle Planter

For this step, you will be required to remove the paper towel plugging the bottle’s lip then, push the plant through the layer of the soil until the wire is exposed at the top of the bottle.

Step 10: Adding Twine

When it comes to the finishing touches, it’s always ideal that we add twine to the neck of the wine bottle and up through the wire that will be used as the hanger—then, using a lighter, remove any twine fuzziness.

Step 11: Watering and Hanging the Wine Bottle Planter DIY

For the final step, you are required to place the planter in a sink and pour water into the plant through the top of the wine bottle and hang it at your preferred location, be it indoors or outdoors. When hanging your wine bottle planter, ensure that you place it where there is proper ventilation and plenty of sunlight for your plant to thrive well.

Can Other Bottles Be Used to Make Hanging Planters?

Yes. If you cannot easily access wine bottles, you can opt for beer bottles. You can also use the process above to make hanging planters using beer bottles. However, it would be best to look for plants that sit well with beer bottles since different plants sit well with other hanging planters.

Green plant in brown beer bottle

What Else Can I plant in Wine Bottle Planters?

Wine bottle planters are not necessarily restricted to small plants only. You can also make your herb garden or succulents. Alternatively, you can use planters made from wine bottles as vases for your favourite flowers.

Make Hanging Wine Bottle Planters Like a Pro

That’s it on how to make hanging wine bottle planters. We hope that this wine bottle planter DIY tutorial helps you when creating your preferred wine bottle planters. Needless to mention that wine bottle planters are not only easy to make, but they are also affordable. So if you’re looking for easy to craft DIY projects with wine bottles, then you should try making different types of hanging planters for your favourite plants.

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