when was the strimmer invented

Uncovering the Mystery: When Was the Strimmer Invented?

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

The question, “when was the strimmer invented?” has been asked for decades, but it still remains unanswered: was the strimmer invented? This intriguing tool has become an essential part of keeping gardens looking neat and tidy. But where did this innovative piece of gardening equipment come from? In this blog post, we will explore the history behind these tools to answer one burning question – was the strimmer invented or is its origin shrouded in mystery? From early models to modern designs, find out how far these grass trimmers have come since their inception. 

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The Invention of the Strimmer

The strimmer is a versatile garden tool that has been around for decades. It was first invented in the early 1900s by an American inventor, John O’Brien, who wanted to create a device that could easily trim grass and weeds without having to use manual tools like shears or sickles. The invention of the strimmer revolutionised gardening and made it much easier for people to maintain their lawns and gardens.

Key Takeaway: The strimmer is a versatile garden tool that has been around for decades. 

Early Strimmers

The invention of the strimmer is a revolutionary one in the world of gardening and landscaping. It has been around since the late 19th century, when it was first developed as an alternative to manual grass-cutting tools such as scythes and sickles. Early strimmers were made from wood or metal frames with a rotating blade attached at one end. The blades were powered by either gasoline engines or electric motors, depending on the model.

Early strimmers had several design features that set them apart from their predecessors. For example, they featured adjustable cutting heights which allowed users to cut grass at different lengths without having to manually adjust each blade individually. They also had safety guards which protected operators from flying debris while operating the machine. Additionally, some models included wheels for easy manoeuvrability over uneven terrain or large areas of land.

Early Strimmers were an important innovation in garden maintenance, paving the way for the modern strimmers of today. With their improved features and design, let’s take a look at how modern strimmers have evolved.

Key Takeaway: Strimmers have been around since the late 19th century and have advanced significantly over time, with features such as adjustable cutting heights, safety guards, wheels for manoeuvrability and ergonomic handles. Some models also come with attachments like edging tools and hedge trimmers for multiple tasks in one go.

Modern Strimmers

Modern strimmers have come a long way since their invention in the 1970s. In the early days, they were powered by petrol engines and had to be connected to an external power source via a cable. This made them difficult to use and often resulted in tangled cables.

a person trimming the grass

Today, modern strimmers are much more efficient and easier to use due to advances in technology such as cordless motors and battery-powered designs. Cordless models allow you to move freely around your garden without having to worry about tripping over cords or getting tangled up in them. Battery-powered models also offer convenience as they don’t require any external power sources; simply charge up the battery before using it for maximum efficiency.

In addition, modern strimmers now feature improved safety features such as automatic shut-off switches that stop the blades when not in use or if something gets caught on them while operating. They also come with adjustable handles so you can find a comfortable position while working which reduces fatigue from prolonged usage of the tool. Furthermore, some even come with additional attachments like edging tools for trimming lawn edges or brush cutters for tackling thicker vegetation – making them incredibly versatile pieces of equipment.

Finally, many modern strimmer designs are lightweight yet durable enough for regular use – perfect for those who need reliable gardening tools that won’t break down after just one season of work. With all these features combined into one device, it is no surprise why so many people choose modern strimmers over older versions when taking care of their gardens.

Modern strimmers are an essential tool for maintaining a neat and tidy garden, offering users the flexibility to cut grass in hard-to-reach places. Moving on from here, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using a strimmer.

Key Takeaway: Modern strimmers are much more efficient and easier to use than their predecessors due to advances in technology such as cordless motors, battery-powered designs, improved safety features, adjustable handles and additional attachments.

Benefits of Using a Strimmer

Trimming grass and weeds around your property can be a tedious task. But with the invention of the strimmer, this job has become much easier. A strimmer is a powerful tool that uses a flexible line or wire to cut through vegetation quickly and efficiently. It’s an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to keep their garden looking neat and tidy.

a person in the garden

One of the main benefits of using a strimmer is that it saves you time. It requires less effort than manual cutting tools like shears or scissors, which means less strain on your body when doing gardening work over long periods of time. Strimmers are lightweight too, making them easy to carry around your garden while working on different tasks throughout the day. 

Strimmers are also great for getting into tight spaces that other tools wouldn’t be able to reach – such as under benches or around trees – so they can help you create clean lines in hard-to-reach areas without having to bend down or kneel on the ground.

Using a strimmer will also save you money in the long run because they require little maintenance compared to other types of gardening equipment such as lawnmowers which need regular servicing and repairs if used frequently over time. Plus, many modern models come with features like adjustable speed settings so you don’t have to buy multiple tools for different jobs – one versatile machine does it all.

Finally, using a strimmer helps reduce noise pollution since most models use electric motors instead of petrol engines which produce loud noises when running at full capacity – something neighbours will definitely appreciate. This is especially beneficial for those living in more urban areas where sound can be disruptive and intrusive.

Key Takeaway: Strimmers are a great tool for gardeners, saving time and effort while reducing noise pollution. Benefits include: faster cutting; easy to use in tight spaces; less strain on the body; adjustable speed settings; little maintenance needed; quieter than petrol engines.


In conclusion, it’s clear that the strimmer has come a long way since its invention. From early models to modern cordless trimmers, this tool is now an essential part of any home and garden enthusiast’s arsenal. So next time you’re wondering “when was the strimmer invented?” remember that it was indeed invented and continues to evolve with new features and technologies to make gardening easier than ever before.

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