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Best Waste Disposal Units of 2023

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Top 8 Best Waste Disposal Units

  1. InSinkErator Model 56 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. InSinkErator Evolution 200 S (Luxury Choice)
  3. HIP Silver (Best Value)
  4. WasteMaid Elite (Best Easy to Install)
  5. InSinkErator Evolution 100 S (Quietest)
  6. ReaseJoy 2600 RPM 1/2 HP (Best Basic)
  7. InSinkErator 77971T Model 66
  8. Moen 1/2 Horsepower GX Series

Garbage disposal units are becoming more common in UK households. They are incredibly effective and help you create less food waste. Instead of simply throwing food waste like chicken bones into your bins, waste disposal units grind it to fine particles and flush it into your drains.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, we have found the best waste disposal unit and seven other suitable options for your consideration. We have also included a comprehensive buying guide plus important tips to help you choose the right product for your household.

How We Compared Waste Disposal Units

To find the right food waste disposal unit, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Installation process
  • Noise levels
  • Type of garbage disposal unit (I.e. Batch feed or Continuous feed)
  • Grinding efficiency
  • Power method

Our editorial team examined and analysed hundreds of appliances to select the best options suitable for all kinds of needs. After planning comparison points and evaluating customer reviews, we compiled the following list.

Have a look here to find out more about our process.

Waste Disposal Unit Reviews

InSinkErator Model 56 (Editor’s Choice)

Our pick for the best waste disposal unit UK stores have to offer is the InSinkErator Model 56. This is a high-quality garbage disposal unit that has many good features. These include quiet operation via sound-reduction technology, a large 980ml grinding capacity, and a simple one-stage grind process.

The motor is relatively powerful at 0.55HP and should be able to cope with most food waste to a certain size. It also features single-stage grinding for a fine grind.

It also includes an air switch, making it easy to use. This is connected via a tube and can be fitted onto your kitchen surface next to the sink.

This is an excellent food waste disposal unit, but it may not be perfect or one of the most powerful garbage disposals available. For example, some customers have found items missing on delivery. Also, you may find that certain food items occasionally do not grind properly.


  • Uses quiet sound reduction technology to reduce the noise
  • It has a large 980ml capacity grinding chamber
  • It also has a built-in air switch for easy operation
  • Can grind most food waste except stringy and fibrous items
  • 1-stage grinding for a finer grind


  • May arrive with a missing top plug
  • Could struggle with some food items like sweet corn

InSinkErator Evolution 200 S (Luxury Choice)

The InSinkErator Evolution 200 S has some of the best grinding technology available. It has a three-grinding stage process that results in a fine grind.

In terms of noise, this waste disposal unit is quiet and stated to be 60% quieter than other standard models.

As with other InSinkErator model units, this model is easy to install and relatively small too. It measures 344x234mm, and the grinding chamber is an ample 1180ml.

These waste disposal units also use minimum water and power and have an included air switch to install on your kitchen top. The unit can fit a sink with a standard 90mm hole.

This is a superior waste disposal unit, but according to waste disposal unit reviews in the UK, it could have a few small issues. Firstly, some customers have found damage on the plastic casing. Also, the power switch could work intermittently when pressed.


  • It uses a three-stage grinding process for better results
  • Suitable for larger households due to the 1180ml chamber
  • It should be 60% quieter than other waste disposal units
  • Easy to install and connect to waste pipe
  • The grinding chamber is made from stainless steel


  • May arrive with a damaged plastic casing
  • You may find that the power switch can be intermittent

HIP Silver (Best Value)

The HIP Waste disposal unit is a great value option and includes an air switch, which means it can be operated from your kitchen top instead of continually reaching under your sink unit.

The motor shaft and grinding plate are made from high-grade stainless steel. This improves durability and also reduces the chance of rust. We also like that the grinding unit uses no knives or blades. Instead, it uses lugs on a spinning plate – this system is much safer and is out of reach too.

This waste disposal unit should only use around 6 litres of water per day on average, making it highly efficient.

This garbage disposal unit is a good option, but some customers have found issues with water leaking. Also, the air pump tube may be a little tricky to install and connect.


  • The motor shaft is made from high-grade stainless steel
  • The grinding system uses no sharp blades for improved safety
  • Includes an air switch which can be installed on your kitchen top
  • Low average energy usage of 6 watts per day
  • Includes a bio guard for anti-bacterial protection


  • May have issues with water leaking
  • The air pump tube may be difficult to connect

WasteMaid Elite (Best Easy to Install)

Installation of waste disposal units can sometimes be tricky; this is why the WasteMade Elite is a good choice. It has a standardised design and features that should easily fit with most standard sink configurations with a standard 90mm waste hole.

The WasteMaid Elite is a continuous feed waste disposal unit, and it has a motor and system that is capable of grinding smaller food into fine particles.

We also like that it has a bio shield antimicrobial protection, a special type of anti-bacterial guard that helps reduce the potential growth of harmful bacteria. The unit is also slim and should fit even under smaller sink units.

This kitchen waste disposal unit is a good choice, but it may not be perfect. For example, it may struggle to properly grind larger food items.


  • Works with multiple food items like eggshells and vegetable peelings
  • Should fit all sinks with a standard 90mm hole
  • Uses a continuous feed method
  • Includes a special bio shield antimicrobial guard
  • The disposal unit is slimline


  • It may struggle with larger food waste items
  • The colour may be too bright for some

InSinkErator Evolution 100 S (Quietest)

If noise is a primary concern for you, then the InSinkErator Evolution 100 S is a great option to consider, as this is one of the quietest waste disposal units available. Due to its casing and quiet motor, it is advertised as 40% quieter than most standard waste disposal units.

Despite this, the motor is still incredibly powerful and is capable of grinding most food types apart from fibrous foods. We also like that it has a large 1005ml grinding chamber. This means it is suitable for larger families with children.

For grinding, this model also has a two-stage system. This means that it gives a finer grind and should be less likely to cause any blockages.

This sink food disposal unit may not be perfect, however. Some customers have reported damaged units on delivery – particularly damage to the casing.


  • The grinding system has two stages for a superior process
  • It is a larger unit with a chamber capacity of 1005ml
  • It can easily be installed on new or existing kitchen sinks
  • Has a separate switch that can be installed on your kitchen sink top
  • No blades or knives in this food waste disposal unit


  • Some waste disposal units may be damaged on delivery
  • It might be quite bulky for some

ReaseJoy 2600 RPM 1/2 HP (Best Basic)

If you are looking for a basic garbage disposal unit on the UK market, the ReaseJoy 2600MP 1/2 HP Household Food Waste Disposer is a good choice. This waste disposer is made from quality components, including durable 304 stainless steel blades and a high-density alloy grinding chamber.

For added convenience, it should also have a low noise rating of less than 20bd. The locking system to secure the garbage disposal unit in place also has three lock points. This helps greatly reduce vibration and thus further reduce noise.

This food waste disposal unit has a removable splash baffle for easy maintenance and cleaning. It is also easy to use due to the air switch that can be installed on your kitchen work surface.

Although this is a great waste disposal unit, it could have a few minor issues. Firstly, some customers have found that the unit could sometimes overheat. Also, the screws for the mounting section could be difficult to install.


  • It has a high-speed motor at 2600RPM for higher grinding efficiency
  • It has a stainless steel grinding chamber and blades
  • Should have low noise levels of below 20db
  • The splash baffler is removable and easy to clean
  • The motor is capable of grinding food into 2mm pieces or smaller


  • The waste disposal unit may overheat eventually
  • You could find that some of the screws for the mounting assembly are difficult to install

InSinkErator 77971T Model 66

This InSinkErator model 66 waste disposal unit is one of the simpler, smaller models, but it still has a powerful motor and a decent chamber capacity for smaller households of 980ml. This could be the perfect waste disposer for a couple or for those who live alone.

The grinding system is made from durable stainless steel, and the motor power is 0.75HP. It also has a host of useful features for operation, including an air switch, automatic flow and reverse settings, an overload switch, and a hex key to help with any blockages.

The air switch hole must be 33mm, and the waste disposer has a standard connection that can connect to your dishwasher wastewater pipe.

This disposal unit may have some small problems, however. Firstly, although the installation is simple, it is relatively time-consuming. Also, the installation may be hampered somewhat by the lack of detail in the instructions.


  • Decent chamber capacity of 980ml
  • The grinding components are made from stainless steel
  • It has a simple guard to prevent backsplash that can also be cleaned
  • Includes an air switch that can fit in a 33ml diameter hole
  • It has a 0.75HP motor for efficient grinding


  • This installation isn’t difficult, but it may be time-consuming
  • Some may find the installation instructions lacking in detail

Moen 1/2 Horsepower GX Series

The Moen garbage disposal unit is a continuous feed model and has a powerful 2600RPM permanent magnet motor: this gives an excellent grinding speed for everyday household foods and tougher items like fish bones.

You should also find the installation simple as it has a Universal Xpress Mount System. This fits most 3-bolt sink assemblies.

This waste disposer also has a special sound shield for extra insulation to reduce the noise output. We also like that the power chord is pre-installed, which saves time during the installation.

This is a great waste disposal unit, but some customers have found the packaging to be damaged as if the product was re-packaged. Also, due to the motor’s power, you may notice that your sink vibrates.


  • Fast grinding speed due to the powerful 2600RPM motor
  • It has a universal mounting system for quick installation
  • It also has a pre-installed power chord
  • Includes a sound shield on the casing to reduce noise
  • Uses a continuous feed system


  • Packaging could arrive damaged
  • You could find that it makes your sink vibrate during operation

How to Choose the Best Sink Waste Disposal Unit

You may still feel overwhelmed by the different food waste disposers available. We understand this! To help reduce potential confusion, we have created a simple buying guide with important considerations below.


device that shreds food scraps

The installation is one of the most important considerations. Waste disposal units are not simple devices that can just be plugged in.

The installation has several components: the air switch, the waste disposal unit itself, and the outlet pipe.

Most waste disposal units have an air switch. This is a cabled switch that can be installed on your kitchen top. Usually, this requires cutting a hole in your kitchen work surface so that you can feed through the power cable connecting the air switch

You then must have a means of securing the switch to your kitchen top. The unit itself generally secures to the underside of your sink flange, and this isn’t the most difficult part. However, you must have enough space for the waste disposal unit to fit.

Lastly, there is typically a pipe that must be connected to the waste disposal pipe of your kitchen sink: this is where the tiny particles of ground food are disposed of. Some people may not be comfortable connecting this themselves and could seek the help of a plumber.

Noise Produced

Due to the mechanisms, the blades, and the power of the motors, disposal units are typically noisy. This is a difficult aspect to escape – it’s just the nature of the product.

However, you should still look at the noise produced and if the disposal unit has any special features to help reduce noise pollution.

For example, some food waste disposal units have special noise-cancelling shields that surround the motor. Also, some have special technology and systems designed to reduce the overall noise produced. You can usually find the noise level in the product specifications in decibels.

Grinding Efficiency

The efficiency and power of the grinding system are highly important.

This is first affected by the power of the motor itself. The motor power is usually listed in RPM or HP. The higher the number, the more powerful the motor is. The more powerful the motor, the more effective it theoretically is at grinding food.

The grinding system is also crucial. Some waste disposal units use blades or knives, whereas others use grinding plates. Both are effective, but generally, grinding plates are seen as the safer method.

Batch Feed vs Continuous Feed Disposal

hand pushing food onto disposer

There are two main types of garbage disposal units – batch feed models and continuous feed models.

Batch feed models are less common. They do not have a continuous operation. Instead, you place food waste inside the garbage disposal unit in batches.

You usually place a plug over the hole for each batch and then turn the unit on. It is a slower process, but it is also considered safer.

In contrast, a continuous feed model has an on/off switch. When you turn the motor on, the grinding system is continuously working. This makes garbage disposal in the UK much quicker, but it can also be more dangerous.


We hope you have found this guide on selecting the most suitable waste disposal for your needs beneficial. A garbage disposal unit is a brilliant appliance for your kitchen. It is an environmentally friendly tool that helps reduce stress and the use of landfill sites. Also, it makes food preparation and cooking that much quicker.

Any of the waste disposal units listed above make an excellent choice. However, our top pick is the InSinkErator Model 56. This unit has everything. Firstly, it has a powerful motor, an efficient grinding system, and low noise operation. Secondly, it is easy to install and convenient to use due to the optional air switch.

How did you find our reviews? Let us know and leave a comment below!

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