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Best Loft Ladder Reviews UK 2023 – Which Takes the Number One Spot?

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Youngman 313340
“This sturdy, retractable loft ladder by Youngman uses three sliding sections to provide you with easy occasional loft access.”
Best with D-Shaped Rungs: Abru 37000 Three-Section
“Unlike a smaller 2 section loft ladder, this generous Abru 3 section model is suitable for a variety of heights up to three metres and comes complete with a universal stowing pole.”
Insulated Choice: TB Davies
“Thanks to its 33mm deep insulated trapdoor, this loft ladder is an excellent choice for homes with a draughty attic.”

Whether you use your loft or attic as a storage area or would like to convert it into an additional room, you’re going to need a safe way to access it. Installing a loft ladder is a great solution. The best loft ladder offers a convenient and economical alternative to fixed stairs as it can be easily packed away should you need to save space in your home.

However, with so many choices on the market, how do you choose the right loft ladder for your particular needs? If you get it wrong, you could find yourself struggling to make the most of your attic or loft space. Worse, you’ll be fighting with a ladder which is cumbersome or impractical.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In this article, we bring you a comprehensive list of loft ladder reviews – so you can view the benefits of accessing your space without the hassle.

How We Compared Loft Ladders

To find the right loft ladders we considered multiple factors including:

  • Style of Ladder
  • Size
  • Ease of Use
  • Safety Features

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Loft Ladder Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Youngman 313340 (Editor’s Choice)

Youngman 313340

This sturdy, retractable loft ladder by Youngman uses three sliding sections to provide you with easy occasional loft access.

A handrail is included for added safety and the aluminium construction is tough and durable. All fixtures are included such as screws, a hinge and lock, so you won’t have to source additional materials to get started. However, some people said the instructions are fairly difficult to understand.

This sliding loft ladder smoothly glides into place when required. But, if you have a rather small hatch, you may find that this style of ladder takes up too much space, making it difficult to fit larger items through.

If you want a loft ladder for frequent or daily use, you should take a look at some of our other recommendations.



  • Strong aluminium construction
  • Handrail for extra safety
  • Sections slide smoothly
  • Simple to use
  • All fixtures are included


  • Only suitable for occasional use
  • Confusing fitting instructions
  • Takes up a lot of space in the hatch

2. Abru 37000 Three-Section (Best with D-Shaped Rungs)

Abru 37000 Three Section

Unlike a smaller 2 section loft ladder, this generous Abru 3 section model is suitable for a variety of heights up to three metres and comes complete with a universal stowing pole.

This loft ladder boasts non-slip feet and is certified to EN1497 standards. The D-shaped rungs add comfort and security, however, the ladder itself is rather narrow and not particularly sturdy.

In our view, although it takes up little space, it can be pretty fiddly to stow away. So all in all, we’d recommend this ladder for occasional loft access than regular or daily use. That said, this 3 section loft ladder is excellent value for money and comes with a generous five-year guarantee.



  • Suitable for heights up to three meters
  • Universal stowing pole included
  • EN1497 safety certified
  • D-shaped rungs for added safety and security
  • Five-year guarantee


  • Quite narrow
  • Not very sturdy
  • Stowing mechanism isn’t smooth

3. TB Davies (Best Insulated)

TB Davies 1530-005

Thanks to its 33mm deep insulated trapdoor, this loft ladder is an excellent choice for homes with a draughty attic. Additionally, it can easily be opened and closed through its straightforward push/pull lock mechanism.

The TB Davies 1530-005 EnviroFold is a loft ladder with three sections that open and close smoothly. Thanks to the strong mortice and tenon joints, you can be sure that each tread is securely fastened. The trapdoor is well insulated and features an 18mm thick seal-frame to prevent draughts.

This model is made of beautiful spruce wood and suitable for homes with a maximum ceiling height of 2.8m (9.18ft), where you can also accommodate a trapdoor that measures 119 x 54 x 34cm. Furthermore, it comes fitted with slip-resistant feet and a handrail for extra security.

On the downside, a few users have reported that they received a damaged product and that the hinges need regular tightening after use.



  • Quick to install
  • Slip-resistant treads
  • Handrail for safety
  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Insulated trapdoor and sealed frame


  • May be delivered in a damaged condition
  • Hinges may need regular tightening

4. Youngman 345350 (Best For Tight Spaces)

Youngman 345350

This Youngman 345350 solid spruce loft ladder stores within your loft hatch, meaning it requires no clearance or storage space within your loft.

You will need a larger than average hatch with this loft ladder, so you may have to make some alterations. The supplied hatch trap door comes with a draft excluder, however, you will have to supply your own architrave. You should also be aware that the ring to release the ladder hangs down, rather than lying flush with the ceiling.

As one of the best wooden loft ladders on the market, this model conforms to EN 14975:2006 safety standards. It’s strong and comes complete with a handrail and slip-resistant treads and feet for safer, more comfortable use.



  • Needs no swing or storage space in your loft
  • EN 14975:2006 safety certification
  • Includes a handrail for balance
  • Complete with white trap door and draught excluder
  • Slip-resistant treads and feet


  • No architrave
  • Requires longer hatch
  • Pulldown ring hangs down

5. BPS Unique Concertina (Best Concertina)

BPS Unique Concertina

If you do not have the room for a conventional loft ladder, then this fully assembled concertina ladder may be just what you need.

This space-saving loft ladder fits almost any loft and can even be used with very small hatches. Unlike many similar ladders, this model comes with a lifetime guarantee and extra deep, wide treads, making it simple and comfortable to use. Depending on your circumstances, this ladder can also be installed at varying angles to suit your preferences.

While the ladder itself is fairly stable, the hard plastic feet may slip on hard flooring and the closing and opening mechanisms may be difficult to use if you are not particularly tall or strong.



  • Fits most lofts
  • Space saving design
  • Extra deep, wide treads
  • Perfect for small hatch openings
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Plastic pole hook isn’t durable
  • Hard plastic feet don’t grip well on hard floors
  • Difficult to operate if you’re short or frail

6. Finether 3.8M (Best Aluminium)

Finether 3.8M

If you’re looking for a ladder for occasional loft access that you can also use for other tasks – this 3.8M aluminium telescopic ladder by Finether could be a great choice.

Its telescoping function means it’s easy to store or transport and it only takes up a minimum amount of space, great for small homes and apartments. Made from strong, durable aluminium alloy, this ladder has been EN131 certified and its slip-resistant rungs and feet ensure your safety during use. Just be careful of your fingers when extending or collapsing the ladder, as they could potentially get trapped.

In our view, this ladder makes a great all-rounder where you have limited space available. But if you are looking for a loft ladder for regular use or heavy loads, then we suggest you look at some of the other fixed models on our list.



  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to transport
  • Slip-resistant rungs and feet
  • Strong aluminium alloy construction
  • EN131 certified for safe materials


  • Not fixed
  • Can easily trap your fingers
  • Not suitable for heavy use

7. Youngman 301001 (Best Space Saving)

Youngman 301001

This 2.9 m loft ladder is an excellent space saver as its telescopic design takes up minimal space.

Adjustable to three different lengths, it has automatic locking and release mechanisms for ease of use. However, if you are not of an average strength you may struggle with the stiffness extending this ladder, although this issue should ease over time.

This ladder can be a little tricky to fit and the included instructions do not offer much guidance. However, its rubber feet prevent it from slipping and will protect your hard floors from marking. It also has an EN131 certification which means it’s made from safe, approved materials.



  • Automatic locking and release for safety
  • Adjusts to three lengths as required
  • Excellent space saving option
  • Rubber security feet protect your hard floors
  • Conforms to EN131


  • Can be tricky to fit
  • Poor installation instructions
  • Retraction and extension can be a little stiff

8. Bowose 3.8M (Best Multipurpose)

Bowose 3.8M

This multipurpose, telescopic ladder is a great all-rounder and could easily be used for occasional loft access.

You can extend it to various heights thanks to its independently locking rungs.

It’s also easy to transport and store, so it’s a good choice for small homes or people looking to use it in a variety of locations. The anti-slip rubber feet improve safety, as do the industrial-grade locking latches, and the ladder is EN131 compliant.

On the downside, the collapsing mechanism is very rapid, so you’ll have to be very careful not to trap your fingers. Also, the rungs are not very comfortable for extended periods of use.



  • Adjustable height – independent locking rungs
  • Convenient to transport and store
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Industrial-grade height locking latches
  • EN131 safety certified


  • Does not fit into the loft access
  • Collapsing mechanism is very fast
  • Uncomfortable rungs

9. Telesteps 60324 (Best Telescopic)

Telesteps 60324

If you want a loft ladder but you’re short on space, then this compact ladder is well worth considering.

Able to handle loads of up to 150kg, this retractable ladder is made from a strong and durable aluminium alloy and features convenient automatic locking for additional safety. Wide treads make it slip-resistant and simple to use, however, you do need a fair bit of strength to open and close it.

This is a great loft ladder for compact spaces, but some people found the instructions difficult to understand and complained they often pinched their fingers when opening and closing.



  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Features sturdy automatic locking
  • Wide treads prevent slipping
  • EN131-SP safety compliant
  • Made from strong and durable aluminium alloy


  • Poor instructions
  • You have to be fairly strong to use
  • Can easily pinch your fingers if you’re not careful

10. Aurora Folding Wooden (Best Wooden)

Aurora Folding Wooden

Last on our list is the Aurora wooden folding loft ladder UK buyers will like because it is a good, solid choice for easy loft access.

This ladder comes with an insulated loft hatch, that could help you save money on your heating bills. The soft close feature means it stows away safely and easily and comes complete with an opening rod for quick access.

The included handrail and protective feet make this ladder safe and simple to use. Additionally, it’s delivered fully assembled for convenience. However, it’s worth noting that you may have to extend your hatch size for it to fit and that installation is a two-person job.

Furthermore, this ladder will require 30 cm clearance within your loft, which may take up some precious floor space.



  • Soft close option and insulated hatch included
  • Wooden loft ladder with handrail and protective feet
  • Comes complete with opening rod
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Three-year guarantee


  • May have to extend the hatch size
  • Requires 30 cm clearance in the loft
  • Two person installation

What To Consider When Choosing a Loft Ladder


In this section, we guide you through some critical features to look for when choosing the best loft ladder for your needs.

1. Style of Ladder

If you’ve ever wondered ‘how do loft ladders work?’ the answer depends on the style of the ladder you choose. Below, we break down the different types of loft ladder and their key features.

a. Concertina

Concertina ladders expand and contract just like the instrument. This style is ideal if you’re looking for space saving loft ladders. They are highly-adjustable and usually lightweight, making them easy to use.

b. Telescopic

Telescopic ladders compress and extend in the same manner as a camera lens and they’re another good choice for compact spaces. As seen in our telescopic loft ladder reviews, these models are also one of the easiest to operate for beginners.

c. Sliding

Sliding loft ladders are sturdy and quick to operate. Simply unlock each section and pull down to slide them into place. They usually come with handrails too. Sliding ladders tend to be heavier than other ladders.

d. Folding

Folding ladders must be folded multiple times and require the most effort to open and close. These fixed loft ladders are usually made from timber or metal but take up little space when stored.

2. Size

wooden loft ladder

Size is a key consideration when choosing the best loft ladder for your needs. If it’s too short, or too long, you’ll struggle to install your new ladder – let alone use it effectively.

Before going shopping for a loft ladder, you must take note of the available space underneath your loft hatch or attic, and what dimensions you should look for.

Important Measurements to Remember

  • Floor to ceiling height
  • Floor to floor height (of the loft space)
  • Hatch length and width
  • Horizontal and vertical clearance from the hatch
  • Floor clearance where the ladder must rest

Size Based on Type

The space required will depend on the type of loft ladder you choose, but having all of these measurements in hand when you go shopping will make the process much earlier.

Wooden ladders usually take up the most space, as they must be folded away when stored. This process requires more clearance than a concertina loft ladder, which is a better choice if you have a small area to work with.

3. Ease of Use


If you have to get into your attic or loft space frequently, you should make sure you pick a loft ladder which is simple to use. Concertina ladders and telescopic ladders are usually the easiest options, as these require little effort to open and close.

Wooden and metal loft ladders are much more physically demanding to unfold and store away. Therefore, folding models are better suited to situations where you’re happy to leave the ladder extended for long periods.

4. Safety

When shopping for a loft ladder, your safety should be an important consideration. Thousands of injuries take place in the home every year, with many of them being the result of falls when accessing a loft or attic. The best loft ladders in the UK will be awarded government safety certifications to acknowledge that they have achieved certain standards.

Quality loft ladders in the UK will include safety standards to help you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Safety Features to Look For

  • Slip-resistant treads on the steps to provide your feet with additional grip.
  • Handrails to help stability and balance when ascending and descending the ladder.
  • A built-in locking feature so the ladder remains securely stored when not in use and won’t suddenly fall onto you when you open it.
  • Strong joints which are capable of supporting heavy weight without buckling.


As we’re sure you’ll agree, all of our loft ladder reviews offer fantastic choices for accessing your loft safely. But if we had to choose an overall winner, we would recommend our Editor’s Choice – the Youngman 313340 loft ladder the most. We love that it is easy to use and offers three sliding sections made from aluminium material.

It weighs only 6.62kg and has been tested according to the British standard of BS7553, and is categorised under Class G (General Use). With its maximum floor to ceiling height of 2.3 to 3.0 metres and a minimum hatch opening of 50.8 x 43.2cm, we believe that this model will be suitable for most homes.

Loft spaces are a common source of draughts, so we particularly like that this loft ladder is designed with a continuous seal and insulated trapdoor. Working in combination, these two features will help protect against home heat loss and help you to save money on your energy bills.

All in all, it’s clear to see why we think the Youngman 313340 wooden loft ladder is the best wooden loft ladder on the market today. With its safe design, easy installation and heat-conserving qualities, this loft ladder ticks all the boxes.

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