Why Should You Get a Gaming Chair

Why Should You Get a Gaming Chair? Benefits and Features to Consider Before Buying

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

The gaming industry has grown immensely in the past decade. Graphics are getting better and better with each day that passes by and new consoles are being released every year. Due to this, a lot of gamers are playing non-stop for hours to beat high scores and be the best they can be. And to get the best experience while playing a game, you have to sit in a comfortable position.

Well, a gaming chair is an ergonomic chair that is designed specifically for gamers. It saves you from nasty backaches and muscle strains by offering you lumbar support. It also offers you a myriad of benefits that take your gaming experience to a whole new level. Not to mention, it makes it possible for you to sit for long hours without straining.

If you have been wondering why should you get a gaming chair, we are here to take you through the many benefits of owning one.

What Is a Gaming Chair?

blue padded seat with high backrestThis is a comfortable chair that supports your posture as you are gaming and saves you from back pain. It was specifically designed to offer you the best sitting experience and can be used for a long period of time.

Over the past few years, gaming chairs have become quite popular in different industries and are being used in offices, homes, and gaming centres to prevent back pain. While gaming chairs are designed to be used by gamers, they are ideal for anyone who sits continuously for several hours throughout the day. Hence, it is also suitable for those who work from home as such chairs have better lumbar support than most office chairs.

The first gaming chair was introduced to the market in 2006 and resembled a racing car seat. One year later, other gaming seats started emerging. The first gaming seat was developed by a company that manufactures seats for different sports cars—DXRacer.

If you think about it, a sports car seat has an ergonomic design that takes your sitting experience to the next level. The same can be said about gaming chairs. Since such chairs have a racing-style design, they are usually comfier than office chairs.

Gaming chairs have a high backrest, which offers you lumbar support. Thanks to this high backrest, your back and shoulders will be fully supported for long hours. Plus, you won’t feel tired as you sit. On the other hand, office chairs come with a low backrest that doesn’t support your shoulders and your whole back. If you use a normal office chair for long hours, it might cause back pain and muscle strain.

Unlike regular office chairs, a lot of gaming chairs worth considering have movable parts that make it easier for you to adjust different aspects of your seat, depending on your body type.

Different Types of Gaming Chairs

PC Gaming Chair

This is the most common and most popular gaming chair. Since this gaming chair comes with an elevated bucket seat, it can be used by gamers to play at an elevated desk. It is the best gaming chair for computer gamers.

A PC gaming chair looks like a sports car seat. It has a sleek design and a tall backrest that offers you back support. Due to its sleek and attractive design, this chair is quite popular amongst Twitch gamers and Youtubers.

Rocker Gaming Chairs

As the name hints, this is a chair that is able to rock back and forth. While some rocker gaming chairs have seats that are positioned close to the floor, others have to be placed on the floor for smooth functionality.


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With well-padded backrests and headrests, rocker gaming chairs are developed to offer you a comfortable sitting surface as you are gaming for hours on end.

Not to mention, rocker gaming chairs are suitable for gamers who like playing games from a console that is positioned on a floor.

Floor Gaming Chair

Just like the rocker gaming chair, a floor gaming chair was designed to be placed on the floor. However, it doesn’t rock backwards and forwards like the rocker gaming chair.

Floor gaming chairs are some of the most affordable gaming chairs in the market. They are heavily padded and quite plushy. Not to mention, they don’t have irrelevant parts.

Floor gaming chairs are ideal for players who like gaming next to the floor.

Is a Gaming Chair Better Than an Office Chair?

There are many pros and cons to both but the main difference is that gaming chairs are designed with the user in mind. They have been created specifically for those who sit for long periods of time and make it healthier and more comfortable to do so.

Office chairs, however, come in all shapes and sizes to suit your style. They tend to prioritise the design more than user comfort. Nowadays, you can find ergonomic office chairs but they are often more expensive and may not have the same features you would find in a chair specifically for gaming.

5 Benefits of Buying a Gaming Chair

Now that we have taken you through the different types of gaming chairs, let’s take a look at the 5 benefits of getting good gaming chairs over a regular chair. These are some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you buy a gaming chair:

1. Gaming Chairs Are Comfortable.

young men sitting in front of computerUnlike office chairs, the design of gaming chairs makes it easier for you to sit for long hours in a good posture without straining. The designs look cool, too.


Gaming chairs are heavily padded with comfortable material, which provides cushioning to different parts of your body. While the level of comfort highly depends on the type of material that has been used to pad it, most gaming chairs are far more comfortable than normal office chairs.


Most office chairs have a small backrest that doesn’t offer your back enough support while you are sitting. If you use an office chair that doesn’t offer you good support, your spine will support your overall posture.

When your back is subjected to too much pressure due to a bad sitting posture, it might curve a little bit due to slouching.

In the long-term, slouching might become your normal sitting posture—caused by sitting in unsupportive office chairs. On the other hand, gaming chairs have a high backrest that supports your whole back. Thanks to this design, your spine will be fully supported.

Gaming chairs also have winged shoulder supports that support your shoulders as you are playing your favourite games. Such chairs can also come with neck pillows that support your neck as well as a lumbar pillow for lumbar support.

Height and Manoeuvrability

Thanks to the gas-powered lifts that gaming chairs feature, you can adjust the height of the seat by raising or lowering it to a suitable height. Not to mention, this makes it easier for you to get to the same level as your gaming screen. Instead of moving your whole head while gaming, you will only move your eyes.

To help you move around as you are playing video games, game chairs feature rollers that can glide easily on different surfaces. Such chairs also have a sturdy base that supports your overall weight without breaking.

2. Gaming Chairs Are Durable.

Gaming chairs are made from different materials that are quite durable. For starters, the frame of gaming chairs is made from highly-durable materials like stainless steel and aluminium. Such materials have high strength and can withstand heavy loads that are over 100kg. Not to mention, they are quite light, making it easier for you to move around as you are gaming.

The wheelbase is also made from a durable and sturdy material that distributes weight evenly. Since rollers are made from high-quality rubber, they can be used on different surfaces for a long period of time without wearing out. Needless to say, such rollers are suitable for carrying heavy loads.


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The seat of various gaming chairs is made from polyurethane foam. It is a waterproof and durable material. Plus, such seats also have a cushion that retracts back to its original shape easily.

Unlike other materials, polyurethane is a highly-breathable material that does not absorb or retain any odour, nor is it affected by temperature fluctuations, meaning you will sit comfortably no matter how hot it is.

The outer coating of gaming chairs can be made from various materials that take your comfort to the next level. For instance, some gaming chairs are made from PU leather. This is a multi-layer material that has three different layers. The first layer is made from cotton, the second layer is made from pure leather, while the top layer is made from polyurethane.

Since armrests do not hold large loads, they are made from polypropylene. It is a soft and waterproof material that makes you comfortable as you are gaming.


The average lifespan of a gaming chair is 3–5 years. While the durability of gaming chairs depends on the usage, most gaming chairs can last up to 4 years, on average.

Furthermore, different manufacturers offer various warranties. Some companies offer a 5-year warranty on game chairs while others will only offer a 2-year warranty. It’s nice to buy a product that the company stands behind; if they put a 5-year warranty on their gaming chair it means they think it is likely to last that long.

3. Gaming Chairs Are Adjustable.

When in the market for a gaming chair, one of the most important things to consider is adjustability. Good quality gaming chairs have ergonomic movable parts that can be adjusted easily, making it possible for you to move your body as you are gaming.


As described earlier, ergonomic gaming chairs feature neck and lumbar pillows that improve your comfort as your gaming. Such ergonomic pillows can be easily detached or attached to the gaming chairs, depending on your preferences.

What’s more, the height of different lumbar cushions can be raised or lowered easily, too. This makes it easier for you to rest a specific part of your lower back on the lumbar pillow to suit the natural curve of your spine. In this way, they offer you lumbar support which saves your back from excess pain that would be caused by sitting in a bad posture.

Different neck pillows have an adjustable strap that allows you to raise or lower the pillow, depending on your preferences. Thanks to this strap, you can target weak parts of your neck and provide cushioning where you need it most.


Gaming chairs come with movable parts that make it possible for you to recline the backrest to get maximum support. In fact, some have a backrest that can recline up to 180 degrees. With such parts, you can adjust the backrest based on your comfort preferences.

While some gamers might prefer sitting on an upright chair, others prefer sitting for long periods on a reclined gaming chair. It is always advisable to use a gaming chair that is slightly reclined so as not to exert too much pressure and stress on your back.

In fact, research was done to determine the angle that doesn’t put too much strain on your lumbar. Waseem Amir Bashir, a Canadian researcher, conducted the research using MRI scans of gamers sitting at various angles. It was determined that the most comfortable angle for gaming is 135 degrees as it offers you maximum support.


While some gaming chairs might not have adjustable armrests, most have several options to move the armrests in different ways. Such gaming chairs make it possible for you to adjust the depth, height, and angle of the armrest.

Obviously, the adjustability of a gaming chair affects the comfort levels you will experience. Highly adjustable gaming chairs are more comfortable than those that are non-adjustable. The more adjustable a gaming chair is, the better.

4. A Gaming Chair Supports Your Overall Health.

By now, it is quite clear that a gaming chair is the best chair that can be used to maintain a healthy posture. Using a well-designed chair would make sure that you never visit your doctor.

For starters, a gaming chair features various ergonomic parts that allow you to sit comfortably as you are gaming. Good posture enables you to breathe easily and improves blood flow to different parts of your body. If the blood circulation in your body is good, you won’t feel dizzy, nauseated, or light-headed after gaming for a long time. Oxygen will flow freely into your brain and nourish it.

While sitting for long hours might interfere with normal blood circulation, using an ergonomic chair improves the blood circulation to your legs, neck, brain, and arms.

Gaming chairs also come with a high backrest and a bucket seat that supports the whole weight of your back as well as ergonomic armrests. All in all, they will support your body to remove unnecessary stress and keep you as comfortable as possible.

An ergonomic gaming chair fosters healthy growth in young kids. Since kids don’t have to slouch while using a gaming chair, they will grow up with a good posture.

When sitting for several hours a day without moving, you may feel pain and discomfort. It could result in lethargy and poor posture. To reduce the risks of developing long-term health issues, a gaming chair offers you adjustable parts that ease up your body movements and increase blood flow.  This will also mean you are more engaged in the activity you are participating in.

5. A Gaming Chair Is Affordable.

ergonomic seats in furniture storeEver since various chair companies started to manufacture different types of gaming chairs, they have become quite affordable. While the price of a gaming chair depends on the features that it packs, most quality gaming chairs have a reasonable price tag that is often quite affordable.

Especially when compared to an ergonomic office chair, gaming chairs could be relatively cheaper. For a reasonable amount of money, you can get a high-end gaming chair with high-quality features and a sleek design. A premium gaming chair is definitely worth the investment.

Since a gaming chair reduces the risk of developing chronic conditions, it could save you money in the long run from trips to the chiropractor and extensive massages.

Also, a gaming chair has low maintenance costs. You only need to purchase detergents to clean and maintain the surfaces of the gaming chair. Plus, a gaming chair is made from highly durable materials that do not require regular replacement. Additionally, if you opt for a chair that has a longer warranty, you can rest assured your investment will be covered for several years if anything were to happen.

Over to You

Sitting for long hours becomes much more comfortable with a gaming chair. It offers you lumbar support as well as support for the neck and arms. It also promotes proper spine alignment, resulting in improved posture.

What’s more, a gaming chair features adjustable armrests and an adjustable backrest for optimum comfort and support. Such features are suitable for individuals who play games and spend long periods of time sitting, but can also be useful if you have a desk job.

A gaming chair offers more comfort than a regular office chair. They even come in various designs so you can get a racing-style chair that looks great in your gaming room, or you can opt for one with a design that would mean it can double as a desk chair.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you buy a comfortable chair that suits you and has a good warranty included. Knowing why should you get a gaming chair and determining the features to look out for is important.

Let us know how you use your gaming chair and which features you like the most in the comments.

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