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Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Shark NZ850UK Anti Hair Wrap Duo Clean
Lightweight Choice: GTech MK2 AirRam
Power-Saving Choice: Shark NZ850UK Anti Hair Wrap Duo Clean

Looking for the best upright vacuum cleaner UK market has to offer? You’ve come to the right place.

Choosing the ideal vacuum for your home isn’t as simple as it seems. Although you might think that the hundreds of options on the market mean that you have more freedom of choice, but consequently you’re going to have to spend some time going through all of them.

Upright vacuum cleaners are often a go-to choice for homeowners who don’t want to compromise on performance or suction power. While smaller handheld and portable vacuums have their charm, there’s nothing quite like an upright when you’re looking for versatile and excellent cleaning power. What’s more, with new technology appearing on the market all the time, it’s now easier than ever to find a vacuum cleaner that can pick up pet hair, eliminate allergens, and suck away dirt in seconds.

That being said, what’s right for a small room with limited carpeting won’t be ideal for a larger property with deep-pile rugs and numerous pets to think about.

If you’re keen to start spring-cleaning your home, but the idea of searching through scores of vacuum cleaners is leaving your head in a spin – you’re in luck. We’ve searched through thousands of upright vacuum cleaner reviews to bring you a carefully curated list of the ultimate cleaning options for your home.

Let’s take a look!

How We Compared Upright Vacuum Cleaners

upright vacuum cleaners collage

To find the right Upright vacuum cleaners we considered multiple factors including:

  • Bagged or bagless cleaner
  • Floor type
  • Deep cleaning
  • Accessories
  • Noise level
  • Ease of use
  • Easy maintenance
  • Filtering

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Shark NZ850UK Anti Hair Wrap Duo Clean (Editor’s Choice)

Shark NZ850UK Anti Hair Wrap Duo CleanThe Shark Anti Hair Wrap Duo Clean upright vacuum cleaner makes a great choice for anyone who has a lot of hair in their home, whether it be human or pet. It has a unique design that removes hair from the rolling brush while you clean, thanks to a special bristle guard near the suction inlet.

The Shark upright vacuum is easy to use and empty. It has swivel steering, an LED headlight, and features DuoClean technology that allows you to transition from hard floors to carpets and vice versa with no problem.

This vacuum is also great for homes with allergy sufferers. It comes equipped with an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal which helps lock allergens and dust inside the collection compartment until you remove it for dumping.

To increase versatility, the Shark has a Lift-Away design that turns your upright vacuum into a smaller, more portable size with the click of a button. The Lift-Away mode is good for cleaning underneath furniture, upholstery, stairs, and more.

We think the Shark could improve its design by lengthening the Lift-Away hose and making the Lift-Away less top-heavy. Also, it may not push super smoothly when it is not powered on. However, it has superior suction and due to all these benefits, we still think it makes an excellent choice for most homes.


  • Effortless transition from carpet to hard floors
  • Anti-hair wrap technology
  • Lift-Away design separates for portability
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal
  • Swivel steering


  • Vacuum hose may not be the longest
  • Lift-Away size may be top-heavy
  • Stickier rolling is possible when turned off
No products found.

2. GTech MK2 AirRam (Best Lightweight)

GTech MK2 AirRam 22vHere’s yet another up and coming brand that’s really making a name for itself in the UK these days. GTech delivers some of the most robust, yet lightweight upright vacuum cleaners on the market – particularly if you’re looking for something that can help you avoid tripping over cords.

The Mk2 AirRam means that you won’t be getting constantly tangled as you try to make your way around your home, and the professional Lithium-ion battery gives you plenty of runtime too. With every charge, you get about 40 minutes of run time.

The GTech AirRam is great for switching easily between hard floors and carpets, with no settings to switch through. Plus, it only weighs around 3.2kg when fully assembled, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble carrying it around. The powered brush floor head will even help you to pick up larger pieces of debris without too much trouble. Additionally, edge-cleaning technology helps to pick up hard-to-reach debris, too.

This upright vacuum cleaner even comes with an easy-to-empty bin, so you don’t have to spend too much time fussing over your hoover in between cleaning cycles. Simply slide the ejector arm forward and you’ll be free from and dirt in no time – with no horrible clouds of muck to worry about. Although the construction is a little simplistic, it’s still very robust, and you can always get support from the customer service team if you need it.

The overall feel and appearance of the cordless vacuum could do with some work however, as it does look a little cheap and unattractive. Nevertheless, we are dubbing this model as our best lightweight upright vacuum cleaner.


  • Lightweight design is easy to move
  • Lithium-Ion battery with 40 minutes of charge
  • Excellent cordless cleaning performance
  • Edge-cleaning technology and rotating brush head
  • Easy canister-emptying option


  • Not quite as sturdy as you might get from other upright vacuums
  • Lack of cord means slightly less power and limited run times
  • Not a very attractive design

3. Vax U85-AS-Be Air Stretch (Power-Saving Choice)

vax-u85-as-be-air-stretchSometimes, finding the ideal vacuum cleaner means finding something you can rely on to deliver an excellent result, without costing a fortune. The Vax Air is a vacuum cleaner that puts performance and functionality first.

It has one of the longest-reaching cables in the UK, which means that you can reach up to 17 metres of floor space throughout your home at any given time, all with a powerful 70mph airflow, too.

No matter how far you go or how long you clean for, the Vax Air will maintain its powerful suction performance, even if you decide to whip out the extension hose and the 3-in-1 suction tool for above-floor cleaning. This impressive multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner also only weighs in at around 5 kg which means that it’s easy to lift if you need to carry it up and down the stairs.

The Vax Air Stretch also comes with a long extension hose, and a one-year guarantee to give you peace of mind while you’re cleaning. It might not be the most high-tech vacuum on the market today, but it comes with everything you need to get into the corners and nooks around your home. Plus, with an A-grade energy rating, you can rest assured that you won’t be over-spending on electricity.

One area where the Vax Air struggles to compete with the best upright vacuum cleaners is in cord management. There’s no way to stow the cord carefully without taking ages to wind and unwind it by yourself. You’ll also find that the machine is a bit fiddly when it comes to using the hose, too.


  • 17-metre cord for incredible distance reach
  • 1-year guarantee included
  • Extension hose and 3-in-1 cleaning tool
  • 5 kg lightweight performance
  • No loss of suction power anywhere


  • Annoying manual cord maintenance
  • Difficult to use the extension hose
  • A bit fiddly compared to other upright vacuums

4. Shark with Pet Power Brush (Convertible Option)

shark-nv681uktIf you’ve only got limited space in your home, then you don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune on a huge vacuum cleaner. All you need is something that’s going to help you keep your property looking and smelling fantastic.

For people who only want something compact, the Shark Upright cleaner with pet power brush could be the perfect option. The pet turbo tool attachment ensures that you still have all the suction power you need to get rid of difficult to remove pet hair, even if your vacuum isn’t huge.

Additionally, like most Shark vacuum cleaners, the device comes with a powered lift-away module so you can turn your upright into a handheld vacuum for your stairs, furniture, and other problematic areas. Although such a small upright vacuum, this machine has power by the bucket load, making it excellent for carpets and hard floor types. Plus, there’s swivel steering included too.

Shark is so convinced about the premium functionality of their upright vacuum cleaners, that they’ll even give you a 5-year warranty – which is so much more than you’d get from the majority of manufacturers. The warranty gives peace of mind in your investment, so you can rest assured that you’ve got a great vacuum for years to come.

Problems with this vacuum cleaner are limited, but it’s worth noting that the dust container isn’t as large as it could be, which means that you might be running backwards and forwards to empty it out. Plus, the unit is quite a bit heavier than some other options.


  • Vacuum with extra suction power for pet hair
  • Powered lift-away performance for multi-function cleaning
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty included
  • Powerful suction on carpets and hard floors
  • Enhanced swivel steering


  • Small dust container needs to be regularly cleaned
  • Not ideal weight-wise, quite a heavy machine
  • The hose clip isn’t very reliable

5. SEBO 91506GB Automatic X7 Extra (Best High-Tech Option)

sebo-91506gb-automaticIf you’re really willing to go above and beyond to find the right upright vacuum, then you might venture into some of the more high-tech areas of the market. This SEBO Automatic X7 cleaner has some of the best upright hoover reviews that we had seen during our search, which is no surprise when you consider the amount of power that comes with it.

With an 890-watt motor and a computer-controlled system for enhanced cleaning, the SEBO really does have it all. There’s S-class filtration built into the machine, as well as a powered height adjustment feature. What’s more, upholstery and crevice nozzles come included as standard. The hose system and integrated wand mean that you can virtually tackle just about any area of your home.

This SEBO model comes with a pack of air fresheners, as well as a 5-year parts and labour warranty for domestic use. As one of the most unique high-tech vacuums on the market, the SEBO uses computer technology to get rid of blockages, protect your machine, and ensure long carpet life. There are few upright vacuums quite this intelligent on the market.

Sometimes, the SEBO X7 upright vacuum cleaners can gradually begin to lose suction power the more that you use them. However, it takes a lot of work, and a significant amount of time for this to happen – usually more than a year. Surprisingly, this machine is also very lightweight, but it’s not great at staying upright, it tends to fall over when you’re using the hose.


  • S class filtration and exceptional suction
  • Powered height adjustment feature
  • 890-watt motor and computer-controlled system
  • 5-year parts and labour warranty
  • SEBO air fresheners included
  • Easy blockage clearance


  • Falls over very easily when using the hose
  • Lightweight – feels less robust
  • Gradually loses suction over the years.

6. Vax Mach Air Cleaner (Best Value)

vax-mach-airIf you’re searching for the best upright vacuum cleaner that you can rely on to get the job done without damaging your bank account too badly, then the Vax Mach Air is a good choice.

This state-of-the-art cleaner is lightweight powerful, and brimming with extra features to simplify the cleaning process. For instance, there’s a 1.5-litre dust container included, so you won’t need to spend as much time clearing out your vacuum.

The multi-cyclonic technology in the Vax Mach Air ensures that you get the ultimate suction on virtually any terrain, including hard floors and carpets. There’s no loss of suction power as you move around the house. Additionally, it’s lightweight enough that you should be able to carry the device up and downstairs with ease. Furthermore, the Vac Mach Air comes with a crevice and dusting tool to help you get hard-to-reach dirt.

For above-the-floor cleaning, the Mach Air provides a detachable handle which can connect to the hose. This allows you to clean your stairs, curtains and other hard-to-manage areas more easily. Plus, you can enjoy a brilliant energy efficiency rating too. The Mach Air is an Energy Star A-rated model, so you won’t be using huge amounts of electricity with every clean.

There’s a 1-year guarantee included for people who need a little extra peace of mind. Just keep in mind that it’s a little stiff and not as easy to move around as some of the other upright vacuum cleaners on this list come with enhanced manoeuvrability. Additionally, it’s a little bit more difficult than it needs to be to get attachments on and off.


  • Powerful multi-cyclonic vacuum performance
  • 1.5L dust canister capacity – for less time emptying your hoover
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • 2-in-1 dusting and brush tool included
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Slightly flimsy in some areas when it comes to construction quality
  • Stiff and difficult to move sometimes
  • Not easy to detach and attach tools and accessories

7. Shark NV801UKT (Best Anti-Allergen)

shark-nv801uktPower isn’t everything, but it’s pretty important when you’re looking for the best upright hoover to help you tackle messes left behind by pets and children. There’s only so much you can do with a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have the suction power to deal with ground-in dirt, for instance. However, the Shark Upright vacuum cleaner here doesn’t make you compromise on power or performance. Though a little more expensive than other Shark vacuums, this product gives you unbeatable results every time.

Whether you’re removing pet hair, dust, or other hard-to scrub dirt from your carpets, this Shark upright vacuum cleaner has virtually everything covered. What’s more, it transforms into a powered hand-held hoover if you want to address things like stairs and underneath furniture. For carpet and various floor types, the Shark gives you excellent manoeuvrability. Additionally, this powerful vacuum comes with Shark DuoClean rotating brush which draw large debris, small particles and more into your hoover with ease.

Designed with simple swivel steering and an 8-metre cord so you have more space to work with, the Shark is brimming with features that make cleaning less of a chore. What’s more, you can enjoy full cleaning performance consistently, without a loss of powerful suction as the canister begins to fill. Just keep in mind that this machine is quite heavy – but that’s often the price of power.

If you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner, this might not be the ideal choice. If you need something that really gets the job done, give the Shark DuoClean a try.


  • Power brush attachment – ideal for pet hair
  • Powered lift-away feature for multi-function
  • Carpet and hard floor cleaning power
  • Excellent construction and robust performance
  • Powerful suction and easy to manoeuvre
  • HEPA filters


  • Heavier than other upright vacuum cleaners
  • Receptacle needs cleaning regularly
  • Can fall over quite easily

8. Shark NV601UKT (Best for Tight Places)

shark-nv601ukt-blueThere are a lot of well-known names in the vacuum cleaning industry. One of the most recent companies to start making an impact on today’s customers is Shark. Known for delivering not just great suction, but budget-friendly prices too, the Shark brand delivers time and time again for today’s homeowners. As probably the best upright vacuum cleaner that we’ve tried this year, it can handle everything from ground-in dirt to pesky pet hair.

The Shark upright vacuum cleaner comes with a stretchable hose to help you reach those difficult-to-clean areas around your home, like behind bookshelves and in between cushions. Plus, if you want to spruce up your curtains, furnishings, and other high-up areas, the Shark Upright also converts into a handheld vacuum too. That means that you’re essentially getting two cleaners in one.

In terms of power, this upright vacuum cleaner delivers state-of-the-art suction on hard floors and carpets alike. The intuitive swivel steering will ensure that you can sweep around your home in no time, and there’s only a small amount of noise to worry about too – just 80 decibels. With a 5-year warranty included, you’re sure to feel confident in your investment.

So, what’s the downside? Well, if you have a cat or a dog that does a lot of shedding, then the brushes can get clogged up with hair. However, that can be the case with many fibre-based brushes. Additionally, the canister fills up quite quickly if you have kids or pets.


  • 2-in-1 excellent cleaning performance with a lift-away handheld, great for pet hair
  • Powerful suction on carpets and hard floor types
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty included for peace of mind
  • Extended reach and attachments with a 2.5m hose
  • Excellent functionality – moves around corners in seconds


  • Can get clogged with pet hair quite easily
  • Cable is a little shorter than some people would like
  • Canister fills quickly if you have pets or children

9. Dyson 330 Ball Animal 2 Cleaner (Luxury Choice)

dyson-330-ball-animal-2If you’re looking for serious no-compromise cleaning performance, then the Dyson Ball Animal 2 could be the best upright bagless vacuum cleaner for you. One of the most powerful upright vacuums on the market, this device comes with the functionality you need to tackle carpets and hard floors easily. It’s one of the most reliable units around for deep cleaning and any home with kids or pets.

The ball technology built into this bagless Dyson hoover makes it particularly easy to move around. You can swivel between chairs and furniture with ease and the ball technology also means that you can get into the most complicated spaces without hurting your hand or your arms. There’s also a built-in Epicyclic technology for a stronger pick-up experience.

The powerful rotating brush works more deeply into carpets than the average vacuum cleaner, so you can pick up microscopic dust and get rid of anything that might worsen the condition of allergy sufferers. Plus, the brush is specifically designed not to get tangled up in pet hair. To make your life a little bit easier, the Dyson Ball also comes with a quick-release feature for emptying the dust canister. Just hit a button, and you’re done. Plus, the wand handle attachment rotates in 3 separate directions, allowing for 360 degrees of articulation and greater control overall.

It has a combination tool and a stair tool included for greater functionality. However, where the Dyson Ball excels in performance, it can struggle slightly in other areas. The flexible crevice tool is a little difficult to use, and the machine can be hard to assemble too.


  • Free Flexi crevice instrument included
  • Ball technology for easy steering
  • Epicyclic motorized floor head for better deep cleaning
  • Tangle-free brush bar is excellent for households with pets
  • Root cyclone technology captures even ground-in dirt


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not very easy to use the built-in tools
  • Hard to push due to excessive suction power

10. Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO02 (Best Bin Capacity)

hoover-breeze-evoFinally, it’s hard to do a review of the best upright vacuum cleaner without, at least, giving a shout-out to the brand that most people associate with cleaning their home. Hoover is one of the best-known brands in the UK market for vacuum cleaners, and they’ve built an excellent reputation over the years for their functionality and ease of use.

The Hoover Breeze Evo is just one of the latest models on the market, equipped with a generously sized 3-litre bin that’s easy to empty in moments. Unlike other upright vacuum cleaners that have you running back and forward to the trash every few minutes, the Evo should be able to handle your entire house without you needing to empty it at all.

Additionally, the 4.5-metre stretch hose means that you should be able to clean a standard set of 13 stairs without having to drag your vacuum around with you. The adjustable brush bar is another nifty feature, as you can change its functionality to suit different floor types. You can even deep-clean carpets with various pile lengths, or glide over hard floors with ease using the brush bar.

The Breeze Evo is also ideal for households with pets and children. There’s a mini turbo brush included with rotating bristles that can dislodge embedded hair and other dirt from carpets and cushions easily, so you don’t have to spend as long going over the same patch in your house. There’s also above-floor cleaning available, with a long crevice tool that gets into the tightest spaces with ease. The dusting brush is also useful for various chores.

This bagless vacuum is guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months after you’ve registered it. Moreover, there’s a handy extension tube that gives you longer reach when you’re cleaning cobwebs out of the corners of your ceilings or dusting off your blinds. The suction power isn’t quite as great as some of the upright vacuum cleaners on this list. Likewise, the adapter for the stairs needs improvement, but all around it’s a fantastic bagless vacuum.


  • Excellent large capacity dust container (3 litres)
  • Stair cleaning simplicity with 4.5-metre hose
  • Adjustable brush bar for deeper cleaning on any floor
  • Great for households with pets and children
  • Wide range of accessories included
  • 12-month guarantee


  • Bit difficult and uncomfortable to use
  • Not great at giving the deepest quality of clean
  • Not a very good stair adapter

What is the Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner for You?

Finding the ideal upright vacuum cleaner isn’t easy.

When you first started searching for a vacuum, the first thing you had to do was decide what kind of model you needed. After all, there are plenty of other options besides upright machines, including handheld models, canister cleaners, and so much more. You probably thought that choosing an upright vacuum cleaner meant that the hard work was done, and all you needed to do now was check out a handful of studies and be on your way.

Unfortunately, with so many different vendors on the market and everyone claiming that their upright vacuum cleaners are the best and most reliable in the world, making a good decision is easier said than done. Even after reading our evaluation above, you might still need some extra help with your shopping journey.

What to Look for in Your New Vacuum Cleaner

vacuuming-the-kitchen-floorAs you probably noticed above, today’s upright vacuum cleaners come in a range of different designs, shapes, and even colours. What matters most is rarely what your vacuum cleaner looks like, or even the brand of the manufacturer that makes it. Instead, you need to focus on the kind of performance that you’re going to get from your new investment.

To make them more efficient and effective, today’s upright vacuums come with a variety of features and add-on capabilities intended to make getting rid of dust and allergens less of a chore for you and your family. Upright vacuum cleaners are particularly good at cleaning pet hair, so it’s worth keeping that in mind while you’re shopping too.

You might even be interested in finding a vacuum cleaner that’s going to give you the best clean without taking up too much energy. In that case, you’ll need to look for a vacuum cleaner that’s both effective, and A-rated for energy. Other features you can think about include whether you want a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner. On the one hand, corded vacuum cleaners give you more performance reliability and durability. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about rushing around your house in a hurry trying to get everything done before the battery runs out.

On the other hand, cordless models ensure that you can deal with the hard work of cleaning your home without tripping over cords and wires. If you do go for a cordless vacuum, make sure that you get one with plenty of battery life.

Features to Consider

Upright vacuum cleaners are packed full of features and functionality to transform the average home into a dust-free oasis. However, the kind of results that you get from your new investment will depend on the vacuum cleaner you choose. For instance, a cleaner with a motorized brush floor head will be able to clean your carpets far more efficiently than something powered exclusively by suction. The brush will be able to dig deeper into the fabrics of your curtains or carpets and to lift embedded dust and dirt.

You’ll also need to consider whether you need a model with adjustable pile-height options if you have a variety of carpets to deal with. Other features to consider include:

a. Bagged or Bagless Cleaner

vintage bagged cleanersMost people today will opt for a bagless vacuum over one with a bag, as it’s much easier to clean their vacuum out this way. You’ll also save on the cost of constantly purchasing new bags for your machine. However, the dust and mess of emptying a bagless vacuum can be a problem for people with asthma or allergy sufferers. Keep that in mind when making your choice.

b. Floor Type

If you have a hardwood floor, bare floor, or solid surface, then you’re going to need a vacuum that can handle hardwood just as well as carpet. Some upright vacuums struggle with hard flooring and can make it more likely that you’ll end up with scuffs and scratches. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for a cleaner you can use in all of the rooms throughout your house – not just the carpeted spaces.

c. Deep Cleaning

If you have a lot of carpets that are exposed to children, pets, and other causes of dirt, then you’re going to need something that can dig down into the carpet and pull up dust and dirt. Some of the more powerful upright vacuum cleaners come with motorized brushes to help with this. Also, there may be additional features you can look into as well, including dirt sensors, or automatic height adjustment options.

d. Accessories

Speaking of extra features for your vacuum cleaner, most of the upright vacuum cleaners on the market today will come with some basic accessories included – such as crevice cleaning tools to help you get in between sofa cushions. You might be able to get vacuums with a hose to help you reach higher areas too. The best vacuum for you will be one that comes with all the accessories you need to tackle the cleaning challenges in your home.

e. Noise level

Ultimately, we’ve yet to find a vacuum cleaner that isn’t noisy at all when it’s sucking up dirt and dust from around your home. However, there are some models on the market that have far less noise to worry about than others. If you don’t want to end up with a headache by the time that you’re finished cleaning, it’s important to look for something with a low decibel level of noise.

f. Ease of Use

vacuuming-stairs-with-a-handheldA great vacuum cleaner isn’t just powerful, it’s also easy to use. Look for something that’s going to be easy for you to push around the house. This means searching for things like great manoeuvrability and a lightweight design that you can carry up and down the stairs if necessary. Some vacuums even break apart so you can enjoy a 2-in-1 performance with an upright vacuum cleaner and a handheld machine.

g. Easy Maintenance

A vacuum cleaner, even a budget-friendly one, is an expensive investment. Make sure that the model you choose is easy to maintain. Something that needs to be constantly updated and cleaned might not be great for your needs. It’s also worth checking whether you can get a warranty with your machine for peace of mind.

h. Filtering

Almost every vacuum cleaner on the market today will be able to clean surfaces and get rid of dust. However, you might want something that can also cut down on the degree of allergens in your home too. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters could be an excellent way to transform the quality of life in your home for you and your family.

Choosing Your New Vacuum Cleaner

Like most purchases today, finding the best upright vacuum cleaner will be a personal experience that requires you to think carefully about what you need for your family and your home. No two homes will necessarily need the same cleaning equipment, as the perfect vacuum cleaner for you might not be the same as the ideal hoover for someone with a smaller property, more carpets, or more pets to think about.

With so many names and models to consider in the marketplace today, it’s a good idea to get an in-depth overview of what’s available in your area before you commit to any specific model. That’s why upright vacuum cleaner reviews like the ones above can be so helpful. They give you an insight into what your new vacuum cleaner will be like before you start spending your money.

For us, the most impressive vacuum cleaner on the market right now is the Shark NZ850UK Anti Hair Wrap Duo Clean – our Editor’s Choice. Designed by one of the well-respected brands in the industry, the Shark NZ850UK makes it easier to clean all parts of your home, even those tight and awkward areas. With its Anti-Hair Wrap technology, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal, and DuoClean floorhead, you’ve got all you need to deal with hairy carpets or dusty nook and cranny. Plus, it comes equipped with crevice and multi-surface tools, as well as LED headlights for all-around cleaning performance.

Your purchase also includes a long 5-year guarantee when you register the device with Shark. If you’re looking for versatility and reliable performance that will last a lifetime, it’s hard to compete with the functionality offered by Shark NZ850UK.

What’s your favourite vacuum cleaner on the market today? Let us know in the comment section.

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