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Best Kettle and Toaster Sets of 2023

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

Top 10 Best Kettle and Toaster Sets

  1. Russell Hobbs Inspire (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Dualit 72926 Architect (Luxury Choice)
  3. Russell Hobbs Mode (Best Value)
  4. Russell Hobbs Honeycomb (Best Textured)
  5. Morphy Richards 108266 Dune (Best Black)
  6. Russell Hobbs Emma Bridgewater Toast and Marmalade (Best Designer)
  7. Breville Flow (Best with 4-Slice Toaster)
  8. Russell Hobbs Futura (Best Stainless Steel)
  9. Breville High Gloss (Best Cream Coloured)
  10. Breville Bold (Best Coloured)

Kettles and toasters are both considered essential small appliances in most homes. Combined, they can be used as a one-stop shop to make breakfast and more. If you are looking to redesign your kitchen or simply need a new toaster and kettle, you will be happy to learn that these appliances can be purchased as a set.

A toaster and matching kettle can help improve the overall aesthetic of your kitchen and appliances as a whole. If you are after the best kettle and toaster set, you have come to the right place. The following reviews, paired with a buyer’s guide, will help you evaluate your choices and better understand how to pick the best toaster and kettle set for you and your home.

How We Compared Kettle and Toaster Sets

To find the right kettle and toaster sets, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Toaster slots
  • Toaster and kettle settings
  • Kettle capacity
  • Design and colours
  • Materials
  • Power

Our editorial team examined and analysed hundreds of appliances to select the best options suitable for all kinds of needs. We compiled the following list after planning comparison points and evaluating customer reviews.

Have a look here to find out more about our process.

Kettle and Toaster Set Reviews

Russell Hobbs Inspire (Editor’s Choice)

The Russell Hobbs Inspire matching kettle and toaster set makes an outstanding choice for most purposes. It is available in five colour options, all of which feature a stylish ridged plastic exterior with chrome accents. 

The Inspire kettle has a 1.7 litre capacity with a removable cover, making it simple to quickly heat water for numerous cups of coffee or tea. One cup of water is estimated to reach a boil in just 45 seconds. You can also say goodbye to drips thanks to the perfect pour spout.

The Russell Hobbs Inspire four-slice toaster features conveniently wide slots and the standard variable browning control knob. It also comes with a handy Lift and Look feature to help you monitor the toasting level mid-cycle. Plus, there’s a frozen, reheat, and cancel function.

We think the water level window placement behind the handle on the kettle could make it more difficult to read. You should also know that you have to depress the left side of the toaster before the right, which can be confusing.


  • Four-slice toaster with wide slots
  • Rapid boiling capability
  • Lift and Look feature
  • Perfect pour spout
  • Stylish design with several colour options


  • The water level window may be hard to read 
  • Must use the left side of the toaster for the right to function

Dualit 72926 Architect (Luxury Choice)

The Dualit 72926 Architect is our top luxury choice. This modern kettle and toaster set boasts a durable and stylish contemporary design featuring advanced control settings.

This set has a modern design constructed out of stainless steel with grey trim. It comes with a 1.5-litre jug style kettle featuring a Pure Pour spout that facilitates a smooth pour and prevents drips.

With its extra-wide slots and Perfect Toast technology, the two-slot toaster that comes with it will automatically modify its cycle to toast your bread to your preferred level of doneness. It has advanced controls with a unique Peek and Pop function, bagel and defrost settings. The removable crumb tray also makes it easy to clean.

Potential cons for the Dualit 72926 Architect set include the kettle possibly being quite loud and it could take a bit longer to boil. However, it’s still a good kettle and toaster set overall.


  • Stylish stainless steel set
  • Peek and Pop toaster setting
  • Pure Pour spout for even pouring
  • Ideal Toast technology
  • Two extra-wide slots


  • The kettle may take a bit longer to boil
  • The kettle can be a bit noisy

Russell Hobbs Mode (Best Value)

The best budget kettle available on the market today is the Russell Hobbs Mode toaster and kettle combo. It is black with stainless steel accents and has all the features you could need.

The lightweight kettle has a 1.7-litre capacity, a push-open hinged lid, and an easy pour spout. It also has a water level display on both sides and operates quietly. The 360° kettle base with cord storage rounds out the features.

The Russell Hobbs Mode set comes with a two-slice toaster that contains wide slots. It features a variable browning control knob plus a reheat, defrost, and cancel function.

The plastic spout on this set’s kettle may be harder to keep clean, and the set may prove to be less durable. But it is not what we could call a cheap kettle, so we still think it makes an excellent value pick.


  • Advanced toaster settings
  • Two wide bread slots
  • 1.7L kettle capacity
  • Dual water level display
  • 360° kettle base with cord storage


  • It may not be as durable
  • The kettle spout may be harder to clean

Russell Hobbs Honeycomb (Best Textured)

The Russell Hobbs Honeycomb is a stylish kettle and toaster set with a unique exterior. The appliances feature a textured honeycomb design for an added touch of style to a somewhat basic design.

The Russell Hobbs Honeycomb set is black with chrome accents. The kettle has a 1.7-litre capacity and contains a water level indicator. It can conveniently reach a rapid boil in a matter of seconds.

The four-slice toaster included in this set has the standard controls, variable browning, eject, reheat, and defrost. It also is equipped with high lift bread slots that are wide enough to accommodate thicker slices of bread. 

We think the water level indicator could be better placed on this set’s kettle as it is behind the handle making it more difficult to read. The kettle may also wobble slightly when the water boils, but we say go for it if you love the textured design.


  • The kettle boils water quickly
  • Advanced toaster settings
  • Stylish textured honeycomb design
  • Four-slice toaster with wide slots
  • High lift toaster slots for easy removal


  • The kettle may wobble slightly
  • The water level indicator could be better placed

Morphy Richards 108266 Dune (Best Black)

A black toaster and kettle set is a good classic choice for most kitchens. Hence, the Morphy Richards 108266 Dune set made it to our list. It is designed with black ridged plastic that lends a touch of style to its exterior.

This set features a powerful 3000-watt jug style kettle with a 1.5-litre capacity that achieves a rapid boil. This compact kettle also has an easy-view water level window and a 360° base for ease of use.

This set’s two-slice toaster is equipped with variable browning, defrost and reheat settings. It also features a removable crumb tray and cord storage to keep your countertop tidy. If you like the design but do not want black appliances, it is also available in several other colours.

You should know the Morphy Richards 108266 Dune kettle and toaster set has a slightly smaller kettle capacity, and it may leak slightly.


  • Powerful 3000 W kettle boils water quickly
  • Easy view water level window
  • Several colour options
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Built-in cord storage


  • The kettle may leak a bit
  • The kettle has a slightly smaller capacity

Russell Hobbs Emma Bridgewater Toast and Marmalade (Best Designer)

If a designer kettle and toaster set sounds like something you would like, we recommend the Russell Hobbs Emma Bridgewater Toast and Marmalade set. It is cream coloured with ‘Rise and Shine’ printed on each appliance for a cheerful look.

This set includes a dome style kettle with a pull-off lid and a 1.5-litre capacity. It contains a removable and washable filter for preventing limescale buildup. Plus, there’s a water level window on the rear for easy viewing. It also has a 360° base with cord storage.

The Russell Hobbs Emma Bridgewater Toast and Marmalade four-slice toaster gives you plenty of room to toast for more than one person at a time. It features variable browning plus defrost, reheat, and eject functions.

While this set may be stylish, the classic kettle may not get as hot as some people like, and it has a slightly smaller capacity.


  • Four-slice toaster
  • Stylish designer set
  • Retro dome-style kettle
  • Rear water level window
  • Advanced toaster settings


  • May have a slightly smaller kettle capacity
  • The kettle may not get as hot as some people prefer

Breville Flow (Best with 4 Bread Slots)

We love the Breville Flow kettle and toaster set due to its large capacity toaster. It features a stylish wavy texture in grey with chrome accents and easily fits into most decors. However, it is also available in a few other colours if grey isn’t your thing.

The Breville Flow kettle has a 1.7-litre capacity, is powerful for a fast boil, and has an easy pour spout to prevent drips. It comes with a handy removable limescale filter and features an easy to read water level indicator window. As a bonus, it has a rotating base with cord storage and non-slip feet.

Standout features for the Breville Flow four-slice toaster include high lift and Lift and Look functions to check your bread mid-cycle. It also has thick and thin slots to add to its overall smart features.

The toaster slots on this toaster could be shallow, so they may not fit taller slices. And the toaster could prove to be less durable overall, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked.


  • High lift feature
  • Wavy textured design
  • Several colour options
  • Removable anti-limescale filter
  • Variable width slots


  • The toaster may be less durable
  • Toaster slots are somewhat shallow

Russell Hobbs Futura (Best Stainless Steel)

A stainless steel construction boasts durability and a versatile and timeless aesthetic. For these reasons, we chose the Russell Hobbs Futura stainless steel kettle and toaster set as one of our favourites.

Easy pouring and 3000W power allow you to rapidly boil and use this kettle with ease. It has a 1.7-litre capacity and a large water gauge viewing window located on the side for a clear view. Uniquely, it also features Quiet Boil technology to prevent disturbing sleeping housemates.

This set comes with a four-slice toaster which is great for households with more than one or two people. It has variable browning control, frozen, cancel, and reheat settings for optimal control. It even has a removable crumb tray.

The Russell Hobbs Futura stainless steel kettle and toaster set could be lacking when it comes to the somewhat smaller bread slots on the toaster. Also, it may not do the best job at toasting evenly, but it is still a good toaster and a great kettle overall.


  • Quiet Boil technology
  • Powerful 3000W kettle for a rapid boil
  • Removable and washable limescale filter
  • Easy to read side water level window
  • Four-slice toaster


  • May not toast evenly
  • Bread slots may be smaller

Breville High Gloss (Best Cream Coloured)

The Breville High Gloss kettle and toaster set is cream coloured with silver accents for a classic and timeless style that complements any kitchen.

With a 1.7 litre capacity and rapid boil capabilities, the Breville cream kettle makes light work of boiling water. Thanks to a well-designed spout, it is easy to fill and pour. It is also designed with cord storage to help you keep your kitchen tidy. 

The Breville High Gloss toaster features bread slots with variable widths to help you toast different types of bread more efficiently. It also has a pull-out crumb tray, seven browning options, defrost, cancel, and reheat functions. If cream isn’t your colour, it is also available as a grey or white kettle and toaster set.

Unfortunately, the exterior of the cream kettle could discolour over time. In addition, the water level window is not the easiest to see due to it being located behind the handle.


  • Three high gloss colour options
  • Variable bread width slots
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Classic design style
  • Rapid boil


  • The kettle could discolour over time
  • The water level window may not be the easiest to read

Breville Bold (Best Coloured)

The Breville Bold is our top recommendation if you prefer a coloured kettle and toaster set. It features a retro kettle and toaster with a glossy ridged texture. And the set comes in bright blue, cream, grey, or black, all with stainless steel accents.

The included kettle is powerful for fast boiling and has a 1.7-litre capacity. We love its easy pour spout and the large illuminated water level window for easy viewing. The limescale filter and lid are both detachable, too. With all of these features combined, it could be the best retro kettle on our list.

The retro-styled two-slice toaster is equipped with high lift bread slots, non-slip feet, a removable tray for crumbs, and integrated cord storage. To help you achieve perfectly toasted bread, it has a variable browning control, cancel, reheat, and defrost functions.

Regretfully, the Breville Bold kettle and toaster set could be less durable when compared to other top options. In addition, the kettle is not the quietest.


  • Removable limescale filter
  • High lift bread slots
  • Glossy ridged texture with several colour options
  • Illuminated water window
  • Removable crumb tray


  • It could be less durable
  • It may not be the quietest kettle

Buyer’s Guide to Kettle and Toaster Sets

What to Look for When Buying a Kettle and Toaster Set

Here are the main factors to consider when choosing the right set for your home.

Toaster Slots

bread slots

One trait to keep an eye out for when comparing toaster and kettle sets is the number and width of bread slots. In general, a toaster usually has either two or four bread slots. If you have more than one or two people in your home, you may want to opt for a four-slice toaster.

Extra-wide slots on a toaster also make toasting thicker slices of bread possible. We love toasters that have variable width bread slots. This helps you toast all different thicknesses of bread and helps to make it more efficient in the toasting process.

Toaster and Kettle Settings

The settings on the kettle and toaster sets make the appliance stand out. That’s why we recommend considering them first.

On a toaster, you want time and temperature controls. These help you toast bread to an ideal level. In addition to a variable browning control, you may also want to look for a toaster equipped with cancel, defrost, and reheat functions. These can become useful when you are in a rush, as we often are at breakfast time.

You also may want to look for temperature controls on a kettle, but they will generally heat water until it starts to boil rapidly and then automatically shut off. Other advanced features to consider on the best kettle include kettle light indicators, a removable limescale filter, and safety features such as boil dry protection and an automatic shutoff. Boil dry protection enables a kettle to cut off when no boiling water is present. This helps prevent damage to the device and possible fires as well.

Kettle Capacity

Most kettles have a capacity of 1.7 litres, although some can be larger and others smaller. Typically, the minimum capacity is 1.5 litres because anything smaller would only be suitable for one person. Interestingly, the regular 1.7 capacity is also the typical maximum capacity as kettles become quite heavy in larger sizes.

Design and Colours

Since you are buying a matching set, you may also want to consider the style, design, and colour of the kettle and the toaster. Would you prefer appliances with a modern or retro style? If you like a classic look, maybe a white kettle and toaster set is just the thing. Or, maybe kettle and toaster sets with a textured design speak to you?

When it comes to kettles specifically, you will want to consider if you want a dome or jug kettle. Jug kettles are the most common as they tend to have a handle on the side, making them easier to fill. In addition, they can have either lift-off lids or hinged lids.

The best kettle and toaster sets focus on style, so it should be easy to find a set you like.


The most common materials used to construct toasters and kettles alike are plastic and stainless steel. While a stainless steel exterior and parts will be the most durable option, a plastic exterior will often get the job done without noticeable differences. However, over time and depending on the colour, plastic exteriors may start to discolour and show wear and tear more obviously than their stainless steel counterparts.


You may not need to focus on the power element of your toaster and kettle set. But just so you know, if you don’t have enough power in your appliances, it will cause them to work less efficiently. You generally want a power rating of more than 700 watts for toasters and more than 2000W for kettles, similar to ovens. The most common wattage you will find in these devices is 2500 watts for kettles and 1000 watts for toasters.

What Are the Benefits of Toaster and Kettle Sets?

a cup of coffee and toasts on a table

The best kettle and toaster sets add a touch of style to your kitchen and help to create a more streamlined aesthetic overall. Purchasing these appliances in the same style can often achieve the same effect, but a matching set goes a long way in complementing your kitchen’s interior design.

Buying your kettle and toaster together also means that you will only have to make one purchase for two essential kitchen appliances.

Of course, owning a toaster and kettle comes with its own benefits. They help make breakfast easy, fast, and efficient as a pair. Individually, they help you boil water at rapid speeds and create toast for any meal of the day.

The Best Toaster and Kettle Set for You

We think the best kettle and toaster set is the Russell Hobbs Inspire, and not just because of its stylish design that’s available in several colour options. We love its four-slice toaster containing wide slots and a convenient Lift and Look feature. We also appreciate the kettle that features rapid boiling capability and a perfect pour spout to make it easy to use.

While we think the water level window could be better placed, and you need to use the left side of the toaster for the right to function, we still think it could make an excellent addition to your home.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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