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Best LED Grow Lights Reviews UK 2023 – Top 9 Comparison

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Top 3 Best LED Grow Lights

  1. Spider Farmer SF-1000 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. BESTVA DC Series 2000W (Luxury Choice)
  3. Esbaybulbs E27 (Best Ergonomic Design)

If you’re looking for the most effective LED grow lights, you’re in the right place.

We all know how valuable plant life can be, both in and outside of the home. Plants look beautiful, brighten up spaces, and even increase humidity.

However, looking after plants properly isn’t always easy. If you’re interested in growing indoor plants, then you’re going to need the right equipment. That’s where LED grow lights come in handy.

Grow lights are specialist tools designed to help maintain and support plant life in all weather conditions. However, different plants will need different kinds of LED light. That’s why we’ve saved you some time and effort by tracking down some of the best LED grow lights in the UK right now.

How We Compared LED Grow Lights

led grow lights collage

To find the right LED grow lights we considered multiple factors including:

  • Durability
  • PAR or Photosynthetically Active Radiation
  • Cooling system

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.To find out more about our process please see here.

Best LED Grow Lights Reviews – Top 9 Picks

Spider Farmer SF-1000 (Best Light Output)

Powered by Samsung LM301B light diodes, the Spider Farmer grow light is the highest light output LED solution available right now. Creating better canopy light penetration, 40% higher yields, and less energy – it provides an excellent safe process with zero noise and no fan.

The solid aluminium heat sink comes with special protective covers for cables, as well as a water-resistant LED board, high safety performance, and 50% longer lifespan compared to other brand lights. The Spider Farmer is much cheaper to run than other devices and covers all of the lights in the sunlight spectrum.

This LED grow light product will deliver everything plants need from natural sunlight to transform your seeds and saplings into high-yielding plants. There’s no assembly required either, right out of the box, the LED grow light is ready to use.


  • Highest light output LED solution
  • Better canopy light penetration
  • 40% higher yields
  • Less energy compared to other red/blue lights
  • Up to 50% longer lifespan


  • Reports of some parts missing

BESTVA DC Series 2000W (Luxury Choice)

Designed to deliver everything you need to grow plants successfully indoors, BESTVA promises the highest par/lumen output per LED. These LED grow lights look fantastic, with dual-chip bulbs that deliver a better brightness level.

These full-spectrum 2000 watts LED grow lights are excellent for vegetables, plants, and flowers growing in all stages. Through the powerful cooling fan system, you can rest assured that your plants won’t heat too much during each growth stage. The holes in the aluminium panel and glass ensure that the heat convection is as low as possible.

This whole spectrum light can also provide excellent energy efficiency. The watt LED rating offers a 1400-watt HPS performance while consuming less than 400 watts. The coverage area is twice as good as most reflector series lights.

One slight downside is that the par rating isn’t as specific as it could be, there’s a contrast between the product listing and the manual that comes with the light. Additionally, the lifespan might not be as long as you think.


  • 2000-watt high-power performance
  • High par/lumen LED output
  • Powerful cooling features to reduce heat
  • Holes in the aluminium panel and glass to reduce convection


  • Par rating isn’t very accurate
  • Lifespan could be less than listed

Esbaybulbs E27 (Best Ergonomic Design)

The Esbaybulbs LED fan light is a powerful device with 414 bulbs and a 150-watt performance. Featuring 36 red, 18 blue, and 360 warm white lights, you can ensure that your plants get the right kind of sunlight support at all growth stages.

The full spectrum grow lights from Esbaybulbs are great for the amateur gardener or grower. Featuring an innovative fan design and stunning appearance, this light can spread nutrition over a huge volume of plant life without causing problems with dead angle illumination.

This Esbaybulbs LED grow light contains all the wavelengths of natural sunlight, giving plants the energy they need for faster growth. The system works with indoor plants in soil, hydroponics and more. Also, the shell behind the bulbs is made of aluminium, which is one of the most thermally conductive materials around.

Unfortunately, the accessories that come with this product aren’t great, as the glasses can be difficult to wear and uncomfortable. Additionally, there aren’t multiple button modes to suit different growth stages for your plants.


  • Excellent full spectrum performance
  • Works with all kinds of indoor vegetation
  • No issues with dead angle illumination
  • Shell made from aluminium for better head support for plants
  • Unique fan-style design


  • No button modes to adjust plant growth needs
  • Accessories aren’t the best quality

Woputne Bar (Best for Minimal Set)

The Woputne grow light bar is a convenient full-spectrum light and easy to use in any environment. These grow lights can support multiple uses, offering everything from help with optimal growth to stronger roots and regulated flowering times. There’s even a timing and memory function to make everything simpler, too.

This LED grow light is a fantastic choice for those who want a convenient way to promote plant health. The grow light works with potted plants, foliage, seedlings, and more. You can also set the light system to automatically turn off after a certain amount of time. The light repeats your setting for as long as you leave it on.

One convenient feature of this great value for money LED grow light is it comes with 4 dimmable brightness options. The 48 LED bulbs can meet your photosynthesis requirements perfectly. The whole light system is also easy to install, with strong circular magnets and screws to give you two mounting options.

Unfortunately, this light might not be the best for large plants or growing rooms.


  • Convenient multi-use LED grow light
  • 48 LEDs with four dimmable brightness settings
  • Easy to install with circular magnets and screws
  • Works with a wide range of plants
  • Automatically turns off after a specific period


  • Very small

Phlizon 1200W High-Power Series (Best Safety Profile)

The Phlizon 1200W high-power LED grow lights are a step up from the 600-watt version mentioned above. Designed to provide more coverage and power, the Phlizon comes complete with dual-chip LEDs and a fantastic Par/Lumen output.

One of the biggest benefits of Phlizon grow lighting LED products is that they come without a reflector, which reduces your risk level significantly.

The Phlizon LED lights provide your plant with a massive source of light for quick and healthy growth – regardless of the weather outside. The blue/red IR UV and white light ensure that you can mimic all the benefits of natural sunlight.

Well-designed and energy-efficient, these LED grow lights offer a 2-year guarantee. The biggest problem is that once again, the fans are a bit noisy. Plus, there’s no dual switch for veg and bloom.


  • No reflector to reduce the risk of catching fire
  • Massive and comprehensive light source
  • Mimics the full spectrum of natural light
  • Great value for money and doesn’t waste excess energy
  • 2-year guarantee


  • No veg and bloom switch
  • Fans for heat reduction are quite noisy

Roleadro 45W (Best Value)

For anyone in search of reliable and durable LED grow lamps for indoor plants, Roleadro’s high-performance full spectrum design could be an excellent solution. The backboard of these LED grow lights also features aluminium alloy for fast heat dissipation.

The Roleadro features 117 red and 52 blue chips to mimic the natural light of the sun. The smart system has no fans, which means that there’s no noise to worry about, but you’ll also have to make sure that you keep your LED lights grow room cool. You can use a portable air conditioner for this purpose.

These LED grow lights cover an area of about 1-2 metres squared, with a suggested installation height of up to 1 metre. Unfortunately, there’s no switch option for different growth stages. The designer suggests that the Roleadro is best for the seedling stage of the plant. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for cheap LED grow lights the UK market has to offer, it’s a good value for money.


  • Decent coverage area
  • No fan for quieter high-quality lights
  • Excellent during the seedling stage of growing
  • Simple and quick installation


  • No switch for different growth stages
  • No cooling included

King Plus 1000W (Best Cooling System)

With 10-watt double chips, the King Plus 1000W is another excellent option for people in search of brighter and more efficient lighting for indoor plants. This convenient grow light LED scientifically maintains a strong balance between Lumen/PAR output and coverage with a long lifespan.

The King Plus 1000W is an energy-efficient LED grow light that consumes about 185 watts. You also get a full spectrum light in yellow, white, blue, and red, which mimics the sunshine that plants usually get outside.

Additionally, the King Plus includes an efficient cooling system. The manufacturer suggests that customers can expect a reliable performance, with each LED using its own resistance to keep it working separately.


  • Energy-saving full-spectrum light
  • Multi-colour LED lights
  • Excellent cooling system for long-term performance
  • Each LED has its own resistance
  • 1000W performance


  • No separate settings for different growth stages

KINGBO Dual Optical Lens (Most Energy Efficient)

Looking for the sturdiest and most durable full spectrum LED grow light the UK has to offer? Then check out this LED grow light from KINGBO. The device comes with full-spectrum light functionality, and dual optical lenses to increase the amount of light output for your plants.

Designed to ensure high PAR and lumen output along with improved harvesting time, this LED grow light is a 12-band solution with key spectrum IR and UV light. It provides vegetables and plants with the light they need at all stages. The M300 compares to a traditional 400 watt MH while only consuming around 120 watts of power.

Another major bonus of these best LED grow lights from KINGBO is that they come with selectable veg and bloom switches. The veg switch is excellent for seeding, while the bloom switch is good for flowering.

On the downside, you won’t be able to grow a lot of vegetation in one space with this light. The fan is also quite noticeable and maybe disruptive for some.


  • Excellent PAR and lumen output
  • Improved harvesting time
  • 12-band solution with UV and IR spectrum light
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Veg and bloom switch included


  • Fan is quite noisy
  • Not a lot of coverage

Phlizon 1200w Double Switch (Best with Dual-Chip Bulbs)

Effective and durable, these full spectra grow lights from Phlizon come with unique features to help you get the most out of your plants. If you’re looking for the best LED grow lights with dual-chip bulbs and powerful PAR/Lumen output, this is the choice for you. There’s no light reflector, which means less risk, too.

This double-switch grow light promotes plant health, with universal blue-red IR UV, as well as plenty of warm white light. Another great bonus of this Phlizon light is that it comes with maximum energy-saving features. You can replace 800W HPS/MH while only consuming around 330 watts. The Phlizon is also more scientifically energy-efficient than MH and HPS HID.

Unfortunately, one issue with this product is that it’s difficult to get through to customer support. Some of the LED grow light reviews we read also mentioned a faulty power lead. Still, if you’re looking for the best LED grow light with a double switch, this won’t disappoint.


  • Good quality full-spectrum light
  • Excellent for a wide variety of plants
  • No reflector design for less risk
  • Only consumes around 330 watts of power


  • Can be difficult to get through to customer support
  • Some power lead issues

What LED Grow Lights Do Professional Growers Use?

The first step in choosing the best LED grow lights for your needs is deciding what kind of plants you’re going to be growing.

Remember, the primary purpose of a grow light is to provide the illumination that your plants need to photosynthesise and create energy. If you already have a chosen plant, do some research.

some tomato plants

Another thing to think about when looking into the best LED grow lights in the UK market is what kind of surface area coverage you need. If you plan to grow things in your home, then you might require plenty of space. In picking the best grow light, the watt LED level and the surface area it can cover, are crucial.

Remember, when checking the surface area, you’ll need to ensure that a large number of lights won’t cause too much heat in your growing area. Protect yourself from any excess heat that might increase your chances of a fire hazard.

Choosing the top LED grow lights isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Other points to consider include:


LED grow lights are cutting-edge solutions for growing indoor plants – particularly for biology greenhouse products. When you’re buying these grow lights, you’ll need to consider how durable they are. The construction needs to be high in quality.


The term PAR, or Photosynthetically Active Radiation, will often show up a lot when you’re choosing an LED light for your grow room. This is an alternative solution to sunlight that plants can use indoors. You need to ensure that your grow lights distribute the PAR evenly among your plants. This is why it’s crucial to look carefully at the surface area.text


Cooling System

LED grow lights can often overheat if you’re not careful. When shopping for grow lights, make sure that you have a cooling system in place to protect your home. Most LED grow lights come with cooling fans and systems built-in, although these can sometimes be a little noisy. Check for a suitable heat sink, too.

Picking Your LED Grow Lights

There are lots of different kinds of grow lights out there, and the best ones for you will depend on the kind of plants you chose to grow indoors.

Our favourite option is the Spider Farmer SF-1000 with its powerful light output and dimming feature. This energy-efficient light will help you to support your plants through various stages of the growth process. It is also full-spectrum and is fanless, so it works quietly, unlike other options.

Which of these best LED grow lights in the UK has caught your fancy? Please share your comments below.

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