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Best Ceramic Hobs of 2023

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Top 10 Best Ceramic Hobs

  1. Gionien GCE460TC (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Bosch PKE611D17E (Luxury Choice)
  3. Noxton 2-Zone (Best Value)
  4. Cookology CET600 (Best Easy to Use)
  5. Gasland Chef CH60BF (Best With Precision Heating)
  6. Covercook CKTE584 (Best With Oval Cooking Zone)
  7. Noxton TN604/B (Best With Multiple Security Features)
  8. Cookpad ‎BCTE604B2 (Best With Scraper)
  9. Covercook CKTE582 (Best 5 Burner)
  10. Karinear KNC-D46003 (Best With Knob Controls)

Do you need a new kitchen hob? Hobs are undoubtedly one of the most essential and most used kitchen appliances. Whether your hob has seen better days or planning a full kitchen remodel, you’ll want to look out for the best ceramic hob to update your home. Here’s how to choose the best model with our buyer’s guide.

How We Compared Ceramic Hobs

To find the right ceramic hobs, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Power
  • Design
  • Ease of use
  • Safety features
  • Extra features

Our editorial team examined and analysed hundreds of appliances to select the best options suitable for all kinds of needs. After planning comparison points and evaluating customer reviews, we compiled the following list.

Have a look here to find out more about our process.

Ceramic Hob Reviews

Gionien GCE460TC (Editor’s Choice)

Our editor’s choice is an excellent ceramic hob. If you are after the best ceramic hob on the market, the Gionien GCE460TC has got to be at the top of your list, making it our favourite.

This model has a powerful 6000W total output divided between four generously spaced cooking zones. What’s amazing is you can choose from nine power levels. This hob offers precision control for perfect results every time, whether you are boiling, frying, or simmering. In addition, the 99-minute timer allows you to concentrate on other kitchen tasks without overcooking your food.

This four-zone ceramic hob is packed with numerous safety features, including an easy-to-use child lock, a residual heat indicator, and automatic safety switch off. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for any home. Interestingly, its black crystal glass finish and integrated touch controls make it easy to clean with a sleek modern look.

Remember that the connecting cable is not very long, so if your power supply isn’t right next to your hob, you may need to change it for a longer one. Also, the control labels could be more durable, so be careful when cleaning over the control area. 


  • 6000W power
  • Four cooking hobs
  • Nine power levels
  • Child safety lock
  • 99-minute touch control timer


  • The cable could be longer
  • Labels could be more durable

Bosch PKE611D17E (Luxury Choice)

Are you looking for a branded ceramic hob? The Bosch PKE611D17E is our top luxury pick, thanks to its stylish looks, ease of use, and exceptional performance. 

With a total output of 6600W, this ceramic hob is more powerful than most other models with four cooking zones, meaning you get faster heating and can cook with all zones at higher temperatures. Its TouchSelect control panel has been well designed and is easy to use, even if it’s your first ceramic hob. 

The energy-efficient Bosch PKE611D17E doesn’t just look good, it is also easy to clean, and its durable ceramic glass has been specially selected for its excellent vertical heat conductive properties. This hob has plenty of safety features, complete with a child lock to protect little hands and an automatic safety cut out. After a set time limit (between 1-10 hours depending on your heat setting) of inactivity, the hob will automatically cut out, which is ideal if you are forgetful or seek a high-quality, safe hob for elderly parents. 

Although the controls on this model are not the most responsive, they are still preferable compared to some over-sensitive controls found in other models. Also, the grey icons could be made brighter to make them more clearly distinguishable in all lighting conditions. 


  • 6600W power
  • Four cooking zones
  • Child lock
  • TouchSelect controls
  • Automatic safety cut out


  • Icons could be brighter
  • Controls could be more responsive

Noxton 2-Zone (Best Value)

If you’re short on space, the Noxton 2-Zone Ceramic Hob makes an excellent choice to update your kitchen. This compact, energy-efficient ceramic hob makes a great value buy, ideal for studios, kitchenettes, or small households that just don’t need four cooking zones.

Rated 3000W, with one 1200W and one 1800W cooking zone, this two-zone ceramic hob has the same power per zone as standard four-zone ceramic hobs. Fast heating and easy to use, this small but mighty hob feature nine power levels for cooking at temperatures from 140°C right up to 600°C

Its mirror crystal black ceramic glass surface will look the part in any style kitchen and is also very easy to wipe clean after use. Complete with a touch control panel, a child lock and a timer, this ceramic hob has all the features you need for safe and easy cooking.

On the downside, like most hobs, the controls on this unit can be a little sensitive, so be careful not to brush against them when the appliance is switched on. This ceramic hob’s compact design is less suitable than larger models for cooking with two wide pans simultaneously. 


  • 3000W power
  • Two cooking zones
  • Nine power levels
  • Touch controls
  • Child lock


  • Controls may be a little sensitive
  • Maybe less suitable for use with two wide pans

Cookology CET600 (Best Easy to Use)

The Cookology CET600 is our best easy-to-use pick, thanks to its well-designed controls and range of additional features.

Completely flat, this ceramic hob is very easy to wipe clean thanks to its stylish black tempered glass finish and integrated touch controls. At 6000W total output, it has all the power to cook large meals with numerous pans on the go. Nine power levels allow you to get your heat settings just right for cooking all types of recipes.

Easy to fit, this four-burner ceramic hob fits universal standard kitchen cutouts with its common 60cm size. It comes complete with a built-in child lock to protect curious little ones and a timer for each burner. For your peace of mind, a 120-minute automatic safety cut out means you won’t have to worry too much if you accidentally leave your hob on, plus the heat indicator lets you know when it’s still hot.

Bear in mind that this model may be a little slow to heat up when you first turn it on. Also, the controls maybe a little too sensitive. So be careful not to place anything in the control area. Otherwise, you may accidentally activate other heat zones or alter the settings on those you are using.


  • 6000W power
  • Four burners
  • Individual zone timers
  • Nine power levels
  • Touch controls


  • It may be a little slow to heat up
  • Controls may be a little sensitive

Gasland Chef CH60BF (Best With Precision Heating)

Stylish and easy to use, the Gasland Chef CH60BF is our top ceramic hob pick for precision heating with its nine power levels and highly efficient vertical heat conduction for improved energy efficiency. 

Thanks to its 6000W total output, this four-zone ceramic hob is ideal for cooking all types of meals, whatever your cooking level, while its easy-to-use touch controls make getting it easy to get a good simmer or a rolling boil. Its flat design with integrated controls and a smooth black ceramic glass finish makes it extremely easy to wipe clean. 

Safety-wise, the CH60BF electric hob has numerous features, including pan detection. If you remove your pan from the hob, it will automatically turn off the heating zone. Aside from auto shut-off protection, this four-burner ceramic hob also has numerous safety features, including a built-in programmable timer, overheat protection, heat indicator, and a child lock – essential for homes with young children.

Unfortunately, the user guide that comes with this ceramic hob has been very poorly translated into English, so you may need to contact the manufacturer directly if you have any questions. It may not be the most durable.


  • 6000W power
  • Four burners
  • Nine heat levels
  • Pan detector
  • Child lock


  • Instruction booklet translation could be improved
  • It may not be the most durable

Covercook CKTE584 (Best With Oval Cooking Zone)

If you are looking for an electric ceramic hob with an oval cooking zone, the Covercook CKTE584 has a multi-ring central burner with large pans – ideal for paella pans or cocotte big pans.

This ceramic hob has five electric zones, with a total output of 8400W, giving you an impressive 2200W and 2000W output on two of the hobs. This hob is great for cooking at high temperatures and searing steaks with rapid heating. Thanks to its intelligent power level selector, you don’t have to cycle up to the top setting. Simply press the number corresponding to the heat temperature you want for the hob. 

The CKTE584 also benefits from individual zone timers, plus a child lock to help protect your family. So if you are looking for an easy to use, family-sized ceramic hob that can rapidly heat up and accommodate up to five big pans at once, this Covercook model is one of the best ceramic hobs. It is an easy to clean and beautifully designed kitchen appliance.

However, bear in mind that due to its overheating protection, it is recommended by the manufacturer that you do not use this electric ceramic hob on its highest setting multiple times. Also, you may find the controls a little confusing, but you’ll surely have it figured out with a couple of uses.


  • 8400W power
  • Five cooking spots
  • Individual zone timers
  • Intelligent power level selector
  • Child lock


  • It may be unsuitable for prolonged high-temperature cooking
  • Controls may be a little c

Noxton TN604/B (Best With Multiple Security Features)

You can never be too safe for powerful electrical kitchen appliances. The Noxton TN604/B is our best ceramic hob choice if you are looking for an extra safe model with great safety features.

With four cooking zones and a total power output of 6000W, this ceramic hob has nine heat settings and benefits from a boost function to bring water to a boil or stir-fries quickly. Its child lock and rounded edges with no sharp corners make it a good option for family homes with young children, alongside numerous other safety features.

CE-approved, this four-burner electric ceramic hob also features a 120-minute timer function, a residual heat indicator to prevent accidental burns, plus an automatic safety cut-off. Easy to clean with a damp cloth, thanks to its mirror crystal black glass finish and integrated touch controls, this ceramic hob comes with a scraper to easily remove even stubborn stains. 

As the controls on this hob are very sensitive, it may take some getting used to. Also, it may not be the best model for slowly simmering dishes or cooking delicate ingredients as the hobs are thermostatically controlled, cycling on and off to maintain a stable temperature rather than staying on constantly at a lower setting.


  • 6000W power
  • Four cooking hobs
  • Automatic safety cutout
  • 120-minute timer
  • Residual heat indicators


  • Controls may take some getting used to
  • Less suitable for cooking delicate items

Cookpad ‎BCTE604B2 (Best With Scraper)

While you could pick up a scraper separately, the manufacturer’s attention to the little extras can make the difference. This makes the Cookpad BCTE604B2 our top ceramic hob with scraper pick.

With an excellent 6000W output over four hobs, this ceramic hob can take on your cooking needs, from quick solo lunches to family Christmas meals. It has nine power settings, giving you good adjustability to find the right temperature for your recipe. 

Suitable for cookware sized between 15-and 26cm in diameter at the base, you can use this four-burner ceramic hob with all types of cookware. Fitted with numerous safety features, including a 99-minute timer, a heat indicator, and automatic safety shut down function, it comes with all the essential features you need, as you would expect from a modern kitchen appliance. 

To keep this hob looking great, check the bottom of your pans before using them and be careful not to let them boil over as the surface may mark easily. Also, as there are no indicators of which control is for which hob, you may have to use a bit of trial and error.  


  • 6000W power
  • Four cooking burners
  • Child lock
  • Suitable for cookware 15-26cm in diameter
  • Nine power levels


  • Controls may be confusing
  • May mark quite easily

Covercook CKTE582 (Best 5 Burner)

If you regularly cook large meals with numerous ingredients, you may want to invest in a five-burner hob for extra space and versatility. The Covercook CKTE582 is our top five-burner ceramic hob choice.  

This is a good high-performance model with a total output of 8200W over its five hob burners. The small and medium burners have maximum outputs of 1200W and 1800W, respectively. The larger central burner is up to 2200W, ideal for searing meat, stir-frying, or just quickly boiling your water for pasta. 

So if you’re cooking with a large stockpot or paella pan, just select the multi-ring control to extend the dual heating zone of the fifth central burner. This hob also features a handy pause function – ideal for when the phone rings, nine power settings, a child lock, a keep-warm function, and an automatic safety cut-off. All in all, it’s an excellent energy-efficient buy and easily one of the best ceramic hobs with five burners on the market.

Although the zone selection is marked out, it may be a little fiddly to select and get it set to your required temperature, although it will become easier with regular use. Also, remember that the control lock may be a little confusing when you first come across it, so make sure you read the instructions carefully before use. 


  • 8200W power
  • Five cooking areas
  • Multi-ring control key
  • Child lock
  • Nine heat levels


  • Controls may be a little fiddly
  • Safety lock may be confusing

Karinear KNC-D46003 (Best With Knob Controls)

While touch controls are all well and good, some people prefer an old-fashioned dial. If you are looking for a modern, high-performance ceramic hob with rotary knobs, then the Karinear KNC-D46003 is worth looking at.

With its sleek, stylish design and easy to clean black glass finish, this modern ceramic hob will look the part in any kitchen. Thanks to its 6000W power over four cooking zones, with nine power levels, it’s a versatile hob, suitable for all of your cooking needs. 

This ceramic hob features an automatic safety cut-off for your protection and a residual heat indicator to remind you when a zone is still hot as it begins to cool down after use. So if you are looking for the best electric hobs with traditional controls, either for yourself or a relative, this model is ideal. With its quick heating, easy controls, and good looks, this hob brand is one to beat.

On the downside, the hob indicator icons could be improved since you can’t view which hob you are handling. Also, the rotary dials could do with painted markers to visualise which heat setting you are on quicker.  


  • 6000W power
  • Four burners
  • Nine power levels
  • Four rotary knob controls
  • Residual heat indicators


  • Hob indicator icons could be clearer
  • Knobs could be improved with a white marker

Advantages of Ceramic Hobs

It may seem like everyone is switching to induction. However, the best hobs for cooking have distinct advantages, and they have made vast improvements in recent years. So, if you need to replace your kitchen hob, you should consider installing a new ceramic hob. 

a woman fixing the kitchen equipment
  • Price – Ceramic hobs are generally much cheaper than induction models, so you could save yourself a fair bit of cash for an oven or the rest of your kitchen remodel.
  • Modern Design – Today’s ceramic hobs are modern in design and look great in any fitted kitchen. 
  • No Flames – Unlike gas hobs, you won’t have to worry about your clothing or hair catching fire when cooking.
  • Easy to Clean – With integrated touch controls, most hobs can be easily wiped clean in seconds, thanks to their flat glass surface.
  • Easy to Use – Ceramic hobs are also very easy to use. Simply press to turn yours on, then select your power level, and you’re good to go.
  • Compatible with all pan types, ceramic makes a better choice if you are tempted to switch to an induction hob but have invested a lot of money in some good aluminium pans. Unlike induction hobs, ceramic hobs can be used with all pans, so your cookware will work with one. 
  • Safe for Use With Pacemakers/Implanted Defibrillators – Induction hobs are not recommended for individuals who use pacemakers (an artificial device to keep the heart muscle contracted). Their strong electromagnetic field can damage these devices, preventing their proper functioning. If you have this device, it’s recommended that you switch to a ceramic hob.

How to Choose the Best Ceramic Hob

Are you looking for a new ceramic hob for your home but struggling to choose the best model? Here’s what to look out for when making your choice. 


Most ceramic hobs have an output of around 1200W per small burner, with larger burners reaching up to 2200W. The more burners your hob has, the higher its overall output. See our tips below for tips on reducing your hob’s energy consumption. 

A good average figure for a four-burner ceramic hob is 6000W. If you need a two-burner model, 3000W is a good benchmark. Alternatively, five-burner ceramic hobs should be over 8000W for maximum performance

If you are switching from a gas hob or a much smaller electric hob, ensure that you are sufficiently competent to install your new ceramic hob. If not, better employ a professional electrician, as you may need to run new wires and a higher amp circuit breaker.

Number of Burners

Consider carefully before opting for a two, four, or five-burner ceramic hob. Two burner hobs can be restrictive, only being able to accommodate two pans at a time. However, they make a good option for small kitchens and studio flats, given their compact size. 

Four burner ceramic hobs are the most popular size; even if you regularly only use up to two pans, it’s nice to have the extra versatility of an additional two burners. However, in recent years, five-burner hobs have become increasingly popular. In most cases, the extra burner has a special feature such as an oval shape with dual-zone to accommodate larger pans and functions as an extra standard small burner. 


Most ceramic hobs now have touch controls, although a few models are still around with rotary dials if you have difficulty using touch screens. When looking at new ceramic hobs for your kitchen, make sure that your hob has enough buttons to be easy to use without having to cycle through various options to find the one you are looking for. 

Most ceramic hobs are very straightforward to use. However, it does pay to have a quick look at the controls before you buy to get a better idea of how easy it will be to program. 

Extra Features

Before you decide on a new ceramic hob, make sure you consider the following extras and whether or not they would be useful for your needs.

a woman cooking dinner
  • Child Lock. A must for home with small children, a child lock will prevent your curious little ones from accidentally turning on your hob and risking burning themselves. If your partner or a household member has dementia, a control panel lock can also be handy to prevent them from turning on the hob when you’re not around for peace of mind.
  • Pan Detection. Some modern ceramic hobs will automatically switch off when you remove your pan from the burner. This can save you quite a bit of energy, and therefore money, in the long term, and peace of mind that you’ve not left your hob on after cooking. 
  • Timer. Timers can be handy when you’re busy doing other tasks in your kitchen. They are also a good safety feature for absent-minded users, simply set a timer each time you cook, and your pans should never boil dry again.
  • Automatic Safety Cut-Off – As it’s always better to be safe than sorry, make sure that your hob has all the essential safety features to automatically switch off if there is a problem with its circuitry or overheating.  

Energy-Saving Ceramic Hob Usage Tips

Reduce your energy bills, save money and help the planet by adopting our energy-saving tips.

  • Use lids on your saucepans. More energy is required to heat a saucepan’s contents without a cover.  
  • Use the correct sized pan for your hob. Pans smaller than your hotplate cause energy loss.
  • Use pans with even bases for better contact, improved heat distribution, and better heat transfer.
  • Use small pans for small quantities. Remember, larger, less full pans require more energy.
  • Switch to a low heat setting in good time.
  • Make use of residual heat. Turn your hob a few minutes before the end of your cooking time for long recipes. Your food will continue to cook gently.

Get Your Ideal Ceramic Hob!

Upgrading your hob to a new ceramic hob is a great way to remodel your kitchen on a budget. However, if you haven’t made up your mind, we strongly recommend the Gionien GCE460TC, our editor’s choice and easily the best ceramic hob around for the money.

With its four burners and 6000W output, this ceramic hob heats up quickly and has nine power levels. Thanks to its stylish looks and smooth, easy to clean glass finish, it’s sure to complement your kitchen. It has a 99-minute timer, child safety lock, and automatic safety switch-off, making it one of the safest models on the market.

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