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Best American Fridge Freezers of 2023

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Top 10 Best American Fridge Freezers

  1. Samsung RS50N3513SL (Editor’s Choice)
  2. LG GSX961NSVZ (Luxury Choice)
  3. HiSense RQ560N4WCF (Best Value)
  4. Russell Hobbs RH90FF176B-WD (Best Large)
  5. Samsung RS52N3313SL (Best with Water Dispenser)
  6. CHiQ FSS559NEI42D (Quietest)
  7. HiSense RQ563N4AI1 (Best Energy Efficient)
  8. Samsung RS50N3413BC (Best Plumbed)
  9. Fridgemaster MQ79394FFS (Smallest)
  10. Hoover HHSBSO6174XWDK (Best Frost-Free)

If you are looking to buy the best American fridge freezer UK companies have to offer, the good news is that there are many options available. There is no doubt that American-style fridge freezers have become more popular in recent years due to the amount of storage they offer, which has led to a greater number of models you can find on the market.

But it’s not only about choosing your fridge freezer according to its aesthetics. Knowing what you want from your fridge freezer is also important. This is why, in this article, we will present you with different fridge freezer reviews and offer advice on what to look for before making your final choice.

American-style fridge freezers are appliances that tend to be on the large side. They are impressive, with the promise of having a great capacity to store a good amount of food. However, you don’t think this will always translate into something that costs a fortune. In our reviews, we will also cover some options for the American fridge freezer in the market.

An American fridge freezer is a good investment for your kitchen, not only because you’ll have something impressive but also something that will last a long time. So, read our list and pay attention to our buying guide for some tips. These should help you understand the best choice for you according to your needs.

How We Compared American Fridge Freezers

To find the right American fridge freezers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Capacity
  • Temperature control
  • How it deals with frost
  • Energy efficiency
  • Accessories

Our editorial team examined and analysed hundreds of appliances to select the best options suitable for all kinds of needs. After planning comparison points and evaluating customer reviews, we compiled the following list.

Have a look here to find out more about our process.

American Fridge Freezer Reviews

Samsung RS50N3513SL (Editor’s Choice)

First, we have this option from Samsung, and it’s a brilliant fridge freezer. This freestanding model comes with a 501-litre capacity, so most people have more than enough space.

Also, the way the doors open up allows you to peek inside at what you have in stock, so no fumbling around is required. However, if you want to take advantage of the water and ice dispenser, this model needs to be plumbed into the mains. This is something to take into consideration when thinking about the placement.

From an energy bills point of view, this fridge freezer consumes lesser energy thanks to its digital inverter compressor. This feature makes it more energy-efficient than other options, and it’s also significantly quieter than you would expect.

This American-style fridge freezer also comes with a no-frost guarantee. This is because it maintains an even temperature at all times, so there’s no chance of that frost building up.

Add in a dairy guard and a power freeze, and this fridge freezer has everything you could ever hope to need. Also, the simple fact that everything is kept at its optimum temperature settings makes you feel better about using the products.

On the other hand, please note that this is quite a large freezer. So, it may not be your best choice if you have a small kitchen space.


  • It has a large capacity
  • It uses less energy
  • It won’t create frost
  • It has ample freezer space
  • It maintains an even temperature


  • It may need to be plumbed in for the water dispenser
  • It may not be ideal for small spaces due to its large size

LG GSX961NSVZ (Luxury Choice)

LG is known for producing quality goods, and this American-style fridge freezer is no exception. With a 601 litre capacity, it does mean you have more than enough space for everything you need.

This is a fantastic fridge freezer to own. It comes with an A ++ energy efficiency rating, and that’s excellent. It means it won’t send your energy bills soaring, and you can still take advantage of all those freezer compartments and fridge space.

But the spectacular thing about this fridge freezer is the way it lets you look inside without opening the fridge. The glass will clear and light up by tapping on the door twice. It means the fridge compartment does not have to deal with losing that cool air.

Overall, the inside of this fridge is what you would expect from these models, and the Instaview aspect marks this fridge freezer out as being different from the rest. It’s a cool feature capable of reducing any stress you might have when dealing with the temperature in your fridge.

Unfortunately, you may need to refill the water reservoir manually, which may take some of your time. Also, it is quite large, so you may consider this factor if you have a small space.


  • The Instaview feature is convenient
  • At A++ rating, it is energy-efficient
  • It has a large capacity
  • It is frost-free
  • It is exceptionally quiet


  • You may need to refill the water reservoir manually
  • It’s somewhat large, so it might be tough to get it through your door

HiSense RQ560N4WCF (Best Value)

HiSense has been responsible for producing several pretty impressive fridge freezers in recent years, and this model is no exception. At 454 litres, it is slightly smaller than other American-style fridge freezers, but it still provides ample storage space for most people.

It comes with Total No Frost technology, so you should never have an issue in that area. It also has a non plumbed water dispenser, so it does mean you need to fill that reservoir yourself. However, it does hold a reasonable amount of water, so it’s not something you will constantly be doing.

This fridge comes with electronic touch control, so maintaining the temperature inside will be easy. You can quickly adjust the temperature in seconds while maintaining that temperature throughout the day.

Also, expect this fridge freezer to be exceptionally bright, with LED lights brightening up every corner. It applies to both the fridge and the freezer compartments, but some fridge freezers are just too dark to see what’s in there. That’s never a problem with this model.

Overall, you get your usual water and ice dispenser and large freezer drawers, as you would expect with all American fridge freezers. However, its efficiency makes this one of the best American fridge freezers under £1000.


  • It is bright when you open the doors
  • It is very energy efficient
  • Changing the temperature is easy
  • The freezer drawers are large
  • It has a large capacity without being too bulky


  • You may need to fill the water reservoir yourself
  • It may be difficult to move it

Russell Hobbs RH90FF176B-WD (Best Large)

This freestanding American-style fridge freezer does look the part, and with a capacity of 535 litres, it provides a lot of space. This style has the fridge and freezer parts side by side with doors that open up wide, providing you with an easy way to see everything that sits inside the fridge and freezer space.

The fridge has an adjustable thermostat, and you can make changes without opening the doors. This does make a difference when it comes to avoiding losing that cold air, and you can also keep track of what is going on whenever you walk past your fridge freezer. It comes with internal ice-making trays, and a water dispenser is included.

However, this is a large fridge, so keep that in mind before getting it into your kitchen. The good news is that it is easy to take the doors off, which should help with the job.


  • It offers a lot of space with the capacity
  • It is very quiet
  • It has an adjustable thermostat
  • It has internal ice-making trays
  • It is frost-free


  • You might have to remove the doors to get it inside
  • The water dispenser lever can be quite fragile

Samsung RS52N3313SL (Best with Water Dispenser)

With a 520-litre capacity, this American fridge freezer by Samsung will take a large amount of food to be fully stocked. Complete with its digital inverter technology, this is one of the best American fridge freezers on the market due to its efficiency.

It also comes with technology known as ‘All-Around Cooling’. It means every corner of your fridge freezer will be at the correct temperature, so don’t expect any hot spots to occur with this model.

The fridge and freezer compartments stand side by side with this model, and we do feel it makes it easier to see what is in there, as both doors also open up wide. Do note it has a non-plumbed water dispenser included, but that means you can place it anywhere in your kitchen.

On the other hand, it is large and very easy to clean and refill. It means you can complete the task in minutes, as it is undoubtedly not fiddly in any way.


  • It is very energy efficient
  • It is very quiet
  • It has a large fridge and freezer capacity
  • It does not have to be plumbed into the water supply
  • The water dispenser is very easy to use


  • The light might not be as bright as other models
  • The freezer could be more efficient

CHiQ FSS559NEI42D (Quietest)

If you are worried about your American-style fridge freezer making a lot of background noise, then this model will be the perfect solution. It is one of the best American-style fridge freezers around because of this reason, and this is why it got a spot on our list.

With a 559-litre capacity, this is larger than most American fridge freezers, and yet it still feels as if it doesn’t take up as much physical space as some models due to its compact design. From a noise point of view, it only reaches 39 dB, which is certainly lower than most models, which tend to come well in the 40 dB range.

Controlling the temperature with this model is done via a touch-control panel on the front door. It’s also easy to just know what is going on with your fridge freezer by glancing at it rather than opening the door.

Even though the freezer compartment might take some time to work properly, we think this could be a great option. It includes 3D air cooling technology that allows cold air to be circulating throughout the entire fridge. It is also frost-free and comes with a large water dispenser, so this fridge promises a whole lot.

Furthermore, please note that this freezer is big and may consume too much space in your home.


  • It has a larger than normal capacity
  • It is quieter than most fridge freezers
  • It is very easy to control the temperature
  • It has 3D air cooling, which is impressive
  • It has a large water dispenser


  • It is still a large fridge, so it could be tricky getting it into your home
  • The freezer may take some time to work

HiSense RQ563N4AI1 (Best Energy Efficient)

The best American-style fridge freezers need to have energy efficiency at the heart of everything they do, but some are better than others. Thankfully, this model by HiSense not only takes energy efficiency seriously but also outperforms most of the other fridge freezers on the market.

At 432 litres, this is one of the smallest American style fridge freezer options you will see on our list, but it still offers ample space for most people. Offering frost-free technology, it comes with french style doors, so checking out what’s inside is easy.

Controlling the temperature settings is done via a touch panel, making life easier for you. You can keep an eye on the internal temperature without having to check the temperature yourself constantly. Overall, the ease with which the temperature is maintained does help with its energy efficiency.


  • It is very easy to control the temperature
  • It offers the chance to have some chilled water
  • It has frost free technology
  • French-style doors make viewing inside easy
  • It is very efficient from an energy perspective


  • It might be too small for your preference
  • It might not be ideal for storing wine bottles

Samsung RS50N3413BC (Best Plumbed)

If you are looking for a feature-packed fridge freezer that is also the best plumbed American fridge freezer, then this is the model for you. Created by Samsung, you don’t just get your usual crisper drawers and glass shelves, but the technology will keep food fresh for longer.

As with other Samsung models, this version comes with their digital inverter compressor, dealing with air circulation without too much energy. This is important as it has a capacity of 501 litres so that you can fit your weekly shop with ease.

The plumbed water dispenser in this frost-free freezer will also provide you with crushed ice, which you do not always get with other American-style models. As ice and water dispensers go, this is undoubtedly one of the best out there.

Unfortunately, you may find it challenging to reposition the shelves. Also, the door pockets are quite slender.


  • It gives you crushed ice
  • The ice maker is very efficient
  • Being plumbed in does mean you never have to fill the water and ice dispenser
  • It is frost-free
  • It offers ample space


  • It might be tough to change the position of the shelves
  • The door pockets are quite slender

Fridgemaster MQ79394FFS (Smallest)

If space is an issue, then this fridge freezer in the UK market is for you. Not only is it relatively small, which is why we have included it in our American fridge freezer reviews, but it still provides enough space for most people, which is rather surprising.

This fridge has a 378-litre capacity, which is quite a big difference. Operating with French-style doors means this is a four-door fridge freezer, making it easy to see what is inside.

It does a good job of circulating cool air, keeping your food fresher for longer, and ensuring your frozen food is kept frozen is also easy, with this option being simple to operate. The fridge is also slightly taller than most people would expect, so this does give the impression of it having a larger fridge and freezer capacity.

However, while this can be the best American Fridge Freezer in the UK, it might not be ideal for you if you live in a large household.


  • It is small in size, so perfect for tight spaces
  • The doors open up wide to see the full fridge cavity
  • It keeps food fresher for longer
  • It is energy efficient
  • The freezer section is surprisingly large


  • It might be too small for you if you have a large household
  • It may take some time for the freezer section to work

Hoover HHSBSO6174XWDK (Best Frost-Free)

Trying to defrost an American fridge manually would not be easy, but this model from Hoover ensures you never have to defrost your fresh and frozen food. With a 521 litre capacity, it means the freezer capacity, and of course, the fridge capacity is quite impressive. However, it’s how it does stop frost from appearing that makes this one of the best American fridge freezers on the market.

Adjusting the shelves is easy with this model, and it’s not always possible with other fridge freezers. However, this American fridge freezer is fully adjustable inside, so you can arrange your storage space as you want it.

As well as being frost-free, this fridge freezer does an excellent job of circulating the cold air throughout the whole storage space. It means you have nothing to worry about with your fresh food.

Overall, this American fridge is large, has enough freezer capacity, and has a water dispenser to get chilled water whenever you want it. Some things to note are that you need to fill the reservoir manually, and it can only freeze the ice cubes that you put into the freezer.


  • It is frost-free
  • It is a large American fridge
  • It has a non plumbed water dispenser
  • It is efficient
  • It also has a frost-free freezer, and not just the fridge part


  • It might only freeze ice cubes that you put into the freezer
  • You may need to fill the reservoir yourself

Choosing the Best American Fridge Freezer For Your Home

Our different American fridge freezer reviews have covered an array of styles and options, but how do you choose the best American fridge in the UK for your needs? Well, we have a few tips that will make a difference.

Consider the Size

First, there’s the size, and we don’t just mean the capacity. American fridge freezers tend to be on the large side, so keep that in mind. However, all American fridge freezers can have their doors removed, so that will make a difference when it comes to getting it in your home.

But be aware that any mention of capacity refers to both sides of the fridge freezer combined. Usually, the best frost free fridge freezer will have double the fridge space to the freezer space.

When it comes to capacity, the rule of thumb is you will need about four to six cubic feet for each person in your household. This, however, applies if you have enough space where you are going to put your fridge freezer. If you have a small space, you must measure the size to ensure that you won’t have any problems fitting your fridge freezer.

Frost Free

You will want to ensure that your American fridge has a frost-free fridge and a frost-free freezer. This is more convenient because it would be easier for you to see the packaging of the food stored. It will be easier to remove them because they do not stick together. Furthermore, frost-free refrigeration promotes better air circulation inside the fridge and the freezer. This results in lesser bad odour inside.

This also shows your American fridge is doing a good job regulating the temperature and few fluctuations. If it does not create frost, you can feel safer using the food stored inside.

Accessories and Adjustments

You also want to know more about how easily you can adjust the shelves in your American fridge before you buy it. Some do not allow you to do this, which can pose problems with storage. Also, check if you have freezer shelves or freezer drawers. This also changes how you organise frozen foods.

When it comes to the shelves, crisper drawers are common, and you may also have special meat compartments. Be aware that a wine rack is another popular accessory, but not every American fridge has a handy wine rack included.

Some top-of-the-line fridges and even some best budget fridge freezers come with added cool features like the beverage dispenser. If your fridge is full of a variety of beverages, from soda to beer, then you’d want to have this add-on. A water filter is also a useful feature your fridge freezer can have. While many models do not have this, you can easily buy one at a low price. It is really handy in making sure you and the people living in your home are drinking safe water.

So, check the accessories that come with your desired American fridge freezer to see if it fits with how you plan to use the appliance.

Ice and Water Dispensers

Not every American fridge freezer comes with even a water dispenser, so decide if this feature is really important to you. Also, it is rarer for an ice dispenser to be included, and it’s not always down to price. Of course, having added features, such as ice and water dispensers, will mean the fridge freezer is more likely to be expensive. However, if you have a large household that drinks plenty of water every day, a water dispenser will come in handy. An ice dispenser is also a cool feature to have, particularly in the summer.

Aside from the convenience, using dispensers will greatly reduce single-use plastic bottles, making them environmentally friendly.

You should also know how your fridge freezer gets the water. Some are plumbed in, while we have included options for the best non plumbed American fridge freezer on the market as well.

But be aware that a plumbed version will result in you being restricted with where it can be placed. That may be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing your new American fridge freezer.

Other Key Tips to Be Aware Of

With so much to think about, it’s no surprise that people do not rush into choosing from the various American fridge freezer available. However, we have a few more tips designed to make this process even easier.

Measure Your Space and Door

Remember we mentioned the size of your typical American fridge freezer? Well, you will need to take some measurements before you order.

You need to think about where it is going and how to get it inside your home. The good news is that American fridge freezers are designed to have their doors removed with ease, but you need to be prepared to do this just to get it inside your kitchen.

Also, when measuring, remember that the doors need to open. American fridge freezers tend to come with thick doors, so don’t just look at the measurements of the American-style fridge freezer on its own. Add some extra space for the doors to stop you from running into problems.

Side-By-Side or Over-and-Under?

An American-style fridge freezer will come in one or two options. The fridge and freezer compartments will come side by side, or the fridge will sit over the freezer.

Some people do have a preference for the design, and it’s often the case that the side-by-side option lets you see all the content with ease. However, you sacrifice something in the shelves’ width, which may make a difference.

Having the fridge over the freezer gives you the appearance of more space in the fridge part. However, it should make no difference in how the air circulates throughout the item.


We hope that our best American style fridge freezer reviews were able to help you in choosing the right fridge freezer for you. All our top picks are great options for the best American fridge freezer in the UK. However, if we choose only one, we will go with our editor’s choice, the Samsung RS50N3513SL. This awesome appliance has an awesome capacity yet only consumes less energy. It does not create frost and has ample freezer space. It has all the features that you will need for a high-quality fridge freezer.

Do you have other models that you would like to share with others? What was your experience, and what features did you like about them? We want to hear your awesome suggestions! Share your ideas in the comment box below.

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