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Best Ironing Board Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Brabantia with Solid Steam Iron Rest
Luxury Choice: Brabantia with Solid Holder
Family Choice: Brabantia with Heat-Resistant Parking Zone

Formal attire is difficult to maintain, but many situations call for a sophisticated approach when presenting, speaking in public, or trying to maintain a higher level of civility. Not every ironing board will provide the same level of treatment for clothes, so what’s presented here are helpful tips for finding the best ironing board for your home or situation. If you’re looking for a quick overview then check out our simple table here below.

How We Compared Ironing Boards

ironing boards collage

To find the right ironing boards we considered multiple factors including:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Design
  • Adjustability
  • Safety

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

What do you need an Ironing Board?

Before discussing which ironing surface is best, it is important to establish why you would want a sturdy ironing board in the first place. For crisp clothing with minimal wrinkles, ironing is the easiest and most practical method to care for your clothing. But an iron uses intense heat that most surfaces will mark or burn under in mere seconds, making ironing next to impossible without a good ironing board.

Irons leave scorch marks on even the sturdiest materials. Countertops, tile floors, and even the steel of washer and dryer tops will have visible damage after even a brief period of time. An ironing board is made from heat resistant materials, and the edges are often smoothed over to make removing creases from trouser legs and bends in clothing easier than when you use substitute surfaces.

Many reasons lead to people walking away from their iron other than negligence. Some irons need to warm up, and emergencies can distract even the most careful user. An iron can easily cause fire-starting temperatures in any surface they sit on, but ironing boards are made to diffuse the excess heat longer than substitutes. And these surfaces are usually made to have small bumps that provide grip, holding cloth and other items in place while you work on them.

A piece of cloth and iron

And using the right ironing surface allows the creation of an ironing space in homes that normally don’t have one. Several of the reviews below will mention that they are compact or foldable, allowing you to store them out of the way when their job is done. Laying extra wide ironing boards over surfaces you normally could not iron on, like cloth or bedding, can turn cluttered areas into an acceptable place to prepare your clothes.

That’s why ironing boards are generally broken down into three categories; portable, tabletop, and wall-mounted. If you’re looking for the best ironing board in the UK, the answer may differ based on your needs. University dormitories and apartments, for example, tend to prefer tabletop ones since they can be set across desks and furniture spaces.

Portable Ironing Boards

People who travel for work a lot often invest in a portable one. Because they fold up and take minimal space, they can fit in suitcases or travel bags. Since travelling for work rarely gives them time to return home, caring for the suits and laundry that are important to their job becomes an important personal task. And while some hotel rooms provide wall-mounted ironing boards, it’s not something regular travellers want to gamble on.


The final type, the wall-mounted ironing board, finds common use in some hotels, as well as homes and apartments. It’s considered a useful addition because they can fit into closets or out-of-the-way spaces, which homes are more likely to have, and it is faster to set one up for use. They can also be used for menial tasks like hanging clothing in a pinch, making them suitable for a variety of uses in a residence.

What Size do you Need?

When it comes to ironing board sizes in the UK, most fall into four categories. Small ones are roughly 110 x 30cm, known as Size A. Medium ironing boards are 124 x 38cm, or Size B. Size C refers to large ones, at 124 x 45cm. A variant on that is steam control ironing boards, which are also 124 x 45cm. And the final size goes to extra-large ironing ones, at 135 x 45cm. These are standard sizes of course, and some of them vary slightly.

A proper ironing surface is also a must-have for steam generator irons. The best ironing board for a steam generator iron can resist the high pressure sprayed against it, whereas materials like wood or tile can peel and wrinkle under these high-end irons. Ironing boards make ironing easier in general, but if you have a top-of-the-line piece of equipment like a steam generator iron, most substitute ironing surfaces literally can’t hold the way a board can.

An iron and a stack of shirts

With so many reasons to acquire an ironing board, you may wonder which one is best suited to your needs. After compiling a list of preferred choices, the final ten were put together in a final list you can find below. They cover a variety of different ironing situations, from steam ironing to ironing on the go, to offer a quality board that can serve numerous personal circumstances.

Top 10 Ironing Board Reviews

1. Brabantia with Solid Steam Iron Rest (Editor’s Choice)


This board comes with a solid steam iron rest. It is a relatively compact model, intended to fit into tight spaces where other ironing boards couldn’t be set up. This Brabantia also offers a rest that would normally require larger ironing boards. It is relatively short to remain compact, though its height is adjustable, and may not suit the needs of someone looking for a specially tall board.

Its 100% cotton cover and resilient foam layer provide a smooth ironing surface. The white surface should be translucent enough to spot through your clothes when pressing them to the board to iron, so you can keep track of the edges while ironing as well.

The legs are hollow, but child safety locks ensure that it doesn’t flex under the weight or pressure of your ironing. It has anti-slip covers for the feet to make it accessible in more rooms, and despite its compact size, it has substantial weight to it. That extra heft also contributes to its sturdiness, so this board isn’t likely to move around a lot and require that you take a delicate hand to your ironing process.



  • It is a thinner offering, intended for small places where large ironing boards simply can’t fit.
  • 100% cotton cover that provides a smooth ironing surface
  • It has a sturdy frame that’s meant to prevent flexing and wobbling while in use.
  • Compact and comes with a steam iron rest


  • The height may make it a poor choice for tall users.
  • Despite the child safety locks, it isn’t entirely childproof.

2. Brabantia with Solid Holder (Luxury Choice)

Brabantia with Solid Holder

This Brabantia puts more emphasis on safety than many other ironing boards, and it shows in several details. The board folds out when you need to set it up, and the legs have child safety locks that can click into place to prevent it from folding in on itself during use and prevent it from falling on someone. This also allows you to move it without folding it up all the way, letting you move your workstation if you absolutely have to.

The non-slip feet have a plastic cover designed with slick resistance in mind, so it’s better for use in kitchens and rooms with tile flooring. Its height can also be adjusted to allow use in rooms with less vertical space, allowing it to adapt to new areas where using other ironing boards would be a bit more difficult.

The best feature of this one is the optional iron holder on the side, however. The wing serves as a solid steam iron rest and is made with additional heat resistance in mind that average ironing boards might not provide. This feature is specifically targeted at steam generator irons, which require you to be much more careful than ordinary clothing irons.

The versatility it offers makes this baby suitable for a variety of circumstances and it comes with a 100% cotton cover, too. It keeps the different surfaces it might be set up in, the different heights of rooms, and even the different irons it might be a companion to in mind. If it has a drawback, it is that it wasn’t designed to be the companion to a specific iron, and may lack specific features to help you benefit from your iron’s unique design.



  • It has an adjustable height to remain at waist height, whether you are taller or shorter than average.
  • The non-slip feet and child safety locks prevent it from collapsing under the weight of the iron or other objects.
  • The addition of a wing for steam generator irons allows it to pair with more intense irons.
  • 100% cotton cover


  • It is a jack of all trades ironing surface and comes with a few additional features that match unique irons.
  • It is collapsible, but not foldable, and won’t serve travellers or people who need one on the go.

3. Brabantia with Heat-Resistant Parking Zone (Best for Family)


This board offers a heat resistant foam underlay, which allows a hot iron to park on it for longer than others. That doesn’t mean you should leave an iron parked on it for long, but it will temporarily provide a better set place than other ironing boards.

This one is aimed at allowing you to iron quickly or when you’re busy. To that end, its design is meant to allow you to iron while sitting down, and its frame is reinforced with a 35cm diameter steel tube that helps it balance in that situation. And its surfboard shape, with a broader end and a more pointed head, allows for quick ironing of shirt sleeves and hanging pieces of any clothing you might iron.

If you don’t want to iron while sitting down, of course, it also has an adjustable height to allow you to set it up at a comfortable waist level. And when folded up for storage, its measurements max out at roughly 163cm x 59cm, so if you have a compact space that can fit an object of that size, then you’re set to go.

Another great and thoughtful feature is the child safety lock which ensures complete security when getting your chores done and prevents accidental collapse. This is especially helpful if you have young kids who like to investigate new things, or even if you are ironing in a smaller space with the possibility of activating the ‘collapse’ function on accident.



  • It has material that allows it to temporarily act as a parking zone for hot irons.
  • It is specifically designed to allow you to iron while sitting down, a feature few ironing boards offer.
  • Features a child safety lock to prevent accidental collapse


  • You may have to replace the ironing cloth after a relatively short period compared to others.
  • It may not be perfectly flat when set up, so you can iron while standing.

4. Minky HH40201108M Ergo (Best Cover Material)


This board is designed with a multitude of enhancements meant to tackle different, somewhat unique ironing problems. The underside of the Minky board is perforated to allow any steam trapped inside to release, to prevent a buildup of heat in small pockets that could then burn through the material. Since this board isn’t intended for use with irons that use an excess of steam, this is a valuable safety net in design.

It is symmetrical so that it can be useful for owners who are both left and right-handed. The design leaves room at the end of the board for any cords so that you can avoid tangling while you’re working with your iron. It also has a socket for electrical cord extensions, so that if you have to work in an area far away from a wall socket, you have a bit of extra leeway.

The ironing board cover is a cotton cloth designed with a reflective metallic coating, which isn’t intended to trap in heat. Instead, it reflects it back on the iron and any clothing in between and allows you to press out wrinkles on the underside of your clothing as well. It also slows down the rate at which your board heats up to a fire-catching temperature, but that reflective heat can damage your clothes or iron instead, of course.



  • The perforated underside prevents steam from your ironing from gathering inside and warping the board.
  • The symmetrical design allows both left and right-handed users to use it.
  • Has space for normal irons to rest if you need to set one down momentarily.


  • It is not designed to work with high pressure or heavy-duty steam irons.
  • The reflective cotton cover can make heat marks on clothing form faster if you don’t iron carefully.

5. Brabantia Steam Standard (Best with Cotton Cover)

Brabantia Steam Standard

The underside of this board is made of a metal mesh that is very robust, allowing you to press the creases out of your clothing with a bit of elbow grease while the board presses back. The cotton ironing board cover is thick enough to prevent the shape of the mesh from being pressed into your clothes though so that you can get a flat and clean press on even the most durable of clothing materials.

As a standard board, it isn’t designed to work well with high functioning irons like steam generator irons. It does come with a tray for holding standard steam irons though. So if a board with a rest is a must, then this can serve that need. Its height is also relatively average, so if you’re looking for a simple board with no extra muss or fuss, this is one we can easily recommend to you.

The legs of this board fold up, so it is easy to put it away. But as a size B, it is a bit lengthy and doesn’t bend in the centre, so using it with a travelling iron probably isn’t recommended. As a medium board, we can see this working in an ordinary household where a bit more room is available, but you should probably skip it if your ironing is going to be a heavy-duty job.



  • The mix of a metal mesh and cotton cover makes it durable.
  • The addition of a steam iron holder gives it an edge over other standard boards.
  • As a size B, it won’t be taking up too much space in a normal home.


  • It won’t work with steam generator irons as well as heavy-duty ironing boards might.
  • If you need one with extra width, then you might want something larger than a size B.

6. Minky HH40306100K Hot Spot Black (Best with Parking Zone)


The Minky Hot Spot sets itself apart from other products on our list due to one key reason; the silicon hot spot rest is a parking zone on the board that provides additional heat resistance for whenever you need to let your iron rest. Some people may want a board with a rest on the side for a hot iron to sit, but if space is an issue, this could be a deal maker when finding the right iron.

The board also has infinite height adjustment, which allows you to set it at any level between its maximum height and no height at all. This makes it especially good for iron users who are shorter than your average ironing surface, as it can sit anywhere from 0 to 92cm in height.

The dots that litter the ironing board cover are made from a similar silicon heat resistant material to the hot spot rest and are intended to provide additional grip over smoother, more standard ironing boards. This allows you to spread out your clothing easier with a lower risk of them slipping off one end or another, and creates pockets between the dots that allow for steam passing through the clothing to safely travel along to exit from underneath the fabric.



  • The iconic silicon area provides a rest for the iron that doesn’t take up extra space.
  • The dotted cover creates an additional, heat-resistant grip to hold clothes in place.
  • Infinite height adjustment is a design choice that allows additional versatility in choosing how to set it up over traditional boards.


  • The hot spot can take up valuable ironing room.
  • The dotted design makes ripping and tearing the cover easier, which can reduce its life cycle.

7. Minky Expert 38cm (Best with Angled Rest)


The leafy pattern of this board provides an instantly calming aesthetic to your ironing routine. The benefits of this board’s cover are more than skin deep, however, as the cover has a foam back to endure steam irons. Underneath that is a metal mesh designed to allow steam to pass through while the grates heat up from the iron, allowing for quicker ironing overall.

The rest for the iron is where the majority of the design was focused, however. The tilt of the rest is meant to hold an iron at an angle that other rests don’t. This angle helps keep the flat of the iron away from any surfaces, which guarantees the iron won’t steam when you don’t want it to or don’t have a grip on it.

This ironing surface has long legs for a standard, four-leg design with rubber soles to prevent slipping. It can be a bit tall for some users though, so we recommended checking the height on it if you’re considering the purchase. Size-wise, it is slightly underneath a medium board, so if you need additional surface space to work with that might also prove a problem.



  • The design has a simple, natural aesthetic that won’t stand out amongst your things.
  • The iron’s rest is tilted to prevent unnecessary steaming or damage.
  • The cover uses a metal mesh and foam backing to increase heat tolerance and allow your iron to glide smoothly across the surface.


  • The height limits it for some people since you don’t want to be reaching upwards towards your own ironing surface.
  • At 122cm, it is slightly shorter on paper than medium or size B boards and may provide less space for you to lay your clothes.

8. ADDIS Really Wide (Best Heat-Resistant)


If you like ironing with a cheeky bit of flavour, then this ADDIS brand board is certainly worth considering. Design-wise, the default ironing cloth it comes with has a repeating pattern of, you guessed it, an iron running from top to bottom. The cloth is also so heat resistant that the iron rest at the end is covered in it as well, though if you’re looking for a rest that sticks out away from the board, this one won’t scratch that itch.

This is also, as the name implies, one of the widest boards we can recommend. The ironing surface should give you plenty of room to iron even broad-chested shirts and blankets or linens without much trouble. It has ten different height settings up to 94cm too, which allow you to give it some additional height, so your linens don’t drag on the ground while you’re ironing.

The surface is padded, unlike the foam or metal meshes of other boards here. It can also be a bit weighty, but we think that’s an acceptable tradeoff considering the working size is 135cm by 46cm. It might not be an easy board for people on the go or those who need to store one easily, but if you have large or heavy-duty ironing to handle, it proves itself against the competition.



  • Its wide size makes ironing blankets and linens easier than standard or small boards do.
  • We appreciate the irony of an ironing surface covered in an ironing cover with an ironic iron pattern.
  • The adjustable height allows it to serve taller users in a home environment.


  • This is one of the heavier boards you might run into, to give you the extra-wide workspace.
  • It doesn’t have foam or a metal mesh underneath to allow steam through, which can cause heat to become trapped in the cover if you’re not careful.

9. Workstation 122cm x 43cm (Best Accessories)


Do you want an under-board laundry wrack, so you can keep your freshly ironed clothes up off the floor? This one has that, and a flip-out coat hanger rail to give you extra storage space if you have to iron multiple articles of clothing at once. Really, the accessories on this board are what makes us want to give it a recommendation on this list.

If you have a problem with your iron flex getting in the way, the iron flex holder on this one will benefit you. And the addition of a sleeve board lets you stretch out the sleeves of your shirts to give them proper ironing as well, to make sure no crinkles in your cuffs or elbows make an otherwise well-pressed shirt look unprofessional.

This board also has an electrical socket built-in, with an extension cord that can reach a considerable distance. This allows you to use your iron in spaces that would normally be out of the way and impossible due to the lack of an electrical outlet. That means you can use it in new rooms, and keep it away from children or anyone else you might not want near your freshly laundered linens.

The steel legs are also made extra thick, compared to the hollow legs of other ironing boards. This gives them added weight, which can make setting up this somewhat heavy board a hassle. It also gives it additional grip on the floor, however, so it is less likely to slip around under the movements of your arm or iron.



  • The electrical socket with extension cord means the number of places you can set this one up expand greatly.
  • The addition of a sleeve board makes it easier to press the wrinkles out of your shirt’s arms in an expedient manner.
  • The coat rack and the laundry bars give you plenty of room to hang your freshly ironed clothes once you’re done.


  • It has a lot of features, which can be a hassle for someone who wants an ironing surface for simple ironing tasks.
  • Although it doesn’t have an extra wide ironing room on top of the board, it does have additional weight, which can make it hard to use for some people.

10. Russell Hobbs LA038630BLK Adjustable (Best Value)


Do the words jumbo-sized rest sound like something you’d appreciate? Because this ironing surface offers a rest large enough to fit even jumbo-sized irons, making it our best recommendation if you use a large iron for your ironing needs. This iron also neatly folds away, making it fit in spaces so compact that most other irons on this list simply won’t work as substitutes.

And while it may be a small board with a large resting area for iron, the creators didn’t hesitate when trying to focus on the style. It has a white and red pattern that’s meant to be eye-catching, and the steel frame has a black powder polish meant to match the ironing cover’s design. The legs are also capable of adjusting to match different heights, so although it may be a very modern design, it doesn’t lack features either.

This board lacks the slip-resistant feet of others, however, so keep that in mind if you believe it may be an issue. At 122cm x 38cm, it also falls into the size A category. While the legs are generally balanced to hold irons on one end without tipping, if your jumbo-sized iron is too heavy it may be a bit of an issue.



  • The pattern is meant for a modern household and is designed to be eye-catching.
  • The extra-large rest makes it a good board for holding jumbo-sized irons or giving you extra holding space for normally sized irons.
  • The collapsible nature of this board makes it easy to put away when you have even the most limited space.


  • Using it to hold jumbo-sized irons might cause tipping to one side if your iron has extra heft even for that category.
  • It is from the smallest size category and may not be as wide as you like for ironing your linens.


In our mind, the Brabantia with Solid Steam Iron Rest is probably the best ironing board for your needs. It comes with a compact but sturdy frame ideal for limited spaces. The flexible steam iron rest is also designed to suit left or right-hand users. In addition, you can adjust the height of the board from 69 to 96 cm.

Also, safety features such as child lock and anti-slip feet are included to give you some peace of mind when working around kids.

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  1. I bought a Minky Ergo costing £39.99 in August 2021 and have just returned it for a refund in December 2021. I was ironing when the board collapsed. I was not injured but could easily have been. When I looked underneath to discover why the board had collapsed I saw that the legs had sheared right off. They were soldered on but obviously not very well. I would not recommend this board, it is dangerous.

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