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Best Wood Preserver Reviews UK 2023- Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Roxil Protection Liquid
Natural Choice: Osmo Protector
Low Odour Choice: Everbuild EVBLJCR05

Improve your home’s exterior and treat your wooden gates, fencing and garden shed with wood preserver.

Not only will your garden look more inviting, but it will also save you money on replacements by improving the longevity of your outdoor furnishings. Using a wood preserver can protect your wood from fading caused by UV light, moisture, rot, and wood-boring insects, not to mention peeling cracking and warping.

Not sure which product to choose? Read through our exterior wood preservative reviews to find the best wood preserver for your garden and keep your fence panels and garden furniture looking good for longer!

How We Compared Wood Preservers

To find the right wood preservers, we considered multiple factors including:

  • Product Specifications
  • Safety Instructions
  • Application Type

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Wood Preserver Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Roxil Protection Liquid (Editor’s Choice)


If your garden shed needs protection from the elements, take a look at this wood protection liquid by Roxil, arguably the best wood preservative for sheds.

This silicone-based emulsion is waterproof and designed specifically for exterior vertical timber protection. Not only will it inhibit the growth of algae and mould, but it also protects from warping so your shed will remain dimensionally stable. Just be aware that full water repellency can take up to one month after application.

Also, you should be aware that this product may cause allergic reactions and has a shorter-than-average, 12-month expiry date. Its results, however, are extremely long-lasting, and it is easy to use via brush or spray.


  • Long-lasting
  • Waterproof silicone-based emulsion
  • Reduces mould and algae growth
  • Protection from warping
  • Easy spray or brush application


  • Can cause allergic reactions
  • Full water repellency takes up to one month
  • 12-month expiry date

2. Osmo Protector (Best Natural Option)


If you have pets and children or are looking to protect raised vegetable bedding plots, then Osmo Wood Protector is just what you are looking for.

From wooden hen houses to kids’ wooden toys, it is easy to protect your wooden items and surfaces with this biocide-free protector. Made from a natural oil and wax formula, if you suffer from allergies, then it makes a good choice. Its microporous formula makes it easy to apply, although it does have a fairly long drying period. Bear in mind that it is not suitable for use on wood that has been previously treated, meaning you’ll have to strip it back first.

Although it is expensive, it does have excellent leak-proof properties, and maintains the elasticity of the wood for an improved, longer-lasting finish without cracks and peeling.


  • Water-repellent
  • Natural oil and wax formula
  • Non-biocidal
  • Maintains wood elasticity
  • Easy to apply


  • Not suitable for use with previously treated wood
  • Long drying time
  • Expensive

3. Everbuild EVBLJCR05 (Best Low Odour)


Looking for the best wood preservative for sheds without paying over the odds? Take a look at our budget choice – Everbuild Wood Preserver.

This quick-drying treatment for wood uses micro-fine active technology to ensure deep penetration into your timber. It is easy to use and does not have a strong odour. While you may find the can a little difficult to open, this product’s main inconvenience is that it is not leak-proof and should only be used as a base coat for exterior use.

However, it does provide an even, fade-resistant finish and can even be applied to damp timber. This makes it ideal for use in winter if you haven’t already treated your shed or fence.


  • Quick-drying
  • Low odour
  • Deep penetration formula
  • Can be applied to damp wood
  • Even, fade-resistant finish


  • Not leak-proof
  • Difficult to open
  • Base treatment only for exterior use

4. Cuprinol (Best Clear)


One of the most popular brands available and our editor’s choice, this Cuprinol wood treatment, is the best clear wood preserver in our selection.

Colourless, with a low odour formula, you can use this product both indoors and outdoors, wherever you wish to protect and preserve the wood. When using it outdoors, however, bear in mind that you will need a minimum of two treatments and that it is only to be used as a base coat before painting, varnishing or staining as it does not contain a UV filter.

This five-litre container will cover up to five metres squared per litre with two coats. It will actively prevent rot and decay, preserving your fencing, decking, or garden shed for many years to come.


  • Covers up to 5m2/litre with 2 coats
  • Prevents rot and decay
  • Low odour formula
  • Colourless
  • Suitable for exterior and interior use


  • No UV filter
  • Needs a minimum of 2 coats
  • For use only as base coat outdoors

5. Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus (Best for Decking)


Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus is one of the best wood preserver treatments that money can buy.

This makes it a great premium choice for showing off the natural beauty of your wooden garden shed or fence. However, this wood preserver is expensive, and its transparency that perfectly highlights your wood will also show up any defects. So, if your wood isn’t in perfect condition, a high level of preparation will be needed. It is also not ideal for decking or other high abrasion areas.

Highly resistant to UV light, leak-proof, and microporous, this highly durable wood preserver is an excellent choice for protection. It can be used as a one-coat maintenance treatment over an existing wood stain or used on a new timber over a base coat.


  • Extra durable
  • Highly transparent
  • UV light-resistant
  • Microporous and leak-proof
  • Option to use as a one-coat maintenance treatment


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for decking
  • Translucency can highlight any defects

6. Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus Woodstain (Best for Furniture)


Cetol HLS Woodstain by Sikkens is an excellent product that is ideal for protecting your wooden decking and garden furniture, preventing cracking and peeling.

Suitable for use as a base coat or a stand-alone system, it can be used on items such as handrails that face high levels of abrasion. While it is fairly expensive, it is a long-lasting formula; so you shouldn’t need to spend more cash on wood preserver for many years. Note the translucent version is slightly less durable than darker colours.

You will find the exact final colour varies from one type of wood to another, so you may want to try it out on an inconspicuous area first. UV resistant and a surface mould and algae inhibitor, this wood stain makes a great choice for treating your shed, rails, and fencing panels, as well as your outdoor wooden furniture and decking.


  • Base stain or stand-alone
  • Ideal for garden furniture and decking
  • UV light-resistant
  • Prevents peeling and cracking
  • Inhibits surface mould and algae growth


  • Expensive
  • Final colour varies
  • Less durable than darker colours

7. Creoseal Plus (Best for Lighter Shades)


We think Creoseal Plus Wood Preserver is the best wood preservative for fence posts.

Its oil-based formula soaks deep into your wooden fence and provides it with excellent water-repellent properties, as well as protection against insects. It also enhances the grain definition of your wood for better looking, well-protected wood.

As an oil-based preservative, it is too oily and slippery for use on decking, although it makes an excellent creosote alternative for sheds and fences. You should only apply this product to dry timber. Bear in mind that it will take several days to dry out, and it does smell fairly strongly.

Application is extremely easy via brush, roller, or spray, or you can even dip your fence posts.


  • Leak-proof
  • Protection against insects
  • Enhances grain definition
  • Deep penetration
  • Easy to apply


  • Strong odour
  • Takes several days to dry
  • Not suitable for decking

8. Barrettine Protective Treatment (Best for Moulds)


This wood protective treatment by Barrettine is excellent value for money, providing a low cost, effective means to protect your outdoor wooden structures. Its biocidal film prevents surface mould and algae.

Thanks to its deep penetration formula, the application is easy and effective. However, note that it is only suitable for use on untreated wood. Any varnished or painted surfaces will need to be stripped back before application. Also, this product is not rub-resistant, so it is unsuitable for treating your decking or garden furniture.

So long as you apply only during dry spells, this protective treatment is highly water-repellent, as well as UV light-resistant for a long-lasting, fade-free finish.



  • UV light-resistant
  • Prevents surface mould and algae
  • Low odour formula
  • Deep penetration
  • Water-repellent


  • Not suitable for decking or furniture
  • Application to unsealed wood only
  • Apply during dry weather only

9. Barrettine (Best Semi-Transparent)


Barrettine Wood Preserver has been developed to provide long-lasting protection against wood discolouring fungi, wood-boring insects, and fading caused by UV light.

This makes it a great wood treatment for your garden shed, gates or fencing, as well as any other outdoor wooden surfaces including garden furniture. You should, however, avoid contact with plant life during application. Be aware that this product can cause skin dryness. It should not be applied in damp conditions, and you should delay application if rainfall is imminent.

Its low odour, deep penetration formula is easy to apply and does not require a top-coat or pretreatment, making it a great all-in-one time saver.


  • Deep penetrating formula
  • Low odour
  • No topcoat required
  • Long-lasting protection


  • Cannot be applied in damp conditions
  • May cause skin dryness
  • Avoid contact with plant life

10. Rustins Advanced (Fast-Drying Option)


If you are looking for a wood preserver that can be applied to damp timber, then take a look at Rustins Advanced Wood Preserver, one of the best shed treatment reviews.

Its special fine particle formula penetrates deep and dries quickly, even when used in damp conditions. Use it to cure or to protect your fencing, shed, or furniture from rot, insects, and fungi. While this product is easy to apply, previous coatings will need to be stripped back before application.

Also, as this wood treatment is not water-repellent, you will need to use an overcoat for exterior use and to prevent UV fade. Thanks to its low odour, easy application formula, this wood preserver is a rapid and convenient way to protect your outdoor wooden surfaces.


  • Micro-emulsion nanotechnology formula
  • Can be applied to damp timber
  • Quick-drying
  • Protects against rot, insects, and fungi
  • Low odour


  • Not compatible with previous coatings
  • Requires overcoating
  • Not leak-proof

Is Wood Preserver Waterproof?


While some wood preservers have water repellent properties, not all of them do.

When choosing the best wood preservative for sheds, you should pay close attention to the product specifications. In some cases, if you need to treat for wood rot and against wood-boring insects, you may find that you will be better off treating your wood with a preserver. That is specially designed to do so before using a second product to add a water repellent, anti-fade top layer.

Wood preservers with leak-proof properties cause water to bead up on the wood’s surface. These prevent the water from seeping into the wood, preventing warping and rotting. If you are planning on using a second water-based product to overcoat your garden shed, bird table or fence, make sure that you pick a base coat preserver that does not contain oil, silicone, or wax.

If you are looking for a rapid and effective way to protect your garden furniture, shed, or fence, then look for an all-in-one system that will protect your wood from moisture as well as UV light, insects, and fungi.

How to Treat Untreated Wood for Outdoor Use

Before treating your untreated wood for outdoor use, it is important to make sure that it is clean and dry for optimum results and an easy application.

Before starting your wood preserver application, ensure that you read and follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions. First, shake the product well before opening. Most wood preservers are suitable for application with a brush, roller, or spray. Spraying is a popular choice for large areas, such as fence panels, and will ensure a more even result in less time.

Always follow the usage instructions, which can vary considerably from one product to another. For example, some formulas require a second coat to be applied before the first one dries. Others require a long drying period before a second coat can be applied.

If you are applying for an overcoat, you will usually have to wait around 24-48 hours before you can begin to apply. It is usually recommended that you do not start to treat your untreated wood when damp or if rainfall is imminent.


For this reason, you may wish to treat your shed, fencing, and furniture during spring or summer rather than hedging your bets on having a few dry days later on in the year.


Each of these products makes excellent choices. But if you’ve read through our reviews on the best wood preserver and would like to know our top pick – we recommend going with our Editor’s Choice – Roxil Protection Liquid.

Its colourless, water-repellent formula will keep your wood in prime condition for years to come. Recommended for softwood and weathered hardwood, it is also great value for money, with five litres covering up to five metres squared per litre with a standard two-coat finish.

Perfect for keeping troublesome rot and decay at bay, this long-lasting, easy-to-apply wood preserver is our favourite choice to protect your outdoor wooden furnishings, garden shed, fence or gates.

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