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Best Mattress for A Heavy Person UK 2023 – Top 5 Picks Reviewed

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: GhostBed
Choice with Unlimited Weight Limit: Casper
Choice with 22 Stone Weight Limit: Dormeo Memory Plus

Desperate for a better night’s sleep? There are plenty of factors that you’ll need to consider to improve your chances of having sweet dreams. For instance, for those who have more weight to accommodate than most, it’s important to ensure you have the best mattress for a heavy person that the UK has to offer.

While what you weigh might not be the first thing you consider when you’re buying a new mattress, it’s often more important than you’d think. People in the above-average weight group of more than 230 pounds generally need beds that offer firmer and supportive cushioning around certain areas of the body.

Whether you simply have a few extra pounds to think about thanks to a love of food or it’s entirely muscle mass, you may find that thicker, firmer mattresses are the best option. The good news is that there are plenty of beds out there designed specifically for people who weigh extra.

Today, we’re going to guide you through a range of mattresses intended to provide better spinal and muscular support for heavier people. After all, the better your bed is, the more likely you are to wake up feeling well-rested and energetic.

How We Compared Mattresses for Heavy People

To find the right mattresses for heavy people we considered multiple factors including:

  • Mattress Firmness
  • Extra Support
  • Temperature Management
  • Durability
  • Bounce
  • Allergy and Dust Mite Resistance

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Mattress for A Heavy Person – Top 5 Picks

1. GhostBed (Editor’s Choice)


If you’ve been researching beds for a heavy person in the UK, then you’ve probably come across the term “GhostBed” once or twice. It is a very well-known brand in the UK, known for delivering affordable latex-gel mattresses that provide good support, and cool comfort during the night.

If you’re looking for a mid to firm mattress that won’t break your bank, this is an excellent choice. What’s more, with a 53 stone limit, it is supportive enough for most people.

Although this bed delivers all the reassuring support of a memory foam mattress, it doesn’t come with the same sinking feeling of foam. You also get a firmer feeling with this than most other options, which can be great for people who don’t like to feel constricted by their bed. What’s more, its support layer has a much higher density than most, helping to make it more reliable for heavy customers. One point to note is that this mattress is a bit bouncier than others, so if you move a lot in your sleep, then you may disturb your partner. It’s also very firm, so if you’re looking for a squishier night’s sleep – this isn’t for you.



  • Great overall comfort and supportive feel
  • Stays cool during nighttime – great for hot sleepers
  • Excellent customer service and guidance
  • Firm reliability for almost any weight


  • Not ideal for people looking for a softer market
  • Not great at insulating partners against the movement of each other
  • Smells a bit strange when you first unpack it – but that will go away

2. Casper (Unlimited Weight Limit)


It doesn’t matter how big or heavy you are. According to the Casper mattress, anyone can use their bed, without having to worry about sagging, sinking or poor supportive feeling. The Casper Zone mattress isn’t just one of the best beds for heavy people; it’s one of the best-known mattress options on the market.

With tens of thousands of reviews online and a 100-night free trial, it’s hard to find something that you wouldn’t love about this bed. What’s more, with 4 layers of premium foam, you’re sure to get plenty of comfort through the night.

It is designed to relieve pressure in the parts of your body that need it most, including your neck, shoulders, and lower back. Another great thing about this bed for heavier people is that the layer of open-cell foam helps to keep you cool all night long. If you tend to sweat a lot while you sleep, then this could be the bed you’ve been looking for. In terms of comfort, the firmness level is about average. It’s not quite as tough as the GhostBed and gives more of a memory-foam feel.

What’s more, this mattress is adaptive to the needs of the user, so both you and your partner get a good night’s sleep. However, if you’re worried about a lack of bounce, then this isn’t the bed for you. There’s nothing springy about a Casper bed.



  • Excellent for hot sleepers thanks to a breathable layer
  • Easy to clean cover included
  • Pressure relief offered via high-density multi-layer foam
  • Good motion isolation for multiple sleepers


  • It may be too soft for some heavier sleepers
  • No bounciness offered by inner springs
  • Completely synthetic materials (not for those who want natural/organic beds)

3. Dormeo Memory Plus (22 Stone Weight Limit)


The Dormeo memory Plus mattress is a highly supportive mattress, capable of withstanding up to 22 stone. Despite being only 17 centimetres in depth, it can still handle people who weigh more than average while providing plenty of comfort.

This bed comes with two separate foam layers built-in, which offer excellent cushioning throughout the night. What’s more, the anti-allergenic design is ideal for protecting you against allergens, dust mites and other issues that might have an impact on your health. For heavier sleepers that struggle with a lot of excess heat during the night, there are four built-in vents throughout the mattress to help circulate heat around your body. The main problem with this mattress is that it can quickly end up with dents and grooves if you sleep in the same space a lot. So, if you’re looking for a mattress for obese people in the UK, or you and your partner are both quite heavy, then you might need something a little tougher.



  • Protects against allergens, and dust mites
  • Stays cool all night long
  • Plenty of cushioning regardless of sleeping style


  • Thinner than most heavy-duty mattresses
  • Usually ends up with dents and grooves
  • Not for obese or severely overweight people

4. Leesa (21 Stone Weight Limit)


Finally, the Leesa mattress is a mixed-foam mattress intended for use by heavier people. Not only has it won a “Best Buy” award, but this bed has also been widely recognised by the press.

The main thing that people love about this mattress is its ability to offer exceptional comfort via two unique layers, and a firm support core. The cooling Avena foam is particularly appealing, as it helps to keep you stay cool all night long.

As possibly the best mattress for a heavy person in the UK that weighs up to 21 stone, this bed combines premium softness with pressure relief and joint support. In terms of comfort, you get a medium to a firm feeling that doesn’t leave you too sunken into the mattress. While the bed does contour to your body, it’s not overwhelming like some memory foam options. However, it is only supportive of those who weigh up to 21 stone. If you’re sleeping with a partner that’s also overweight, you may need to look at other mattresses.



  • High-quality construction with multiple layers
  • Excellent at reducing heat through the night
  • Risk-free trial included
  • Award-winning design


  • Doesn’t smell great when you first start using it
  • Not supportive enough for people over 21 stone
  • Only one firmness level – which may not be ideal for some sleepers

5. Tempur (Premium, Strong Support)


The Tempur original collection was previously known as the “Contour” collection. One of the best-known mattress brands in the country for ergonomic sleeping support, Tempur is excellent at offering high-performance, firm mattresses that can suit the needs of a range of sleepers.

It is one of the firmer mattresses in the collection, with a 30cm deep filling, and a 10-year guarantee offered as standard to give you peace of mind.

The firm surface is excellent for eliminating the back and spinal problems that many overweight people experience after a long day on their feet. Additionally, if you like the cosy sinking feeling that you can get from a memory foam mattress, few companies do this better than Tempur. The brand regards itself to be the leader in the memory foam industry, with its impressive viscoelastic polyurethane foam. However, it’s important to note that this mattress is better for people who regularly sleep on their back. If you’re a side-sleeper, then the foam might lead to uncomfortable extra pressure on your hips and other areas.



  • Excellent for back and stomach sleepers
  • Very supportive for heavier people
  • Good for motion isolation (to protect your partner)
  • 10-year guarantee included


  • Not very comfortable for side-sleepers
  • Takes time to break in
  • Foam can compress quite quickly
  • Smells strange when first unwrapped/ used
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How to Choose the Best Mattress for Heavy People

Many things can improve your quality of sleep. Everything from avoiding caffeine, to changing your bedtime routine can make a difference to the amount of rest you get. However, no matter how excellent your sleep habits might be, you’ll always struggle to wake up feeling rested if you don’t have the right mattress.

For heavier people, choosing the ideal mattress can be particularly severe, as there are so many different factors to consider. For instance, people who weigh more than the average generally put more pressure on their mattress, which means that they need thicker, firmer beds to deliver more significant support. Usually, heavier people opt for mattresses that are at least 6 inches thick, though some people will require greater depth.

Other factors to look at when you’re buying a mattress for a heavier person include:

1. Mattress Firmness


Most beds are rated for firmness on a scale of 1 to 10. The firmest mattress you can get will come with a 10 rating, but anything over 6 is usually good for heavier people. Sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds will generally sink into their mattress if it’s too soft. Firmness can help you to feel less suffocated.

Additionally, firmness is particularly crucial for side and stomach sleepers. The weight of these individuals isn’t as widely distributed as it is for those who sleep on their back.

2. Extra Support

Another thing that larger sleepers need to consider when they’re choosing the ideal mattress is the “extra features” that can be sometimes built into beds. For instance, if you weigh a lot and you need your bed to be very supportive, then the “gauge” or thickness of the steel coils used in your bed will be necessary. Extra strong coils can help give you a more supportive and comfortable feeling during the night.

If you regularly sit on the edge of your bed, then you might also want reinforcement around the edges of the mattress too. Some regular mattresses will simply sink because all of the coils and construction have been focused in the centre of the bed. Hybrid and inner-spring beds generally offer the highest level of edge support. Memory foam mattresses are less supportive.

3. Temperature Management


Heavier people typically get a lot warmer, a lot faster when they’re sleeping. Because of this, it helps to choose a mattress that will neutralise some of this excess heat. Hybrid and inner-spring mattresses naturally retain less heat during the night. However, memory foam mattresses can be designed with special vents and materials to provide cooler sleeping.

To ensure that your excess body mass doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed or sweltering during the night, look for a bed that comes with temperature management features. This will be particularly important if you sleep with a partner.

4. Other Features

Aside from the three crucial factors mentioned above, there are also a handful of other things that you may want to examine in your mattress, for instance:

  • Durability – how long is your mattress likely to last?
  • Bounce – Is there a lot of bounce? Will this affect your partner if you sleep as a couple?
  • Added features such as allergy resistance and dust mite resistance

Choosing Your New Mattress

Like most things, choosing the best mattress for a heavy person in the UK is a matter of personal preference. You’ll need to think carefully about which features matter most to you when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. For firm comfort and all-around support, we recommend the GhostBed mattress. The 23 stone limit will be enough for almost anyone, and you can rely on the construction to keep you comfortable without any unnecessary sagging.

Good luck finding your ideal bed, and sweet dreams!

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