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Best Induction Pan Reviews UK 2023 – How Good Are They For Cooking?

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

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Editor’s Choice
Choice with Comfortable Handle
Best Stackable Choice
Circulon Premier Professional Induction Hob Pan Set of 5 - Non Stick Pots and Pans Set with Glass...
Tefal Comfort Max, Pan Set, 14cm Milkpan, 16cm & 18cm Saucepans with Lids, 20cm & 24cm Frying Pans,...
Tefal Ingenio Expertise Pots & Pans Set, 13 Pieces, Stackable, Removable Handle, Space Saving,...
Circulon Premier Professional Induction Hob Pan Set of 5 - Non Stick Pots and Pans Set with Glass...
Tefal Comfort Max, Pan Set, 14cm Milkpan, 16cm & 18cm Saucepans with Lids, 20cm & 24cm Frying Pans,...
Tefal Ingenio Expertise Pots & Pans Set, 13 Pieces, Stackable, Removable Handle, Space Saving,...
Editor’s Choice
Circulon Premier Professional Induction Hob Pan Set of 5 - Non Stick Pots and Pans Set with Glass...
Circulon Premier Professional Induction Hob Pan Set of 5 - Non Stick Pots and Pans Set with Glass...
Choice with Comfortable Handle
Tefal Comfort Max, Pan Set, 14cm Milkpan, 16cm & 18cm Saucepans with Lids, 20cm & 24cm Frying Pans,...
Tefal Comfort Max, Pan Set, 14cm Milkpan, 16cm & 18cm Saucepans with Lids, 20cm & 24cm Frying Pans,...
Best Stackable Choice
Tefal Ingenio Expertise Pots & Pans Set, 13 Pieces, Stackable, Removable Handle, Space Saving,...
Tefal Ingenio Expertise Pots & Pans Set, 13 Pieces, Stackable, Removable Handle, Space Saving,...

Induction hobs are becoming increasingly popular, both with home users and professional chefs. This magnetic method of cooking is quick and super-effective, but requires the use of dedicated cookware, as your standard pots and pans may not be compatible. If you are on the hunt for the best induction pans for your kitchen, it can be tough to know where to start. There is a huge range of options to choose from, all promising to be the right choice for your needs.

But how do you determine which one to take home? Our induction pans review collection takes a look at the popular cookware sets on the market today; so you can spend less time shopping and more time cooking delicious meals for you and your family.

How We Compared Induction Pans

To find the right induction pans we considered multiple factors including:

  • Materials
  • Size
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Weight
  • Oven Safe

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Top 9 Best Induction Pan Reviews

1. Circulon Premier Professional (Editor’s Choice)

With its hard anodised exterior, this induction hob pan set can take a lot of abuse in the kitchen – perfect if you’re less than gentle with your cookware.

An excellent aspect of this set is its interior groove system and non-stick coating reduce any nicks or marks that you might get when scooping out food, thus keeping your pans looking and performing like new. This also means you can skip the oil completely, creating healthier, lower fat meals without any sticking.

Heat is spread evenly across the pan surface, so you can be sure your food will be cooked through perfectly, without any troublesome hot or cold spots. Furthermore, once you’re finished, you can skip the washing up by simply putting the pan in the dishwasher.

Unfortunately, the non-stick coating may start flaking off after a few months, so you may find bits in your meal. Moreover, the pan body is lighter than the handles, so you’ll need to be careful that they don’t topple over if unbalanced.

Lastly, the lids don’t fit perfectly and may result in drips onto your hob if the contents are allowed to boil violently.



  • Interior groove system reduces scratches and the need for oil.
  • Non-stick coating makes cooking at high-temperatures easier.
  • Pans heat quickly and evenly without any hot/cold spots.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Tough, hard anodised design.


  • Can feel unbalanced.
  • Lids don’t fit perfectly – so may drip when boiling.
  • Non-stick coating may begin flaking with relatively little use.

2. Tefal 5 Piece Comfort Max (Best Handles)

Tefal Comfort Max

If you’re someone who’s looking for a comfortable cooking experience, then you don’t need to look any further than this Comfort Max Induction 5 Piece Set from Tefal. These pots and pans are not only lightweight but also come with soft-touch, Bakelite handles that stay cool when you’re cooking.

Included in the set are two decent-sized frying pans which feature thermo-spot technology for an accurate cooking temperature. All the pots and saucepans are dishwasher safe and come complete with vented glass lids, which enable you to keep heat contained while releasing some of the steam build up.

The inclusion of measuring marks on the inside of the saucepans makes them some of the best saucepans for induction hobs. This means you can follow a new recipe without having to break out your measuring jug.

As always, there are some negative aspects we need to mention. Perhaps the most obvious one is that only the frying pans offer a non-stick coating. This leaves you with the possibility of the bits of food getting stuck which can ruin your meal. A few people also complained that the frying pans quickly became discoloured, even with light use.

Lastly, many users felt all the items in the set were smaller than expected. The largest frying pan is only 24 cm in diameter.



  • Lightweight.
  • Soft-touch, heat-resistant handles.
  • Frying pans come with thermo-spot technology.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Pots and saucepans have vented lids and measuring marks.


  • No non-stick coating on the pots/saucepans.
  • Frying pans are prone to discolouration.
  • Smaller than many customers expected.

3. Tefal Ingenio Expertise Non-Stick (Best Stackable)

Tefal Ingenio Expertise

Convenient, stackable storage is where this Tefal set shines. It comes with two detachable handles which fit any of the pots and pans in the set. Because of this, you’ll be able to store them almost anywhere without them getting in the way.

Even though the set is designed for induction cooking, it is versatile enough for use on any kind of hob, as well as in the oven. Additionally, the thermo spot technology means you won’t have to guess when the pan is hot enough to start cooking.

The tough non-stick coating does well to protect against marks from your metal utensils, at least for the first few months. Unfortunately, many people found this coating isn’t particularly long-lasting, and gradually flakes off over time. Furthermore, whilst the set is dishwasher safe, this can also affect how long the coating lasts.

Additional negatives include difficulty in removing the detachable handles and the fact that these pans are shallower than some users expected.



  • Thermo-spot technology indicates when you’re at an optimal cooking temperature.
  • The non-stick coating is safe against metal utensils.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Handles can be detached and the set is stackable for easy storage.
  • Can be safely used in an oven or on any hob.


  • The non-stick coating doesn’t last.
  • Handles can be difficult to attach/remove.
  • Pans are rather shallow when compared to others.

4. Circulon Infinite Hard Anodised (Energy-Efficient Choice)

Circulon Infinite Hard Anodised

If you’re after a super-tough set of induction pans that make cooking a pleasure, you can’t go wrong with this set from Circulon. Being hard anodised, these pots and pans are extremely durable and boast a wealth of useful features.

They provide an even heat distribution with virtually no hot spots, giving you an even cook throughout. Perfect for induction hobs, they are also compatible for use in the oven and on gas stoves; so you’ll be able to cook with them no matter what kitchen appliances you have.

The inner base of each pan has an interior groove system, which reduces the potential for food to stick. This enables you to use less oil when cooking, which is perfect if you’re watching your waistline. You’ll also have fewer scratches and marks on the inside of the pan, as the dish will slide out easily without the need for utensils.

This feature is compounded by the non-stick coating, so you should never have to worry about your meal getting stuck to the pan again. Cleaning up is easy too, as the entire set can be safely put in your dishwasher.

Unfortunately, there are some negatives to be aware of. A few users found that the handles get quite hot, so you may need to use gloves to pick them up. They are heavier than other pans due to the strength of the materials, and some customers also complained the non-stick coating didn’t last very long.



  • Hard anodised so extremely durable.
  • Interior groove system means less oil required.
  • Even heat distribution with no hot-spots.
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • Can be used on an oven and gas hob.


  • Handles and lids aren’t heat proof.
  • Quite heavy.
  • Non-stick coating may not last long.

5. Tefal Jamie Oliver (Professional Choice)

Tefal Jamie Oliver

With Jamie Oliver’s name attached to a product, you’d expect it to be high-quality, and this 5-piece set doesn’t disappoint. These pans are effortless to use on induction hobs, and the long-lasting titanium non-stick coating means you won’t need to spend too long washing up.

If you’re looking for the best frying pan for induction hobs, the convenient thermo-spot technology makes this a contender. It alerts you when the pan has reached the perfect temperature, so you’ll never have to second-guess if your pan is hot enough again. In addition, the handles are designed to fit comfortably in your hands, so you can shake and toss the pan’s contents like a pro.

The whole set can be safely used in the dishwasher and the oven too; which is great If you like to cook a variety of different meals or need to keep dishes warm. However, the handles and lids can get very hot, so you’ll need to be careful to use a tea towel or gloves to move them.

On the downside, some users said the hard anodised exterior can scratch quite easily, especially if it’s in the dishwasher often. The pans are also rather heavy, and may not be suitable if you suffer from arthritis or mobility issues.



  • Easy to clean titanium non-stick coating.
  • Thermo-spot technology ensures perfect cooking temperature.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Can also be used in the oven.
  • Handles are designed for a comfortable grip.


  • Handles and lids can get very hot.
  • The exterior is vulnerable to scratches.
  • Maybe too heavy for older people.

6. Morphy Richards Equip 5-Piece (Economical Choice)

Morphy Richards Equip

If you love to cook, but also to save energy, this 5-piece induction saucepan set from Morphy Richards could be a top choice. Consisting of three saucepans, a frying pan and a milk pan, this stylish and lightweight set includes special attributes designed to help make your cooking more economical.

It has tempered glass saucepan lids with steam vents. These work to keep heat contained within the pots, so you’ll end up using less electricity and heat when you’re cooking. Additionally, the built-in pouring spouts make it much easier for you to drain excess liquid without having to open the lid and let heat out.

Aluminium thermocore bases ensure even heat distribution with almost no hotspots. The handles and lid knobs also hold up well, with neither heating up too much when you’re cooking, so you’re unlikely to burn your hands.

That being said, the lid handles tend to catch condensation, which means you may need to unscrew them every now and then to clean them out. Unfortunately, these handles are prone to becoming loose, and regularly unscrewing them accelerates this.

Lastly is the fact that the pots and pans can stain quite easily, so you might find yourself cleaning them more often than you’d like.



  • Aluminium thermocore bases ensure even heat distribution.
  • Handles and lid knobs stay cool when you’re cooking.
  • Pouring spouts retain heat and ensure very little mess when draining liquid.
  • Tempered glass lids have steam vents to conserve heat.


  • Lid handles catch condensation and must be unscrewed for cleaning.
  • Inside of pots and pans stains easily.
  • Lid handles are prone to loosening over time.

7. Prestige Everyday Stainless Steel (Best Starter Kit)

Prestige Everyday

If you’re someone who likes a bit of comfort when you’re lifting and moving your pots and pans, then this should be right up your street. With easy to grip handles and a design that makes it easy to clean, including being dishwasher safe. This is definitely one of the easiest to use cookware sets.

An encapsulated base means that the pots and pans will heat up a lot faster, and ensures that there’ll be even heat distribution. Because of that, you can be sure your food will be cooked thoroughly, with a lower risk of burnt areas. Furthermore, all items in the set can be safely used in an oven up to 180 degrees, making it simple for you to transfer cooking methods without having to switch pans.

The non-stick coating helps to prevent burnt food and staining. Although, many people said this coating doesn’t last too long, so you may only experience the full benefit for a few months.

Other common complaints are that the handles are rather flimsy, and the set doesn’t stack well – making them hard to store efficiently.



  • Encapsulated base ensures even heat distribution.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Non-stick coating prevents any staining.
  • Can be safely used in an oven up to 180 degrees.
  • Easy to grip handles.


  • The non-stick coating doesn’t last long.
  • Set doesn’t stack well, which makes them hard to store.
  • Handles feel quite flimsy.

8. Karcher Jasmin (Best for Regular Use)

Karcher Jasmin

If you’re looking for a large set that is stylish, durable and easy to clean, then the Karcher Jasmin Cookware set is a definite contender. This huge collection of 20 stainless steel pieces is perfect for induction hobs, as well as being suitable for use in your oven and dishwasher.

The encapsulated base ensures there’s efficient heat conduction when used on your induction hob, whilst also protecting against any hotspots – so you’ll get an even cook throughout. What’s more, the use of heat-resistant glass lids means they won’t crack, even at high temperatures.

Sadly, though, there are a few drawbacks, with the first being that there’s no non-stick coating, so food can stick and stain the pots when you’re cooking. Furthermore, the base of the pots isn’t very smooth in places, so it may cause scratches on your hob. Lastly, the lid knob handles can get really hot during cooking and may burn if you don’t use a tea towel or gloves.



  • Made from stainless steel, so it’s durable and easy to clean.
  • Oven safe up to 240 degrees.
  • Encapsulated base for great heat conduction.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • A very large set of 20 pieces.


  • No non-stick coating.
  • Lid handles can get extremely hot.
  • The base of pans may scratch hob surface.

9. Tefal Premium Non-stick (Best Value)

Tefal Premium

If you’re looking for a simple set of induction pans that cook well and are easy to clean, then this could be the one for you. Offering high-quality aluminium bases which provide optimal heat distribution – this 5 piece set is a sound choice for your induction hob.

Each pot and saucepan is also oven safe and has high-quality glass lids, so you’ll easily be able to monitor your food when you’re cooking. That said, food is highly unlikely to stick and burn, thanks to the efficient, prometal non-stick coating.

This hardened prometal formula also provides protection against scratch marks from metal utensils. But the non-stick coating isn’t just limited to the inside of the pots and pans. The exteriors are also non-stick, so if there’s any spilling, there shouldn’t be any stains.

Unfortunately, it is worth mentioning in this induction pans review that its non-stick coating isn’t durable, and therefore prone to staining quickly. The handles are also quite flimsy, so you’ll have to be careful moving heavily loaded pans.

Lastly, the pots are quite heavy, so they may not be suitable for older or weaker individuals.



  • Aluminium base for optimal heat distribution.
  • Prometal non-stick coating protects against sticking and scratches.
  • Glass lids enable you to monitor food.
  • Non-stick exterior allows easy cleaning.
  • Oven safe.


  • The non-stick coating doesn’t last long.
  • Handles aren’t very sturdy.
  • Quite heavy.

Special Cookware For Induction Hobs

Induction hobs use magnets to heat up the bottom of your pots and pans, which in turn cooks your food. Because of this, induction hobs use special pans or cookware.

Pots and pans which have a base made from enamelled steel, magnetised stainless steel or cast iron will be suitable for use on induction hobs. However, if you have cookware made from copper, ceramic, glass, or non-magnetised stainless steel, this will not work, and you will quickly find your dinner stays cold.

Newer pans that are suitable for induction hobs may have a symbol on the base which resembles a horizontal coil. If you’re still not sure what your cookware is made from; the easiest way to check if it’s suitable is to hold a magnet to the bottom of your cookware. If it sticks, you’re good to go.

However, just because a pot or pan can be used with an induction hob, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best induction cookware to buy. In the next section, we take a look at the most important features to consider when shopping for induction cookware.

Features To Look For When Buying Induction Pans

Even top chefs have switched to induction hobs because of various benefits. This means they need to do away with their ceramic or glass cookware and buy a new induction hob compatible set. As we have seen, there are many different features available when it comes to finding the best pans for induction hobs. To make this process a little easier, we have summarised some of the key things to look for below.


At the very top of the list of considerations is the material the cookware is made from. Of course, as we have discussed before, if the cookware isn’t compatible because it is made from ceramic or glass, then you will have a nasty shock when you cook.

As previously mentioned, induction cookware must have a magnetic base in order to be suitable for use with an induction hob. The best induction pans are made from materials like enamelled steel, magnetised stainless steel or cast iron pots and pans.



Many induction hobs sense the size of the pan that’s on top of it, but they often have a minimum and maximum range that the pan must fit into to trigger cooking. These dimensions are usually marked on the surface of the induction hob, so you can clearly see which sizes are compatible.

If this is the case with your induction hob, it is therefore very important that whichever set you buy fits within this range.

Ease Of Cleaning

woman washing dishes

This is perhaps one of the more obvious features, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

We all know that induction hobs are easy to clean so it’s no surprise that induction pans are the same. There are a number of non-stick, easy-to-clean cookware sets that work well with induction hobs; so, unless you particularly enjoy spending a long time washing up, it’s recommended to look for one which requires minimal scrubbing.

Many sets are also dishwasher safe. Therefore, if you have a dishwasher at home, being able to throw the pan in with all your other dishes is super-convenient.


The weight of an induction cookware set is determined by the material it is made from. Hard anodised pots and pans are usually quite heavy, and therefore may not be the right choice if you suffer from arthritis or any weakness in the arms, wrists and hands.

To prevent any discomfort, some stainless steel options are known to be lighter. It is certainly worth doing your research if you frequently cook.

Oven Safe

Induction hobs are a fantastic and very efficient method of cooking, but not all dishes can be created on it alone. For this reason, you should buy a set that also allows you the flexibility of oven use as it is a great way to reduce the amount of cookware required in your kitchen. With an oven-safe set of induction pans, you can quickly transfer your dish to the oven to either finish cooking or keep it warm until serving time.


To sum up, each one of the induction pan sets above would be a great addition to your cookware collection. But we think the overall winner has to be the Circulon Premier Professional.

As mentioned in our induction pans review, we were very impressed by the versatility and durability of this collection, which not only offers perfectly even heat distribution but also allows you to cook with barely any oil.

Furthermore, each piece is made of hard anodised aluminium with stainless steel base. All the pots and pans are compatible with any kitchen hob and are oven safe up to 180°C.

So there you have it. If you are searching for the best induction pans for your hob, the Circulon Premier Professional set is our top choice on the market today.

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