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Best Jigsaw Reviews UK 2023 – Top 9 Picks Compared

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Bosch PST 700 E Compact
Professional Choice: Makita DJV180Z Cordless
Best Cordless: Makita DJV182Y1J SystemKIT

Whether you’re a fan of DIY projects, or you’re a professional carpenter, builder, or home improvement specialist, the jigsaw is a crucial part of your toolkit. Jigsaws are one of the most essential power tools in any arsenal when it comes to tackling a range of tasks, from furniture construction to installing flooring.

Unlike other power tools, a jigsaw is the only thing you need when you want to cut curves in wood and a range of materials, like metal. This makes them the go-to accessory when you’re creating tables, cabinets, chairs, and various other components. The best jigsaw model can also cut a lot more than just boards, making it easier to finish a variety of complicated cuts or tasks without the excess fuss.

If you’ve been planning to add a new jigsaw to your kit for a while now, you’ve probably noticed that there are many different options available to choose from in the current market. Fortunately, we’re going to help you shop for the ideal saw, so you’d never have to spend so much time searching. We’ve sorted through thousands of jigsaw reviews to bring you these carefully curated top picks for jigsaws in the UK. Well, let’s cut to the point and dive straight in!

How We Compared Jigsaws

jigsaws collage

To find the right jigsaws we considered multiple factors including:

  • Orbital action
  • Variable speed
  • Motor power
  • Corded or cordless
  • Depth of cut
  • Product warranty

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Jigsaw Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. Bosch PST 700 E Compact (Editor’s Choice)

Bosch PST 700 E Compact

If you’re looking for an affordable yet reliable jigsaw that will aid you to accomplish any carpentry project with ease, then the Bosch PST 700 E would be best for you.

Designed with an impressive 500W motor and a cutting power of up to 70mm-depth, the Bosch PST 700 E jigsaw is a great piece of equipment for any house job. You can change cutting blades (T-shank blades not provided) within a short time. Additionally, there’s a switchable air blast function to ensure a clear view of the cutting line.

Whether you’re aiming for a precise curve or a straight line cut, it’s hard to go wrong with the powerful Bosch PST. Lightweight and with a soft grip, this list’s best budget jigsaw is highly practical. It’s also excellent for those in search of something ergonomic that will aid them to get DIY jobs done fast. This Bosch power saw only weighs around 1.7kg in total, and it’s suitable to use for a wide range of materials – wood or metal.

Furthermore, the low vibration setting of this Bosch electric jigsaw also makes it easy to cut straight lines precisely at any time. Meaning, you can create a more accurate cut for your kitchen. One slight issue with this corded power tool is that it’s hard to find the dust adapter on the kit. One that would fit nicely to the dust collection system. Also, the instructions could be a little clearer, according to some of the write up that we read.



  • A 500W motor with 70mm cutting depth
  • Safe and easy saw blade changes, T-Shank blades recommended
  • Can slice through various materials even metal
  • Switchable dust blower function for clearer cutting line
  • Soft grip and low vibration technology for precision on straight lines
  • With hanging hook


  • Instructions aren’t that useful and easy to follow
  • Difficult to attach saw dust extraction system
  • Not cordless unlike some of the jigsaw models

2. Makita DJV180Z Cordless (Professional Choice)

Makita DJV180Z 18V Cordless

If you’re looking for the one that goes beyond the basic functionality of a cordless jigsaw tool for DIY use, then the Makita DJV180Z might just be the tool for you.

One of the most advanced Li-On cordless jigsaws on the market, this is the type of power tool that you’ll feel comfortable to use wherever you go – including to client builds.

This powerful cordless jigsaw set can cut through up to 10mm of steel or 135 mm of wood and allows up to 2600 strokes per minute. There’s also a tool-less blade system provided, and an LED light that creates an easy-to-trace cutting guide for accuracy. With an ergonomic design and high-comfort grip, you will have an easy time with this saw – even for all-day use. One important thing to note is that there are no batteries provided with this tool, which means you’ll have to purchase it separately.

On the plus side, there are 3 orbital action settings, a variable speed dial, a push-in lock system for your jigsaw blades, and a pendulum action of up to 45° left or right. The die-cast base is also made from heavy-duty aluminium to increase durability and tool life. Additionally, the battery doesn’t last as long as other jigsaws. Nonetheless, we are dubbing this model as this rundown’s best professional cordless jigsaw.



  • Advanced technology to cut through different materials like steel and wood easily
  • Superb cutting up to 2600 strokes per minute
  • Variable speed and LED light cutting line
  • Ergonomic design with comfortable grip for all-day use
  • Easy blade changing


  • No battery
  • Battery doesn’t last as long as corded jigsaws
  • Plastic blade change lever is a little fragile

3. Makita DJV182Y1J SystemKIT (Best Cordless)

Makita DJV182Y1J SystemKIT

Reliable, simple, and ideal to use for a wide variety of jobs, our top pick from Makita is an excellent choice for any DIY enthusiast or skilled worker.

Equipped with a brushless motor and a rigid aluminium base for bevels of up to 45°, the DJV182Z cordless jigsaw is robust and easy to use. The change lever makes it simple to switch between 3 separate orbital settings instantly. Furthermore, there’s a tool-less blade change system and additional blades as well.

Powered by an 18V Lithium-Ion battery, this cordless jigsaw set can handle the toughest jobs with seamless ease. There’s a soft no-load function to automatically reduce the motor speed when your power tool is idling. Although, this helps to reduce vibration and provide more straight cuts. What’s more, this cordless jigsaw features an adjustable dial so you can choose within the variable speed range for the material you want to cut.

While this one’s slow-start function won’t appeal to everyone, it does bring an extra element of safety to your jigsaw experience. Also, this model doesn’t include a charger in Makpac. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best jigsaws in the market.



  • Pendulum action of up to 45° left and right for an accurate cut
  • Powerful cutting with a variable speed control dial
  • Soft no-load function to reduce speed during idling
  • Tool-less blade changing system, with blades provided
  • Three orbital settings helping to cut through different materials


  • Some users find the slow start function unappealing
  • May not include a charger in Makpac

4. Bosch PST 18 LI Cordless (Best Lightweight)

Bosch PST 18 LI Cordless

Part of the portfolio of 18V “Power4All” tools available from Bosch, the PST 18 is one of the best cordless jigsaws designed to give you high power and performance in a lightweight package.

The Bosch’s lithium-ion battery and cordless design mean that your tool is small, light, and ready to use at a moment’s notice. What’s more, this jigsaw uses CutControl technology to help you get the most out of your precision cutting strategy.

With a variable speed trigger installed to help you get the most excellent cuts from any material, the Bosch PST 18 saw is best for smaller carpentry jobs around the house. Particularly when you don’t need the most heavy-duty equipment, this Bosch will be more than enough.

Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t come with free batteries or a charger. Therefore, those are two things that you’ll need to buy separately. Also, according to some of the jigsaw reviews that we read, the blade release can use some improvement, as it jams sometimes.



  • 18V powerful cutting capacity
  • Lithium-ion technology
  • CutControl for a precise finish on any material
  • Variable speed trigger for better control


  • Without free batteries and charger
  • Blade release can jam sometimes unlike other saws

5. Makita 4329/2 Orbital Action (Best Powerful)

Makita 4329 2

If you are seeking a device with orbital action for light-duty cutting activities, then the Makita 4329/2 may be a great choice. The orbital action gives you the ability to achieve a more circular motion and enables improved speed and accuracy while cutting materials.

The Makita jigsaw is lightweight with 450 watts of motor power and a built-in chip deflector. This corded jigsaw can cut through a maximum steel depth of 6mm and a maximum wood depth of 65mm, making it great for various projects such as creating boxing, cutting panelling, or installing work surfaces. It has variable speed control settings ranging from 500 to 3100 spins per minute, as well as three orbital settings.

A large two-finger trigger and an easy to remove blade make using the Makita jigsaw accessible for beginners, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals alike. It comes with the hex wrench required for changing the blade.

Keep in mind, the Makita jigsaw lacks a dust blower and does not have a slow start power setting. However, the lowest speed works fairly well for getting a cut started comfortably and safely.



  • Easy to change the blade
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Three orbital settings
  • Chip deflector for added safety
  • Variable speed control settings


  • May lack a slow start power setting
  • Lack of a dust blower may make for a messy work statio

6. VonHaus 800W (Best Small)

VonHaus 800W

If you’re looking for the best jigsaw that’s small and portable, the VonHaus 800W is a powerful device with plenty of potential.

Designed to make cutting jobs quick and easy, this reliable product comes with a laser guide included to help you get a more accurate cut. What’s more, this versatile tool can easily slice through a range of materials. It does a spending job of cutting through timber, softwood, particleboard, acrylics, plastics, and even tile. All you need to do is match the blade to the appropriate material, and you’re ready to go.

The VonHaus comes with a selection of blades to choose from, as well as a wrench and a pair of carbon brushes. One of the things that really makes this product stand out is its compact design. You can easily transport your small jigsaw with you wherever you go, so it’s perfect for both professional and home-based jobs. In addition, the ergonomic body is designed to give you a more comfortable grip, for safer handling and control.

You can easily adjust the speed to suit your needs with this jigsaw. There’s also an extra-long cord to give you more freedom to move. Combine that with the VonHaus Jigsaw’s reliable performance, and you have a great piece of kit. Just keep in mind that the blade carriage isn’t entirely central, so this can be an issue for some DIYers. Additionally, there is a lot of vibration to account for.



  • Multiple saws included for different materials
  • Reliable and durable performance
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and safety
  • Laser guide included


  • Blade carriage isn’t completely central
  • Lots of vibration during use

7. Makita 4350FCT 720W (Best Orbital Action)

Makita 4350FCT

For a top of the line product with excellent high-speed cutting, the Makita 4350FCT model is an impressive jigsaw tool with so much potential.

Capable of providing up to 2800 strokes per minute of power, the 4350FCT jigsaw allows complete control over your cutting speed. Thus, you can make sure that you’re getting the best result with any material you choose. The jigsaw uses a 720-watt motor so you can easily work and cut through various materials like wood or metal.

With a stroke length of 26mm, this jigsaw model can cut through up to 10mm of steel or 135mm of wood. Aside from the variable speed trigger, it also features a built-in light to help you focus on the accuracy of your finish when you’re working on professional jobs. The soft-start feature also means that you can work with a smoother start-up and without any dangerous mistakes.

The 3-mode oscillating feature on the 4350FCT corded jigsaw is particularly impressive, as it makes cutting significantly fast. Additionally, you can achieve excellent bevel cuts 45 degrees to the left or right, with positive stops at 90 degrees as well. The blade supplied with the saw isn’t that good, but you can always switch and use something new. Also, the tool’s plastic blade cover snaps most of the time, which means it’s not quite useful.



  • Up to 2800 strokes per minute cutting power
  • Built-in light and pendulum action
  • Can handle a variety of materials
  • Tool-less blade change
  • Variable speed dial or trigger


  • Not easy to connect dust extraction pipe
  • Clear plastic surrounding the saw breaks frequently
  • The free saw blade isn’t very good

8. DeWalt DCS334N-XJ Cordless (Best Dust Extraction)

DeWalt DCS334N-XJ Cordless

The DeWalt DCS334N-XJ jigsaw should be strongly considered if you want a smooth cutting machine that is great for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. It is cordless and its new upgraded design makes changing the blades easy to do without the need for any tools.

This DeWalt jigsaw features variable speed control reaching up to 3200 spins per minute and is capable of a 26mm stroke length with a 135mm cutting depth. It has four positions to facilitate orbital action and can bevel in both directions. The large D-shaped handle is comfortable to hold and has a safety lock on the trigger for added protection.

To make keeping a precise line even easier, this jigsaw also features dual LED lights for use in lower light settings and a convenient dust blower function that is handy on a variety of materials especially wood. It is relatively lightweight at just 2.1kg.

Be aware, this jigsaw does not come with the battery or charger required for use so you’ll want to make sure you order them separately. Also, it does not include a case or a blade storage system.



  • Cordless design
  • Weighs just 2.1kg
  • Variable speed control
  • Dual LED lights


  • May not include a carry case
  • Batteries and charger may need to be bought separately

9. Hychika 800W (Best with Blade Storage)

Hychika 800W

The Hychika is a powerful jigsaw with an 800-watt motor to help you cut through a variety of materials with ease. It could be a great choice for you if you want a few upgraded features and high versatility to complete somewhat lengthy cutting jobs.

With a 110mm cutting depth, various orbital cutting positions, and six speeds ranging from 800 to 3000 spins per minute, this jigsaw is capable of completing a variety of jobs on different materials. Aside from being able to cut a straight line and different curve angles, it can also perform bevel cutting.

To help you make straight, precise cuts, this jigsaw features a laser guide with a scale ruler as well as a blow function to clear dust from your path as you work. If you often attempt lengthier cutting jobs, you’ll love this jigsaw’s trigger lock which gives your finger a chance to relax while you work. To top it off, magnetic blade storage boxes are built into the jigsaw on either side.

Potential cons for this jigsaw include the built-in blade storage cases possibly not being large enough to hold all jigsaw blades and the tool itself being relatively heavy overall. Additionally, the laser guide may not always be 100% accurate.



  • Magnetic blade storage cases
  • Laser and guide ruler
  • Blow function
  • Trigger lock
  • various orbital cutting positions with 6 speeds


  • May be quite heavy
  • Storage cases may be relatively small
  • The laser guide may not be 100% accurate

What are the Six Most Important Things to Check When Choosing The Best Jigsaw?

When you need a powerful tool that makes intricate cuts and pieces, a jigsaw is the best equipment to work with. As one of the most essential power tools in a wood worker’s kit, the jigsaw is a versatile piece of equipment that’s excellent for both professional and home projects. However, just like any other power saw, it’s worth ensuring that you’re investing in the right product that works perfectly.

There are plenty of good quality jigsaws available around the UK today, each with their own pros and cons to consider. To make sure that you’re buying a reliable machine among the myriad of tools, look into the following features for best results:

Orbital Action

a mother carving wood with a jigsaw

Most standard action jigsaws would move the blade in an up and down motion. However, with an orbital action jigsaw, it allows you to move the blade in a slightly more circular motion, improving the speed and accuracy of the cut.

With orbital tools, it’s easier to create woodworks in various shapes, types, or sizes. Though orbital technology doesn’t always come cheap, it’s worth the added price.

Variable Speed

Different materials require different levels of speed for an accurate cut. Some of the higher-end saws in the UK come with multiple speed levels to select from. Depending on the type of work that you want to do, even slower speeds can be useful – particularly when it comes to making intricate or detailed cuts.

Motor Power

The best jigsaws feature higher amperage rates that will help to ensure that you can cut through even the toughest variety of materials without problems. If you’re looking for strength and power, it may be best to select a corded jigsaw tool.

Corded or Cordless

While cordless jigsaws give you more freedom to use your tool in a range of different environments, corded tools come with far more power. Additionally, a corded saw allows you to work continuously without having to worry about your power charge running out mid-project. On the other hand, even if batteries don’t last that long, the best cordless model should be able to get the job done quickly.

A man holding a corded cutting tool

Depth of Cut

Most jigsaws can slice up to 2 inches when cutting wood. However, if you like to be able to cut through other materials, you’ll need to consider the depth capacity as well as the strokes per minute.

Product Warranty

It’s always helpful to know if your new tool comes with a warranty, limited or not. Most brands offer a full guarantee on their models. However, in some cases, only parts replacement is covered and doesn’t include labour fees. So, before you click “order” or buy the best jigsaw online, it’s important to learn first the warranty terms for a longer peace of mind. Amazon sites usually provide such details and services at any time of the day.

Aside from the features mentioned above, many of the best jigsaws available around also come with additional features. Some of these tools have laser guides or LED lights that make it easier for users to create more precise cuts. Other models have a dust blower that gets rid of anything that makes it difficult to see your work or cut.

Good Luck with Your Search for the Right Jigsaw!

There’s no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to choosing the best jigsaw UK has to offer. To make sure that you’re making an informed decision, you must think carefully about the kind of work you plan to do with your new product. From there, you can select the right jigsaw that can get the job done.

As we browsed through jigsaw reviews, we found that the Bosch PST 700 E. It comes with a 500W motor and a cutting power of up to 70mm. We like that you can change the blades quickly and that there is a switchable air blast function to ensure a clear view of the cutting line. You can use it on a range of materials, including wood and metal, and its low vibration settings help you achieve precise cuts.

What are you looking for in your ideal jigsaw? Tell us about the quality and your experiences with these tools, in the comments below. Good luck in making the perfect choice among the best jigsaws!

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