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Best Office Chair Reviews UK 2023 – Top 8 Comparison

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Top 3 Best Office Chairs

  1. Cherry Tree Furniture Executive (Editor’s Choice)
  2. SIHOO Ergonomic (Best with 150kg Capacity)
  3. IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming (Best Value)

For those who work in an office, a quality office chair is an absolute must. If you work a standard 9-5 week, you will spend approximately 30% of your time sitting down in a chair. Therefore, having the best office chair in the UK helps greatly! A high-quality office chair will ensure that you can be comfortable whilst reducing the possibility of back and neck problems from sitting for prolonged periods. In this guide, we have chosen ten different office chairs for your benefit. We have selected a variety of models including budget options, and chairs specifically to help those with back problems – enjoy!

How We Compared Office Chairs

To find the right office chairs we considered multiple factors including:

  • Style
  • Comfort
  • Back and neck support
  • Height adjustment
  • Load capacity
  • Ease of assembly

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Office Chair Reviews – Top 8 Picks

Cherry Tree Furniture Executive (Editor’s Choice)

The Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Office Chair is our choice for the best office chair in the UK. It is relatively inexpensive and, for the price, you gain a high-quality chair that exudes comfort. The reclining feature is a great touch, and the padded seat and backrest make this a well-rounded chair that is perfect for long office sessions.

The best feature of these office chairs is the padding and leather material; if you work for long periods, the superior padding will prove beneficial.

The seat has a height of 75cm, and width of 53cm. Also, the height can be adjusted from 112cm to 122cm (overall seat height of the chair including base). This gives a decent height variation of 10cm.

Although the armrests cannot be folded away, they have excellent padding and are comfortable to use. We also like that the seatback can be adjusted indefinitely which allows you to set it exactly to your comfort preference. This is one of the best office chairs and an excellent bargain.

As with any leather product, the initial smell can be quite strong and offputting. This is a momentary disadvantage, however, as it will fade over time. Also, the assembly instructions could be written clearer – some may find the assembly confusing.


  • Has a reclining feature that can be adjusted indefinitely​
  • High levels of padding for maximum comfort​
  • Stylish stitching to match the leather padding​
  • Maximum load capacity of 113kg​
  • Full 360-degree swivel functionality​


  • The initial smell of the leather can be offputting
  • Assembly instructions could be clearer

SIHOO Ergonomic (Best with 150kg Capacity)

The SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair is an excellent contender in our bid for best office chair in the UK. It has it all – fantastic quality, excellent features, and ergonomic design. We love the mesh backrest and the fully adjustable armrests – both of which have padding too. This is a well-rounded chair, perfect for office use.

In terms of features, the SIHOO Office Chair is packed full. Firstly, it has adjustable lumbar and headrest sections. This means you can adjust it to fit your body shape perfectly.

Also, the shape of the backrest will fit your spine snugly and provide excellent lumbar support so you can sit correctly. Similarly, the seat itself is made from breathable fabric with fantastic padding making it one of the best office chairs for extended usage.

The pneumatic height adjustment has been tested to SGS inspection standards and provides a height variation of 10cm. Also, the height of the armrests can be adjusted too.

We like the smooth rolling action of the casters; they are made from durable materials which means you can move the chair with relative ease. Finally, this superb product is available in four bold colour choices – black, blue, orange, and orange 0. Whilst this is the top office chair, it does have a few minor drawbacks. Firstly, the assembly is quite time-consuming and secondly, the depth of the seat cannot be adjusted.


  • Adjustable lumbar & headrest supports
  • The backrest is made from premium, flexible material
  • The W-shaped design helps you sit correctly
  • Seat cushioning uses breathable fabric
  • Available in four stylish colours


  • Seat depth cannot be adjusted
  • Can take 30+ minutes to assemble

IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming (Best Value)

Although this is advertised as a gaming chair, we chose it as the best budget office chair. Not only does it look amazing and have a stylish design, it is also highly functional and has a range of adjustments to maximize comfort. The IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair also has a wide seat design and adjustable seat height.

As one of the best office chairs, this product has a great array of features. It is suitable for home office use, or as your main office chair. The seat height can be adjusted from a total of 110cm to 120cm which gives a height variation of 10cm.

Also, the armrests have been designed with an ideal position in mind – they sit 25cm from the seat which offers an optimal sitting position.

The seat and backrest have fantastic padding and are made from faux leather. This will provide comfort throughout your working day. Also, the base and wheels are highly durable and the frame is made from steel.

The IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair is also available in four brilliant colours – red, black, blue, and grey.

Although the casters are relatively strong, this office chair can be difficult to roll over carpeted surfaces. Also, taller people may find the headrest to be too low.


  • Ergonomic wide seat design
  • Armrests designed to be at the optimal height for maximum comfort
  • The frame and base are made from durable steel
  • Wide variance of height adjustments
  • Maximum load capacity of 150kg


  • Can be difficult to roll on carpeted floors
  • The headrest can be a little low for taller people

Corsair T1 Race Faux Leather (Best Ergonomic)

Our choice for the best ergonomic office chair is the Corsair T1 Race Faux Leather Office Chair. You can adjust virtually every part of this chair including the height, backrest, and armrests. In addition, the armrests have full 4D movement – this means they can easily fit your preferred working position.

The armrests of the Corsair T1 Race Faux Leather Office Chair are highly ergonomic. They have 4D movement which means you can adjust them in a myriad of ways – height, angle, and tilt, for example.

Also, the base and wheels are sturdy and made from durable materials. You can easily move and swivel this chair with minimal effort.

We love the design and shape of the backrest. It looks almost like a racing car seat and hugs your back and sides comfortably. The backrest also looks fantastic and has a stylish diamond stitching pattern.

It is available in four stylish colours – red, blue, white, or black. The colour is not overpowering and mainly contained in the stitching and select panels.

Although the armrests can be adjusted fully, this does make them somewhat unstable. When using the chair, ensure the armrests are secured properly and try not to put too much pressure on them. Also, if you regularly have to use the tilt function, it can start to grind and become noisy over time.


  • Full 4D movement of the armrests for maximum comfort
  • Heavy-duty wheels that minimise movement
  • The seat can be adjusted in numerous ways including height and seat depth
  • The base is made from solid steel providing fantastic stability


  • The armrests can be wobbly if not secured properly
  • The tilting function can become noisy

IntimaTe WM Heart Ergonomic (Best Computer)

The IntimaTe WM Heart Ergonomic Chair is our choice for the best computer chair. This is mainly due to the foldable armrests – you can easily fit this chair underneath a computer desk by folding the arms away. It also has a great back support and will help posture when working at a computer for long hours.

We like the backrest of this chair – it is sturdy, but made from breathable material. Also, the backrest is relatively high and has a curved neck rest that will shape comfortably to the curve of your spine. The overall height of the backrest is 75cm.

The seat measures 45cm x 45.5cm and is made from beautiful cushioned material; it provides supreme comfort and warmth.

One of the best features of the IntimaTe WM Heart Ergonomic Office Chair is the armrests. If you do not want to use them, they can be folded away – this makes it excellent for use with computers. Also, the armrests have sufficient padding so if you do want to use them, they are comfortable.

The IntimaTe WM Heart Office Chair is a great choice, but that comes with a downside. The installation can be difficult and although no tools are required, it will require patience and concentration. Also, the legs are not the most durable.


  • Mesh back that is breathable but supportive
  • Back support provides excellent lumbar support
  • The armrests can be folded away when not needed
  • High back and neck design for excellent comfort
  • Fully rotatable with 360-degree movable casters


  • Legs and wheels are not as durable as other office chairs
  • The assembly takes approximately 30 minutes

HNNHOME Swivel PU Leather (Best for Manoeuvrability)

This simple but effective chair is great for working from home due to its relatively low cost and easy assembly. It has a fantastic seat height adjustment and sturdy metal base that can be moved over carpeted surfaces easily.

Don’t let the simple design of this chair fool you. It has some excellent features and is a great office chair for working from home. The wheel-base and supports are made from chrome metal and are highly durable. It can also be rotated 360-degrees.

In addition to this, the seat height adjustment can be changed from 46cm to 64cm – this gives a variance of 20cm which makes the chair suitable for anybody, regardless of their height.

We also love the plush padding of the seat and backrest – they are made from high-quality material and provide fantastic comfort. The HNNHOME Swivel PU Leather Office Chair is also available in six brilliant colours – from grey, and red, to black and cream.

This is one of the best office chairs, but it does not have the best armrests. The padding is minimal, and there is no adjustment either. In addition to this, it has a low backrest and provides no neck support either.


  • Strong base made from chrome metal
  • 360-degree swivel functionality
  • Adjustable seat height from 460mm to 640mm
  • Available in six stylish colours


  • Armrests provide minimal padding
  • Relatively low back support
  • No neck support

TRESKO Swivel (Easy to Assemble Option)

The TRESKO Office Chair is highly portable, lightweight, and easy to install. It is the ultimate chair for quick no-fuss usage. It also has some great features like a breathable backrest and comfortable lumbar padding.

We love the variety of styles this chair has – it is available in six fantastic colours including black, pink, red, and blue. This means you can match it to other furniture in your home office.

The TRESKO Office Chair is also incredibly easy to install. It has minimal parts, and when following the simple instructions, you can assemble the chair in less than 5 minutes. There is no need for a toolset either – everything is provided as standard.

The overall dimensions of the seat are 44cm x 42.5cm, and the backrest height is 59cm. In addition, the simple height adjustment has a total movement range of between 29-39cm. This allows for excellent flexibility.

Although this is an ergonomic office chair, the TRESKO Office Chair lacks armrests. This could be a deal-breaker for some people depending on how you prefer to work. Also, some office chair reviews have stated that they had issues connecting the base plate to the chair.


  • Quick installation in less than 5 minutes
  • Breathable backrest
  • Fantastic lumbar support
  • Available in six stylish colours


  • No armrests
  • The base plate can be off-centre

Noblechairs EPIC Gaming Faux Leather (Luxury Choice)

The Noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair is the best office chair for posture. It is also our top luxury option. The premium PU faux leather makes this office chair look and feel fantastic. In addition, the seat height can be fully adjusted, as can the back and armrests.

The Noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair has brilliant features. Firstly, the backrest and seat have breathable foam padding. This means that you are given ultimate comfort, but the material is also long-lasting.

Secondly, the chair can be reclined up to a maximum of 135-degrees, and the armrests can be adjusted in four different dimensions. This degree of flexibility allows you to position the chair to suit your comfort preferences.

The overall size of the seat is 35cm x 49cm. Also, the seat height can be adjusted from 49.5cm to 59.5cm giving a total height variation of 10cm. The quality and style of this product make it one of the best office chairs available.

The main downside to the Noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair is the cost – as a luxury office chair, it is expensive. Also, the Mercedes insignia may not be to everyone’s tastes – you can avoid this by purchasing one of the standard designs.


  • Available in 5+ different styles and designs
  • Breathable foam padding that is long-lasting
  • Multiple adjustments including arms and back
  • 5 large castors for easy movement
  • Made from premium materials with excellent craftsmanship


  • Relatively expensive
  • Some may not like the insignia and logos

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Computer Chair?

When choosing an office chair you must think about your situation and what is most important. If you are working from home, you may want a budget option. Alternatively, if the chair is for your office, you may want something more luxurious.


Before purchasing an office chair, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it have a height adjustment?
  • Does it have armrests and can they be adjusted?
  • Can the chair be rotated and moved easily?
  • Does it provide back and neck support?
  • Is it easy to assemble?
  • What load capacity does it support?

A chair should have multiple adjustment options. This ensures that it is suitable for different people regardless of their height and size.

Also, comfort is imperative. Check out the back and neck rests, and the actual seat – they should ideally be made from comfortable, padded materials.

home workstation setup

Don’t forget movement and rotation too. Ideally, you want an office chair that can be fully rotated and is easy to move across the floor. In short, be decisive and choose a chair that reflects your needs and circumstance.


We hope you have found this information useful. If you sit in a chair for prolonged periods, you must choose a comfortable office chair to sit correctly. You will notice a huge difference – a high-quality office chair will improve your posture, reduce aches and pains, but also help your concentration and well-being. Any of the above office chairs are a great choice. However, in our opinion, the Cherry Tree Furniture Executive office chair is the best office chair in the UK. It offers the perfect combination of style, quality, and functionality. The padded seat and armrests are ideal for prolonged periods of working and when paired with multiple options for back and height adjustment, this seat makes the perfect addition to any workspace.

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